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Being Aspergic, I like being on my own but am endlessly fascinated by other people and cultures (learning about them, not meeting them). I have a thirst for learning and love to be immersed in the sciences. As my Avatar (Elflaeda; I'm Elaine) suggests, I love science fiction and wish I was in the position to give you a guided tour of my starship. Miss Barbosa (Elflaeda's surname) is wearing a Vampiral dress which is to show that I think I'm a little of a mystery and in real life, people do seem to think that I'm strange, odd, weird - but in a good way. At her feet of course, we have a representation of Jet, my 14 year old cat. He is my significant other. I asked him if he wanted to be a baby elephant or a polar bear but I didn't get a reply so I got as close as I could. Of course, he can't wag his stump (he only has half a tail, long story). There should be a facility where you can have your avatar talking as I do tend to be a little on the verbose side.