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  • What Happens To Half Of My Penny Stock Shares If It Does Not Sell?

    I bought 2,000 penny stock shares of PetroTech Oil & Gas and made a profit since the price went up during the trading day. I have decided to sell all 2,000 shares about 30 minutes before the close of trading but just at the close of trading, only 1,000 shares were sold..

    My question is since I still own 1,000 shares of PetroTech Oil & Gas, what happens at the start of the next trading day?? Will the price for the shares be locked in at yesterday's price for someone to buy or will my 1,000 shares still be active and at the mercy of price fluctuations of the trading day??.

    2 AnswersInvesting7 years ago
  • Amtrak And Waking Up At Your Destination?

    This may sound like a stupid question but I'll ask it anyway. I am planning to travel from Sacramento to Omaha, NE and the train arrives at 4:59am. I will be in a Sleeping Car. Will the Attendant actually wake me up before the destination? and how many minutes will I be woken up before I reach Omaha. Thank You

    2 AnswersRail7 years ago
  • Smooth Jazz Song Heard On The radio?

    I keep hearing this smooth jazz song but because the station is automated(no DJs) I can't get the title or artist. Chorus goes like this, "I want you, I want you back again" and another part of the song has this line, "beep beep beep hearing the traffic in the street".

    I tried "I Want You Back Again" on YouTube and on the web song lyric sites but no match. I love this song and I want to know the title and artist. Can someone help me??

    1 AnswerJazz9 years ago
  • Genealogy With Facebook's Help?

    I heard how Facebook has reunited loved ones after all these years and right now I am tracing my family tree and I would like to use Facebook. This is what I plan to do, Since I can post a message to Everyone, I will ask if you are related to so and so, please message me and I will explain that I do have ways to find out who is legitimate or not, which I do have ways to do it.

    I do have info that you cannot find using Ancestry but I would like your opinion, should I go this route on Facebook to try and find potential relatives?? I have been researching my family tree since 2007 and am interested in finding cousins from one family line. Should I try this route?? Do you suggest another way??

    4 AnswersGenealogy9 years ago
  • Your Opnion On The Ray-Devon Feud 2 Part Question?

    I saw a question about Devon and his sons and wanted to ask this question. First, I know that it was staged to be this way and Devon's sons agreed to do it but when Bully Ray and Devon had that feud a few months ago and Ray handcuffed Devon and basically humiliated Devon's sons in front of their own father, did you think Ray was actually trying to inflict more punishment on them more than he intended?? It sure looked that way when I was watching it. Either that or Ray was a real good actor that night cause I was convinced it was real and the 2nd part of my question is why in the world would Devon agree to this??

    4 AnswersWrestling9 years ago
  • How do I comment to the answers to my Question?

    I am still kind of new to Yahoo Answers and I hope I don't sound stupid asking this but how do I comment about the answers to a question I asked?? I tried Edit but you can only add on to your question. Is there any way to do it so it will appear underneath the answers given.

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers9 years ago
  • What does this US Navy Rank or Rate Mean?

    I am doing Genealogy research and one relative who served in the US Navy was SOMH1. What is that?? Also, my Dad was SPS 2 or SPS II. I know he was in the Shore Patrol in Honolulu. What is SPS II? Thank You

    2 AnswersMilitary9 years ago
  • A slap on the wrist for Jack?

    In my opinion, OLTL really dropped the ball on the bullying storyline when Shane was being bullied by Jack and his friends. Jack basically gets a slap on the wrist??? Why?? I know it's just a storyline but I know what it's like to be bullied so I was really interested in what punishment Jack would get but come on, no punishment at all?? Sure his myface account was deleted and anytime he wants to use his computer, his Mom has to be present but why didn't Rex and Gigi press criminal charges?? With real bullying going on in school I thot OLTL would really step up and present a strong case for some punishment to be meted out but I guess not. OLTL's response is "let's not make a big deal about school bullying".

    1 AnswerSoap Operas9 years ago
  • I'm in yahoo messenger wanting to chat and i get an offer to look at a racy website?

    I just want to chat with someone, not look at a god knows what kind site if i click so I click "Report as Spam". My question is-- does that really work??? to get the offending person off.. I know they can log on as someone else but I just wanted to know.

    1 AnswerKnown Issues9 years ago