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Im lazy.I do not put much effort into things that i dont want to do...But if i want to get it done i will put everything i have into it. I am also bold and brash.

  • Why can girls have long hair at a work place but men cant?

    Im started my first job about 2 weeks ago, its at a car wash/car detailing place. There are about 15 employees in total, 5 of which are women. They all have hair below the shoulders. Some even leave it down.

    Im the only male there that has long hair, but I was told today that Im forced to cut my hair or get fired. I was aware of this possibility when I accepted the job offer but never realized it would be a serious issue. My manager doesn't have a problem with it whatsoever, and neither do the other employees. Several of them even taking my side of the argument.

    My manager recieved the call today from the big boss that I need to cut it. After actually hearing my manager argue with him about it, I still have to cut it. I found this rather shocking that its such a big deal for a man to have hair below his shoulders. Not to mention, its clean, out of the way and well kept.

    It seems he wants it cut for NO other reason than just to make me cut it. To me and nearly ALL other people I've talked to about this, its borderline discrimination and sexism if the women can have long hair, longer than mine, but I have to have mine above the ears.

    I noticed this as a requirement in a lot of places on my job search, but some places it was understandable. It could get caught in things or actually interfere with your efficiency of the job. But this, it just seems ridiculous and discriminatory. So could someone please tell me why it is so frowned upon for a man to have long hair in the workplace? Even neat, tidy, and kept clean.

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  • I cant play on my friends Minecraft Server?

    Hi, my friend recently made a Minecraft server on his PC.

    Im playing on a Mac if it matters at all. And for some reason I cant play on it. I have the IP. Ive tried with and without the 25565 port number at the end. I dont know whats wrong. I get varying error messages. I just dont know what to do. What are some basic things to check?

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  • Is there a book of all of Lord Byrons poems and writings? Or a collection of most?

    I really enjoy George Byron's writings and I was wondering if theres just a book of all his poetry and other writings. I cant seem to find anything. And I'd really love to have a book of his work.

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  • Schecter Damien Elite Avenger FR for my first guitar?

    Hey guys, Ive been looking around to buy an electric guitar. I have some basic knowledge of guitars and lately I've been seriously looking into getting one.

    I have absolutely zero interest in acoustic, they make my skin crawl with disgust (no disrespect to acoustic players). Just I'd never want one. Just my preferance. So acoustics are out.

    But I've been looking around and the Schecter Damien Elite Avenger FR really appeals to me and seems to be a good overall guitar. Is there any other guitars I should check out before committing to this one? Keep in mind, this is my first guitar and I dont want to be spending anything over around $600. I've found the Schecter for as cheap as $479-$579.

    Or just any tips for a brand new guitarist. Thanks!

    2 AnswersPerforming Arts10 years ago
  • Drunk Driving With No License? Need an answer ASAP?

    Alright guys. Heres the short of it, I dont know the full story but this is what I do know.

    My mom was driving to Georgia, we live in North Carolina. At some point she decided against it and wanted to come home. So she started driving back.

    Somehow she got stuck on the side of the road, I dont know how. It was not a car crash or anything involving a second party.

    These old ladies stopped to help, she thought they called her a tow truck. Turns out they called her a police officer.

    My mom had left her license at home, sitting here on the counter. I can see it as Im typing this. She was also drinking, now I dont know if she was over the legal limit or not. But she was drinking and driving with no license.

    Shes probably about 40 Miles away, Im not entirely sure. She was not in Georgia though.

    Meanwhile, Im 16. Sitting here at home. Waiting for a phone call from someone with some information. Whats going to happen? Im pretty worried. I expect her license to be suspended but what else could happen here?

    Can a lawyer or attorney or something tell me? I know close to nothing about law and charges and stuff.

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police10 years ago
  • Pokemon Pearl Team (Based Around Turtwig Starter)?

    Hey Guys. I know its a little old to be playing Pearl still, but Im going back and playing through a bunch of my old pokemon games like Emerald/LeafGreen/Etc.

    Anyway. I started over on my Pearl. I got a awesome Turtwig at the start. Adamant that Likes To Thrash about. So its attack is through the roof.

    Heres my plan for my Torterra.

    Torterra - Adamant

    Wood Hammer



    Stone Edge? Not sure about the last slot.

    And Im really kinda clueless as for the rest of my team. I KNOW I want a Bastiodon and/or Steelix. It would be overkill to have them both but I love them both dearly :P

    I really wanna stray away from obvious choices like Staraptor, Luxray, etc.

    Heres a list of Pokemon I dont want to use, simply because I used them in my last play through.






    And then the common choices like I mentioned above.

    I dont plan on EV Training or any of that. This play through is just for fun. Movesets and Natures would be appreciated but not needed. Thanks!

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  • Help Me Find Some Angry Songs?

    Alrighty. So Im pissed out of my mind, and just really want some angry songs to listen to. It helps.

    I mostly listen to underground rap/hip hop but Im totally open to anything except Country and 'Screamo'. So basically just any angry songs about death or killing people would be great. No Im not gonna go kill someone, I just said that to get my point of anger across. List all you can think of! Doesnt have to be up beat or slow, just absolutely anything angry thats not country or screaming.

    5 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop10 years ago
  • Free Hard Pumpkin Patterns?


    Ive been looking for awhile, and frankly im shocked how few free patterns there are. I think its absolutely obsurd that people want you to pay for a piece of paper that you will throw away anyway.

    But thats beside the point. I want some hard pumpkin patterns. Something that when people look at it will go "WHOAH" and just be in awe. Something really intricate and impressive.

    4 AnswersHalloween1 decade ago
  • First Rap I've Written? Rate It?

    Alright guys, this will probably be pretty bad, And to make it worse its kinda long and not broken into verses. But this is THE FIRST rap ive ever written. So try not to be to harsh, im open to constructive critiscism. Supposed to go to maybe like a slow piano beat.

    This is a nightmare, being brought here. Blackness is where I was. Floating just looking for peace somewhere, take a dare and pick this place here. Find you believe you’re my beginning, life is worth living with the warmth of your arms no more shivering. Love you in the wrong by taking your breaths to use them as mine, watching observing copying selective moves like a mime flowing rhyme after rhyme I will creep into your mind, chill kick it understand my surroundings. This wonderful place is looking just fine, lets do it, lay an egg: hatch it, look its all just a plan I devised. Start of the end, this is it, I arise from the mist as a sadistic lyricist with collection of plastic faces, choose one for today, well lets see, not that one its gay, how about this one, with the severely twisted characteristics of a machine that feels it shouldn’t exist in this world of broken sticks. Unaware of what I am most would say man, brush it off, cant be true. They say “you crazy man look at you, how could you ever be anything but you”, say to them its just as simple as “Listen and look, say it again ill beat you with my 16 shoe with no mercy like hitler to a jew. To call me a man is the words of a fool”… Revert to a psychotic place as such, accept it, take it for what its worth, fall back into my dear planet Earth Im tired of causing this place hurt. For a thrill play people like a game of Clue. Hm. I pick you, in the living room, living life like the way you could if I never met you. You see I am bad, like a rusted iron blade cutting when mad, get sick like tetnis, causing big problems similar to that of a different game called tetris, uneven stacks over stacks leaving empy holes that should have been filled they’re like missing bits in a broken drill now of use to no one, I deserve to be killed. My past is riddled with voids. No way to be sure how I can live life so paranoid, create a human like android no emotion or hate, leave it to me to teach it to only appreciate it. What I had in the then is now vanished, all for the better after all it was wrong. I am now this android flying through time at the speed of gone, never apologizing for what it did wrong, only writing songs about its creator and self. Man its getting to the point, where this rap doesn’t make sense, but all in all this is how my life is in the present. Feel alone and confused, desired to be away from all of you, your just fuel for hatred of you. Its like genocide in my mind. Put fake ideas in my own head, leaving me mentally distraught hoping I don’t get caught and put in a jacket, man this is just me I cant help how it is my mind is bubbling over like a can of shaked up fizz. But back to the point screw the sense of the rap, im taking grasp and putting my past dreams and memories up on a shelve, leave them behind no need if I don’t have a mind. Brain is a computer, knowing all. The one last mystery is how will I fall. Fell once as the man turned machine, like Dr.Gero from that show DBZ. But fall again as a machine? Biodegrade, slip back into blackness and pick a face for tomorrow, and meanwhile just managing to say, Im glad it’s the end of this day.

    3 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop1 decade ago
  • How soon can I start preparing for a motorcycle endorsement?

    Just a quick question, Id like to be able to drive a motorcycle as well as a car. Just seems like a good thing to be able to do.

    And although this may be a little soon, I just want to know the soonest I can start getting ready for it and what is involved in it.

    I just got my paperwork to go to the North Carolina DMV and get my restricted license. I was told I can drive for 6 months with a parent in the car, then after those 6 months I can drive with anyone in the car as long as they have had their license for 5 years or more. My question is, when can I start working on my motorcycle license, or whatever it may be called.

    Basically I just wanna know what goes into getting one, and how soon I can start.


    1 AnswerMotorcycles1 decade ago
  • Impressive Magic Tricks That Can Be Done With Normal Items, Anywhere, Anytime?

    Well its a pretty straight up question, I just want to have a fun trick or two to be able to perform in front of people any time and anywhere with no setup or gimmicks.

    Anyone know of any?

    2 AnswersCard Games1 decade ago
  • Best Way To Get Money For Full Dragon? Runescape?

    Straight up question.

    Whats the fastest way to get full dragon?

    I already have boots and legs. The platebody and full helm are whats killing me.

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Best Way To Spend F2P Time Until I Renew Membership? (Runescape)?

    Alrighty, so Im getting into Runescape again. I quit for awhile but I need something to kill time lately so Im gonna play it a little again. I wont be fully addicted to it like last time, Im going to treat it as a normal hobby and not go crazy playing it all night.

    So anyway, until I renew my membership, what should I spend my time on in F2P? I have completed all the F2P Quests and Ill give a list of my stats.

    Combat Lvl: 81

    Attack: 63

    Strength: 66

    Defense: 70

    Range: 63

    Prayer: 40

    Mage: 55

    RC: 27

    Construction: 26

    Dungeoneering: 1 (I have no clue what this new skill is since Im starting again after having quit.)

    Hitpoints: 69

    Agility: 20

    Herblore: 4

    Theiving: 31

    Crafting: 44

    Fletching: 43

    Slayer: 36

    Hunter: 25

    Mining: 61

    Smithing: 49

    Fishing: 45

    Cooking: 44

    FireMaking: 60

    WoodCutting: 63

    Farming: 4

    Summoning: 4

    So as you can see, Im not particulary AMAZING but I have some decent stats. Any tips on what I should spend time doing in F2P before I get back into P2P?

    Thanks a Ton.

    5 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Need To Just Cry It All Out?

    Basically life is in the crapper right now. I wont go in depth but I will list a few general things so you can better help me out.

    Basically, I just need to cry. Im sure some of you have had times where you just want to cry it all out. Well. Im having one of those times. Heres some general things that are doing less than great...

    Insane Amount of Deaths in the Family. My family is small, and in a matter of 3 months, its gone from about 11 people to 6.

    Fights with my dad, my dad is basically a deadbeat. Tells me I was a mistake on a daily basis and makes it a point to let me know he hates me.

    Girlfriend problems, weve been together for 4 years and things just dont feel the same anymore, feelings and emotions have faded and become...less intense. Its just not the same.

    And mainly...I just feel void of any emotion or feeling at all, like Im living with a heart that doesnt beat. I just want some songs that I can listen to and have a good cry to let things out. No Country music please. Anything else is really fine. Rap, Punk, Alternative, Pop. Nothing upbeat, really old, or country please.

    Thank You.

    5 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • A Phone That Doesnt Have Software Issues?

    Alright. Ive gone through many many phones. EVERY single one that Ive ever had, sooner or later. Got software issues. Touch screens failed, phone would shut itself off, phone would just plain freak out, wouldnt send messages, wouldnt recieve messages, camera stops working etc etc.

    Now I dont beat the crap out of my phones and treat them like dirt. Im just a normal dude with normal needs for a phone. Im not surfing the net or anything, most I do is txt, call, and take pictures.

    Im sick of all these crappy phones, if im busting out this kinda money, I want it to be on something that actually works.

    What is a phone that has the FEWEST problems, because im assuming every phone is gonna have something wrong with it.

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Self Confidence Problems Maybe?

    I have lots of hobbies and and talents/skills.

    But lately I'll see someone who I look up to that does it, and their really amazing at it. And I just think "I'll never be as good as them" or "Im just wasting my time, Ill never be able to do it like they can"

    Even with the skills and hobbies I already enjoy, and lately Ive been trying to pick up the Electric Violin. And yet I see this one guy whos 21. Hes been playing Electric Violin for 15 years. Hes amazing. And I want to be able to play like him. But in 15 years Ill be 30. Its just sorta like, Im realizing how long 15 years is. And will it really take me that long to learn it and play like him?

    Its just the phrase "Ill never be as good as him" keeps going through my head, over and over and over.


    1 AnswerPsychology1 decade ago
  • Just Cant Learn It...Help?

    Ok. So im in 9th grade and im doing advanced geometry right now.

    More specificly im graphing slopes and stuff.

    Problem is, I just cant learn it. The way my brain functions is if i dont see a purpose or use for this then whats the point of learning it. Now im not just another stubborn teenager who doesnt want to do his schoolwork, im really all for it. BUT, I just see no use for this. Ever. I have talked multiple people (adults who have college educations and respectable jobs) all of which said that i will VERY VERY rarely use it. Heck, the teacher even told us that we will hardly ever use this.

    So if i dont have reason for it then my brain just wont let it in. Whats going on here and how can i handle this? Ive had this same view my whole educational life.

    2 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education1 decade ago
  • Where can i download a software program to learn japenese?

    im looking for a FREE program that i can download.

    I really wanna learn to speak and read japenese.

    Is there anything that really works or am i dreaming?

    1 AnswerSoftware1 decade ago
  • How to get over the person you were in love with but not forget what they meant to you?

    My GF of 3 and a half years left me.

    I need to get over and all. But i dont want to forget the intense feelings of love i had for her. I dont wanna forget how much she meant and how much i loved her.

    Is this even possible? Thanks...and for those of you who pray. Please. Say a small one for me. Because this is the hardest thing ive had to deal with in my life so far, and i really need the support of others. Thank you.

    5 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships1 decade ago
  • Can you move out at 16 in North Carolina?

    Ok. Im going to be turning 15 this coming june. Not 16 yet but im curious about this.

    Can you move out at 16 in the state of North Carolina. I heard this from a close friend, she knows my home/family life is in the crapper soooo yeah.

    Basically just tell me everything there is to know about moving out.

    Like how schools handle it, how i would go about moving out this early, etc. Just everything. Thanks!

    3 AnswersOther - US Local Businesses1 decade ago