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  • Big Bang VIPs ? (Korean)?

    I'm trying to look for this new concept photo of theirs and it's from their new album "Alive". It's a group photo and TOP is in the middle. Also, they are really close together. It isn't the photos were all of the members are all spread out. If you can help, can you find the concept photo where they are really close together and TOP is in the middle?

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  • I do not understand this statement?

    "Political fashion is not what defines literature." eh?

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  • Help on this song I can't remember?

    I was on Pandora on my iPhone, and I came across this club/dance music song a week ago. I remember that I read the artists were from amsterdam or something. It was like DJ ____ (a guy) ft. ______ (a girl). One of the lyrics was like "You see me" or something like that...

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  • My colored hair is disappearing?

    So I just colored my hair just about a week ago from black to brown, but it turned reddish and i have washed my hair two times in that period and it's disappearing..I haven't had time to buy shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair and i just used regular shampoo and conditioner. My hair stylist said that my hair will be 3x lighter after 3 washes and i dont see any difference..are there any ways to get the color that i want without having to go back to the salon? will using shampoo and conditioner that is specialized for colored hair work?

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  • I have a question about Snuggies?

    So why are they popular? Is it because people buy them because they are comfortable and they do work or is it because they're just ridiculous?

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  • Main ideas of the Dhammapada?

    I am doing a project on Buddhism and I have to talk about their "holy book". I know that there are a lot of them, but the most popular is the Dhammapada. I do not know what the Dhammapada is all about, so can you please give me the main ideas of it?



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  • The main ideas of the Dhammapada?

    I am doing a project on Buddhism and I have to talk about their "holy book". I know that there are a lot of them, but the most popular is the Dhammapada. I do not know what the Dhammapada is all about, so can you please give me the main ideas of it?



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  • Need help on making an outline?

    The topic is TRUST. I already made the three important ideas that is going to be on my paper...

    1) Marriage/relationships

    2) Friends

    3) Family

    Thanks in advance! :D

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  • Need help on designing a t-shirt?

    So my friend wants me to design him a t-shirt that says "pay up". He told me to design anything I want but he wants the words "pay up" to be in it. What should I do? Any ideas? :)

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  • jonas question? you know, that show from disney?

    i don't really watch that show (well i don't really watch disney channel at all) but the first time i watched it, it was called "jonas" and there was this crazy chick (looks kinda asian) who was a really big fan of them and a friend of that blonde girl. but then i flip the channel (now its called "jonas l.a." pff) and i see that chick all calm around them? what happened?

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  • Bee Movie? PLEASE HELP!?

    I'm doing a writing assignment about "Bee Movie" and we are supposed to write about things in the movie that were untrue and things that were

    not true: there are more males than females in a beehive.

    bees are not the only pollinators

    bees don't get pollen by using big guns.

    I need more of true things. I only know some of the untrue but I haven't found any true things in the movie yet. PLEASE HELP! :(


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  • Is this the worst birthday ever?

    My birthday is today and I found out that my puberty (my flow) started this morning AND it's snowing outside! It was completely sunny and warm yesterday! I think it's bad luck :(

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  • Greek God/Goddess Facebook?

    I'm creating a "fake" Facebook for my english homework. We are learning about Greek mythology right now and we are making a project. I have the Greek Goddess "Athena". I just need some really cool ideas for her "fake" Facebook like...

    -Favorite book

    -Favorite movie

    -Favorite music



    -About me

    -Group Member of

    -Group Fan of



    All the answers needs to be related to her or what she does :) thanks in advance!

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  • How many ways to make change for $1.00?

    How many ways can you make change for $1.00 WITHOUT using pennies?

    Use only: 5c, 10c, 25c, and 50c

    I need about 40 ways, but if it's too much, you can try your best!:)

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  • Super sentence stretch..? plz help?

    Make each of these sentences better by making them longer and more detailed. Use describing words such as adverbs and adjectives as well as synonyms:)

    1) George ate the pizza.



    2) I left.



    3) The man drinks pop.



    4) She is beautiful.



    5) I hold that pen.



    6) Planes fly.



    7) The pudding smells.



    8) He opened the door.



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  • Fill in the blanks...?

    Please fill in the blanks:) Try to use colorful and big adjectives!

    THE _______ CLASSROOM

    It was twelve o'clock when a ______ man walked through the ______ door. The students, wearing _______ shirts, all turned and gave him a _______ look. The man asked, "what are you looking at?", unaware that there was a _______ dog behind him. The students gave a ______ yell when the dog chased the man around the ______ classroom. The man tripped over the ______ desks and fell to the _____ floor. The dog jumped on top of the ______ man and licked his ______ face. It turned out that the man was a police officer and the _____ dog was his partner. The children were very relieved. The canine officers provided a(n) _______ demonstration.

    A ___________ DAY

    It was a ______ day. Simon ran through the______ field and found a _____ hole. Simon droppped a ______ rope into the hole and climed down. The hole was _______ and ______. At the bottom was a ______ tunnel that Simon explored the hole for several hundred yards. He became hungry and stopped to eat a _______ sandwich. He was thirsty and tried to drink from a stream he found, but it had a ______ smell. Suddenly, in the ______ light of the ______ cavern, Simon saw something move. Simon dropped his ______ bag and ran for the entrance. He was up the rope in a jiffy, safe in the ______ sunlight.

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  • Anybody want to see my video?

    He is so hot! PLEASE COMMENT OR SUBSCRIBE! and plz also visit my youtube page!

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  • Do you like my video?

    It's about Zak Bagans. If you don't know him, he is a ghost hunter. He has his own show in the Travel Channel called "Ghost Adventures", with his two buddies, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. You should really, REALLY watch it. It airs every Friday. You could also visit his myspace page. I LOVE HIM!!!!! He is sooo muscular! Hope you love it! and hope you'll love him too!

    Here you go:

    Youtube thumbnail

    and if you want, his myspace:

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  • graduation help? please help!?

    what does a graduation ribbon look like?

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