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  • So my ex and I have been separated for about a month and a half...?

    And he has a girlfriend which he has only had about a week and a half. They have comments going back and forth about who loves who more. We didn't do that until we had been dating for a couple of months and all he ever talks to me about but from what his friends say he doesn't like her more than me. But they could also just be saying that to make me feel better. I am really confused I tried dating some other guy that I thought I liked and it turns out that I don't so I'm going to be breaking up with him soon but I don't know what to do about my ex should I stop talking to him or should I keep talking to him and just hope he breaks up with his girlfriend for me?

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  • So I am confused please tell me what to do.?

    So I met my boyfriend at church and we started dating about 7 months ago and it was going good and stuff I mean we had our problems here and there like most couples but then my parents told him that they were going to call the cops on him after I got grounded for like 2 months but I could get on the phone and the computer and he told me after about a week of me being grounded which was also our 6 month he broke up with me because he didn't wanna get in trouble which was understandable because I was already planning on breaking up with him so he wouldn't get in trouble. Then for the next couple days we talked like everyday and then he stopped calling me and answering my calls. So I just understood it as he wanted to try to get over me which I understand.So then a couple days later my two best friends told me that he had said he thought they were cute and asked them out and when I asked him about it he said yes he thought they were cute but his friends were the ones who had asked them

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  • HELP!! In dire need of help!?

    So my boyfriend broke up with me a week ago and then that day I got grounded and for the next week he was telling all of my friends that he couldn't be friends with them because we had broken up but as soon as I got ungrounded he told me on the computer that he wanted me to call him because he was afraid that if he called me my parents would yell at him or something because he is convinced that they hate him when they are just protecting me and the only reason that he broke up with me was because they threatened to call the cops on him because he is 18 and I am only 15. So he keeps telling me to call him but he never calls me so I want to know from anyone what should I do? Should I keep calling him or should I give him space although he keeps telling me he wants me to call me!

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  • question about abortion?

    How long can you wait before you can no longer have an abortion?

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  • If I have decided to be a vegetarian...?

    Can I eat chicken flavored ramon noodles?

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  • So I want to be a vegitarian...?

    I want to but I am only 15 and I rarely get to chose what I am eating and I really don't know what kind of foods I can get around my house to eat instead of making the parentals buy me separate food because of my new diet...What should I do?

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  • Please Help me I really don't know what to do...?

    Every since I was a little girl and I found out that my mom didn't get to have to life she wanted because she had my older sister when she was 17 and then my older sister had her first child at 16 I had decided that I was going to wait for marriage to have sex...But I have been going out with my 18 year old boyfriend and I am only 15 and I really don't want to have sex when I'm not around him but when I am I am more than ready to jump in the sack because of the way he makes me feel. We have only been going out for 6 months and if I saw any other couple like us I would be mad for them to even be considering having sex...But it feels different for me...What should I do?

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  • Is this considered cheating?

    I got grounded for about a week and my boyfriend was telling all of his friends and even some other girls that we weren't dating and we have been dating alomst 6 months. So as soon as I got ungrounded he was acting perfectly normal and was telling me he loved and missed me while I was gone.Should I bring up to him that I know about what he has been telling other people or just pretend it never happened?

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