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  • What does moderate calcium oxlate crystals in urine test mean?

    I do not have a UTI or any other infection as I have been checked twice now and the first time treated with antibiotics. I do have other neurological problems. Other results on the test included a range of 20-40 epithelial and 5-10 range WBCs. The symptoms I have been having are bedwetting, cloudy urine, nausea, stomach pain, back pain, dizziness, excessive thirst, cold like symptoms, and nerve pain. Like I said a lot of my symptoms could be my neurological problems but I just thought I could ask.

    Any ideas?

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  • Photography classes in Beavercreek, Ohio?

    I just want to pick it up as a hobby, not a career. I was just wondering if there was a class somewhere that I could go and learn about photography. I live near Beavercreek, Ohio but anywhere in Dayton, Ohio would be great.

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  • Desperate need of medical advice- Syrinx?

    After a few years of migraine headaches, numbness, troubles with swallowing, and all kinds of other health problems, I really need some sort of answer. In the past year, I have visited three neurologist that have sent me for MRI's, CT scan, EMGs, and blood work. About a year and a half ago, the only physical thing they could find was a synrix about 3mm in my c6-c7 spine. A month ago I had another that said that the old one resolved and a new syrinx formed in c1-c2. My last neurologist was surprised that as many tests as I have had, no other doctor had ordered a brain MRI. I have one scheduled next week. He did say that it was uncommon to have a syrinx resolve and have a new one form. I just need someone out there, give their thoughts and maybe experience. I haven't met anyone else with these type of problems and I feel utterly alone. I am getting real tired of dealing with this. Help?

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  • Can I just buy surround sound without the Blu-Ray?

    I already have a LG 3D 55" LED television and a 3D LG Blu-Ray player, from what I understand, a Blu-Ray always accompanies surround sound. I want the same brand LG so everything is connected and I have been very happy with LG. Is there any way I can just buy the speaker or whatever but not have the Blu-ray included? Also, if everything is 3D, will I need to buy a surround sound system that is compatible?

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  • Best Blu-Ray player for tv?

    I have a LG 55" 3D television, I want to get a Blu-ray player, but I'm wondering what kind to get since my tv does have 3D capabilities. Also, I am interested in getting surround sound soon. Any suggestions on what I should buy?

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  • I feel like my boyfriend isn't attracted to me anymore, what would be wrong with me?

    I'm at a healthy weight, and people tell me I'm beautiful often, which I appreciate everything humbly. I like to think I'm great at sex. I get male attention from other guys but not my own, which I care most about. I work out everyday and eat healthy. I know he loves me and tells me all the time by doing sweet things, but lately he doesn't start the love making. What should I do?

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