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  • Can I use sea salt instead of aquarium salt for my freshwater tank?

    I've got a betta with finrot in a 10 gallon, and I've heard adding a little salt to the tank will help heal a sick fish. I have Morton sea salt and the ingredients say: sea salt, and yellow prussiate of soda (anti aging agent) I dont know what the anti-caking agent is, is it safe for fish? And how much salt should I add if ok.

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  • Why does somebody walk to the front of the theater room, look at the screen, and leave?

    I was with my boyfriend sitting near the front while everyone else was near the back and a worker kept doing that, and then one time they told us to sit in separate seats. Are you not allowed to cuddle or anything like that?

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  • Help!!! I need goldfish experts please?

    My black moor goldfish sometimes floats at the top of the tank sometimes not moving, he didnt float on his stomach or anything and continued to swim like normal after I poked him... but today I noticed that he started floating to the top of his tank on his stomach while he was swimming as if he died! This has never happened before and I didnt think it was buoyancy or swim bladder problems.. I feed my goldfish once daily and do regular water changes and the other fish with him are fine.

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  • Why is my healthy goldfish floating at the top of the tank?

    I have a black moor goldfish and some times he just floats at the top of the tank (not floating on his belly) almost as if he was playing dead. He does this for a while and then comes back to his senses, it's almost as if he was zoning out. He was floating and I came over and he was kind of like "oh hey"

    The tank is 29 gallons and well oxygenated, and the other fish are fine so it isnt a problem with water quality.

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  • Why has my goldfish changed colors, etc?

    I had a bronze colored goldfish with a fancy tail, I thought she was a fantail but it looks like she's changing into a black moor! Ive had her for several months and she didnt change until recently. Her eyes used to be normal, but they bulge out now like telescope goldfish' eyes. She has also slowly darkened in color during these past days and shes black now just like a black moor.

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    I have an iphone 5c that is suddenly unable to download apps, everytime I try to download something I get a message saying that the app is unable to be downloaded at this time. I have even factory reset the phone and changed apple IDs but it still does that!

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  • What do wild minnows like to eat?

    I caught these two pretty minnows in my creek which I believe to be yellowfin shiners. I put them in a 29 gallon tank with a few small goldfish in it, and they have been doing well. One of them is a female, and she has learned to swim up to the surface and eat flake food, while the male one, isnt eating or interested in the food. I even pushed some food down to the bottom where he swims, but he has just been chasing the other one around, trying to mate. He even tried to mate with one of my goldfish lol

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  • Would it be okay to release goldfish into the "wild"? (Read description)?

    I have a 29 gallon tank with 4 small goldfish, a black moor; which is 3 inches long, a fantail; 2 inches long, and 2 common goldfish which are 2 inches long. I would like to get rid of the 2 commons because I know that they will grow to be too big and I wouldnt be able to keep them. My neighbor has a pond in their backyard with bluegill in it and I was wondering if I could put one of the goldfish in there, and the other one in a local river? I know that they are an invasive species if released into the wild because they would breed and overpopulate but I was wondering if it was okay just to release the two in different areas so it wouldn't be possible for them to breed.

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  • Betta tankmates?

    I have a cycled ten gallon with live plants. I was thinking of getting a betta but I'm wondering if there are any fish I could put with one.

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  • What fish to have in a 10 gallon community tank?

    I was thinking 1 or 2 dwarf gouramis, 5 fancy guppies, a snail, and some tetras?

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  • What do I get my boyfriend for Valentines Day?

    We are 14 and have been dating for 3 months. I would give him something like chocolates but he doesn t like chocolate.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 charging slowly?

    Ive had his phone for less than a month and everytime I plug it in it I get a message saying "Charging slowly. Use the original charger provided with this phone to charge faster." But I have been using the original charger... it says the estimated time to charge is about 6 hours every time. Sometimes I can get it to charge normally by unplugging it then plugging it back in again but I cant use it while its charging. I got this phone off ebay and it was listed as new condition..?

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    Im so scared my hen has parasites or something.. she hasn t been laying eggs for almost a month and I don t know why! She hasn t been laying for that long either.. I got her as a chick in late February. I think I ve been feeding her enough, like 2-3 times a day. She also doesn t have any feathers on her belly if that is a clue... Would giving her a bath help? Im also going to clean the chicken coop good..

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  • Can I feed my bluegill meat?

    I've given my bluegill pieces of raw chicken before, and I'm wondering if it's fine to feed them that.

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  • Help! Hen laying strange eggs?!?

    My hen just started laying eggs 3 days ago, the first day it was a normal egg which was laid in the nesting area. The second day it was a double-yolk egg, also laid in the nesting area. Today, she randomly laid a soft shell egg in the yard, I watched her! 5 minutes later I came out again to check on her and she had laid ANOTHER egg! It was another soft shelled egg but it was crushed this time... Im worried about the fact that she laid two of them within the span of 5 minutes..

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  • Why are people so racist towards Asians?

    Like, Chinese mostly because Americans are more excepting of Japan and Korea because of Anime and Kpop. They think it s ok to be racist towards Asians it s so common nowadays everyone says that Asians eat dogs or whatever. They say crap like "ching chong ching" and other racist stuff too. I ve noticed that less people are racist towards Blacks and Hispanics than Asians. Like if you re racist towards one of those, everyone will come for you but if you re racist to Asians like almost nobody cares except for other Asians.

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  • My friend is VERY obsessive over her boyfriend. Help?

    My friend met this boy, and she became completely enamoured with him... they dated, and she would text him literally 24/7. She wakes up, texts him all day. Im sure he would have felt uncomfortable... If he does not respond within 4 hours for example, she will worry so much. To be honest he is a bad guy, when they were dating, he liked other girls and let her know too. Of course she was FURIOUS, but she didnt let him know until the end. Whenever she visits my house for a sleepover, she texts him basically the whole night. They then broke up for a while, then got back together because she couldnt stand being away from him. After everything he did to her, she still would do anything for him and what he wants.

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