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  • Help Me Be Creative!!! Sexual Connotation for Fruit ??

    I'm doing a project on making a modification for gum. I'm doing cool flavors of gum with sexy titles. The brand of our gum is called "Threesome" because there are three flavors in each pack. I need help coming up with a Sexual Connotation for the citrus flavors. They include:lemon, orange, and lime. My friend and I thought of citrusexts; but I have to present this to my teacher, so something a little less obvious. THANK YOU

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  • Analysis of Functions?

    8/x= 5/2x+11

    8/x+6 = 1/2x + 11/3

    x-3/4x + 8 = x+1/ x

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  • Analysis of Functions math problems?

    1) 5x-1+7(x+1)= -4x+4 ; I got -1/4 but my friend got -1/8; which one is correct?

    I don't understand how to do the following:



    y=x+5/6 + x-1/3-1

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  • Is it just my TV or do the microphones on the VMAS suck????!!!?

    The sound and quality just doesn't sound right, especially when Miley and Robin Thicke were performing?!?!?!?

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  • My parents are so against me going out with this older boy?

    I have been talking to this guy for a while and it's obvious we're both really into each other, the attraction is all there. We've been talking for about 2 months and he has been wanting to hangout/chill for a while but the problem is my parents... I am 16 and he is 19. I understand the age difference but I am a mature girl and am not naïve. I'm not going to get myself into trouble and I feel like they don't trust me. It's just one date... he wants to take me out to the movies next week and my parents are being so stubborn. How do I convince them to let me go out with him when they are so against the idea of us. I am so into him and he is into me as well. They can't pretend I'm not growing up. I've had one previous boyfriend whom they were okay with, but he was my age. It's the age difference they're worried about and how he is far more experienced than me. I know how to handle myself. I always attract older guys, because I am 5'10 and do not look nor act my age. It's so frustrating sometimes. :/ I need convincing badly.

  • How do you tell whether.....?

    a guy wants a relationship with you or is purely interested in a "no strings attached" hook-up.

    I've been talking to this guy over texting for months, we have really gotten to know each level on a personal level, and each take an interest in one another. I recently heard he is just a hook-up kind of guy which makes me skeptical about hanging out with him, he has told me repeatedly that he'd like to chill sometime... What does "chill mean?" It's not asking me out... He is 19 and I am 16, so am I being naïve here? Is he just interested in sex?

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  • In a post-Zombie Apocalypse, where would we see future growth?

    Future growth referring to zoning, future industry/commerce, etc)

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  • In a Zombie Apocalypse what new jobs would be created afterwards?

    What are current job areas that would be expanded? How would this affect the cultural landscape?

    Where would we see future growth after a zombie apocalypse?

    What would the effects of the production of agriculture, commerce, and technology be?

    What actions would politicians take?

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  • How to friend zone a guy AGAIN after giving him a shot?

    So to start off. I'm 16 years old and a Sophmore in highschool. I have friendzoned a guy for four years and he has been in love with me since the very beginning. I never gave him a shot, despite his many attempts; we were just friends. Period. We talked plenty throught my last two years of middleschool, but when Highschool began, football got in the way for him and we sort of parted ways. It wasn't until this year when we started talking again. We started hanging out in groups when my new friend was involved. She had tried to get us together, but I questioned it, and told her that I was not interested. Everytime we hungout, my friends would always point out how well we fit one another. We would always find time to get away from my other friends and talk with just us. I started to slowly grow feelings for him. One day, we got into a long conversation and I had said I'd be willing to try something between us. After all, this guy had liked me for 4 years and no one else has ever shown such devotion and appreciation towards me. It was only fair to give him a shot. We hung out this past Saturday and had a great time with one another. We hit it off. I was extremely nervous going into it but we had a good time. Half-way through the date, he started to grab my hand and try and kiss me. I wasn't feeling it. I made him wait for that kiss. It was so weird to go from just friends to whatever this was and I told him that. He kept on telling me what a great catch I was, how pretty I was, and how much he liked me. I just didn't have those reciprocal feelings towards him; I wish I did, but it just wasn't there... He is a great guy. Big football star at our highschool, he's very smart, and funny too. He's not the most attractive guy...and I don't know if that was getting in the way for me. He's physical appearance is okay, but his other qualities are great. My friends find him to be a complete asshole, but he always treated me so well. Anyway, at the end of the date I let him finally kiss me, ans that "spark" wasn't there... He was the first guy that I really kissed, so I wasn't sure what I was supposed to feel, but I wasn't feeling him. i haven"treally talked to him since Saturday and he has been messaging me on fb and my phone ever since. I haven't really replied because I don't want to lead him on. I've friend zoned him for so long, finally gave him a chance, and the chemistry was not there. I can talk to him about anything, but when it comes to the physical aspect of it, I was not enjoying it. How do I cut it off with him? I want to have a boyfriend who I can kiss and be phyisical with, and it was not clicking with him. It wasn't natural at all. Help. So my question do I friend zone a guy after giving him a shot. He really likes me... I don't want to break his heart. He already thinks I'm ignoring him. :/

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  • How to calculate what I got on midterm exam?

    Alright- so for French I wanted to calculate what I got on my exam, the grade was put in and finalized, but I do not know what the exact percentage was for my exam.

    I recieved around a 90-91 first quarter for French and a 89.50 for 2nd quarter, on the very edge! My year to date grade was an 87 after the midterm was entered. The midterm was 20% of my overall grade. What did I get on the exam?

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  • GUNS, GERMS, STEEL. Production of what thing lead to three complex ways societies form?

    What are the three complex ways?

    I have two possible answers that I am debating between. The book states that the answer is population growth. However, there is no evidence I find to support this claim. I find that the evidence is instead pointing to food production being the answer. I need help determing what is what. I could have just misread, I am confused. Thank you.

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  • I need a really catchy but SHORT Yearbook title to describe myself?

    I'm in Yearbook and doing a spread all about myself. I am having a lot of trouble coming up with a catchy yearbook title/intro to describe my page. I'm a fun-loving, bubbly, sweet, and charismatic girl who is in the 10th grade. A cute short quote would be great. A list would be great and I will pick which one I feel describes me best. BE CREATIVE. I've been thinking and thinking, and am having a major brain fart. i'm usually great at things like these. For example, a friend of mine chose, "Lights, Camera, Awkward." I thought that was really cute. Any suggestions.


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  • Modeling question- how do I get started?

    I am fifteen years old-5'10, long dark brown wavy/curly hair, size 2-4, freckles, green eyes, and I hardly wear makeup. I get that I have a very different look or european. Everyone I meet or come across, close family and friends, have always told me that I need to model. I have taken it into consideration and an old friend of mine has just taken up modeling and is doing very very well! A model scout once came up to me and tryed to set up an appointment, but my dad believed it to be a scam, he's very skeptical. Part of me thinks this would be an incredible experience and the other half of me is nervous. I am very open to critizism, my dad and brother have prepared me for it, trust me. My question is how do I get started if I have no prior experience whatsoever? Do I wait for someone to scout me or do I take matters into my own hands and send in pictures to a modeling agency? Help would be appreciated, thank you!

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  • I met this guy online...?

    Before you bombard me with hate comments, let me explain what happened. So, I never go on Chatroulette to "meet people", it is just a site I go on when I'm bored and have nothing better to do. Well, I met this really nice and cool guy, which is very unusual and unlikely! We got to talking and hours flew by. He was very genuine, intelligent, good-looking, and funny. I really enjoyed talking to him and couldn't allow myself to never talk/see him again, so we exchanged skype usernames. We had talked on a Tuesday and he had promised to skype me with his webcam when he got to his Dad's house on the weekend. We had talked again on a Thursday, but it was text-only, another very good conversation. I was excited to see his face again over the weekend. Well anywho, the weekend goes by and I get no messages or skype-calls from him. I kept checking, thinking he might be online and he never was. He got my hopes up for nothing in return. He seemed to really enjoy me as a person too and we were both physically and emotionally attracted to the other. He is three years older than I am, I'm 15, he's 18. He was made aware of the age difference. I don't understand why he would completely ignore me and drop me like that. I guess I am setting him at a certain standard and didn't expect for him to treat me this way, it upsets me. I know I have only known him for a short period of time but I have already developed feelings for him and it hurts..I'm young. Am I expecting too much for a guy I randomly met over Chatroulette? Is he ignoring me? Comments and advice are appreciated, thank you!!

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  • How tall do you think Jeff Holm is from Bachelorette 2012?

    He is absolutely adorable but looks really short compared to the rest of the guys!

    Curiosity was killing me!! (:

    Oh and if you are a Bachelorette Fanatic like my self, who do you want or believe wins??

    I have a feeling the winner is Sean, but I don't really like him. I just feel like I don't know him as well as Jef or Arie..

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  • Can a really good looking,popular guy be good/great friends with an ugly,unpopular girl? Or visa Versa?

    Curiosity, I've never seen this scenario in real life, just television/movies. Most people I know would never have a guy/girl FRIEND that was unattractive, because they would be embarrassed to be seen out in public with this person. Stupid, I know...Not going to lie, I feel weird if I'm around a very ugly and unpopular person. Don't lie, just be honest. I give props to the people that can do this.

    Amen and godbless. xx

    Thank you!

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  • Would an Upperclassmen date a Freshman?

    Okay, so I am a girl and a freshman in high school but everyone thinks I am a junior or senior when they first meet me because of my height(5'10) and how I'm mature for my age compared to my childish grade...My grade is so unattractive and all the good looking guys are 10th, 11th, and 12'th but mostly 11th and 12th. I feel like the guys in my grade are too intimidated by me because of my height so none of them will ask me out. A lot of the freshman flirt with me but I'm not really interested or attracted to any of them. And when I finally get the chance to talk to a nice-looking upperclassman(SOMEONE I'M ATTRACTED TOO, because let's face it, the freshman are short, pimply, and gross.) and we are hitting it off and laughing... the sophomores and juniors ask me how old I am/what grade and find out I'm a freshman they suddenly become so uninterested and never talk to me again...Is it just because I have the lousy title of a "freshman" and the upperclassmen think of me as too young and immature and would never date a freshman? Do you have any experience with dating a girl/guy younger/older than you and how did it work out? Ugh, can't wait to escape the title of a "freshman." It sucks...hahaha(: