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  • Hello yes please help me my antidepressants are making me sick?

    I take Cymbalta (30mg in morning/60mg before bed) and Strattera (not sure on the dosage because it's not as important; I'm supposed to stop taking it soon), and recently (3x in the past week) I've been getting severe stomach/throat/chest (I honestly can't tell which) pains immediately after taking them.

    It feels like there's something stuck deep in my throat (near my sternum), and it gets stronger/kind of pulsates occasionally, like it's trying to come up my throat. Occasionally I feel like I have to burp and I can actually taste the meds. Instinctively it makes me want to throw up because I feel like the pills are caught in my throat or something and I just want them out. The 1st time this happened I made myself throw it up and it immediately stopped hurting. The 2nd time I just dealt with it (it wasn't as bad) and woke up feeling better. This time I'm starting to get really pissed off because these things are supposed to be keeping me alive, you know? I made myself throw up but the medicine didn't come out and the pain didn't stop but I'm too scared to do it again.

    My mom suggests it's because I don't take them with food at night. Could it really be that simple or is my body just rejecting the medicine? My psychiatrist did just up my dosage (used to be just 60mg at night, then she added 60mg in the morning which I felt made me worse so we went back to 60mg night/30mg morning). Please just give me any advice you have. I literally want to rip my throat open and get to the source of the pain. My theory is the pills get stuck in my throat but I have no idea. Please help, I've sobbed myself to sleep 3/5 nights this week because of this.

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  • Small lump under skin in ovary area?

    I'm currently on my period, and a night or two ago I noticed that I could feel a small lump under my skin right next to my hipbone/where my left ovary is. I thought it could just be a normal thing but it's not the same on my right side. It doesn't hurt, even if I press on it. I'm not uncomfortable at all. I asked my mother and she said it could be inflamed and to see if it goes away when my period is over. I get a bit paranoid with these things and immediately jump to the worst conclusion, thinking it could be a cyst or tumor. Should I be concerned?

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  • What is a select show at Warped Tour?

    I'm going to Warped this year (it's my first year). I checked the stage lineup ( and it says "Note that Anti-Flag, Blood on The Dance Floor, Falling In Reverse, Rise Against and The Used will be playing select shows."

    What does it mean by 'select shows'? Do I have to purchase separate tickets to see them live? If so, why do they do this? And will I be able to buy the tickets the day of or do I have to order them beforehand?

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  • Would hydrophobic things repel oil?

    I'm working on a project where I have to choose a product of nanotechnology (I chose Liquipel, or similar products that waterproof things) and write a story from the future describing a problem with the product 25 years from now.

    I was thinking that maybe the product would get stronger so that it would so hydrophobic that you wouldn't even be able to hold anything you use it on because it would repel the natural oils created by your body. However, I don't know if this would even work because hydrophobic is 'water hating' and I don't know if that would apply to oils.

    Any information you could give would be helpful and if this idea simply won't work any other idea you have for a problem involving waterproofing things in the future would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.

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  • Information about Jane Austen?

    Today, I got an assignment to create a Facebook page for a historical person. I chose Jane Austen. I now have to fill out all the sections on a Facebook template page. If you'd like to help, I need:

    Basic Information:

    Relationship Status

    Looking For

    Political Views

    Religious Views

    Personal Information:



    Favorite Book(s)

    Favorite Quotation(s)

    Contact Information:

    Email (made-up)

    Current Address

    Education and Work:


    High School




    I also need any friends she may have had (I need to put them on the sidebar) and some pictures and ideas for any posts she may have entered. Thanks if you decide to help. I'll really appreciate it.

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  • Can you use brackets to replace a word (or multiple words) in a quote?

    I'm reading The Book Thief and one line is this:

    "The point is, Ilsa Hermann had decided to make suffering her triumph. When it refused to let go of her, she succumbed to it. She embraced it."

    Would it be acceptable to replace 'Ilsa Hermann' with 'she' using brackets? So it would be:

    "The point is, [she] had decided to make suffering her triumph. When it refused to let go of her, she succumbed to it. She embraced it."

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Are P/E Ratio or EPS supposed to be written as dollar amounts?

    Say a stock has a P/E Ratio of 23.55. Would that be written as 23.55 or $23.55? Because the definition is 'a measure of the price paid for a share relative to the annual net income or profit earned by the firm per share' (I got that from google, I would have said 'the amount an investor should expect to pay to make a dollar off of a stock'). Same with EPS. Should they be written with or without dollar signs? A friend of mine brought this to my attention and I'm clueless.

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  • Will break my computer?

    Not sure if 'break' is the right word to use here, but I've had three times where my computer has broken down because of file-sharing sites, specifically mediafire. I have a Mac and I read (after my computer had broken for the third time) that mediafire is very dangerous for Macs, so I stopped using it. Recently, I've been using I used it a lot tonight, maybe thirty times. When I was done, I quit Safari and my computer froze and this came up: (sorry for the bad quality). If anyone could tell me what this means or if it's fatal for my computer, that would be fantastic and I would really appreciate it. I'm kind of freaked out.

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  • How do I solve this equation by factoring?

    The equation is 36w^2 = 121. Please provide step-by-step instructions if possible. Thank you in advance.

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  • Examples of equality shown on TV?

    I'm doing a project on equality and I have to find five examples shown on TV by Monday. It can be any form - racial, gender, social, etc. I'm getting desperate. I can't think of anything. Please help?

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  • I'm thinking of updating my iPod Touch to iOS 5.0. What does this mean?

    A box popped up saying there's a new software update, and I clicked 'Download and Update'. Then a box popped up saying 'Updating to iOS 5.0 will backup and restore the apps, media, contacts, calendars, notes, and settings on your iPod touch.'

    Does this mean it will a). Backup everything on my iPod, update the software, and put everything back on, meaning I won't lose anything, or b). Backup my iPod, but delete everything on my iPod. What does it mean by 'restore'?

    I updated my iPod touch once before and it deleted everything and I don't want that to happen again.

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  • Why does your face feel hot when you eat pickles?

    I'm not sure how to describe it, but sometimes when I eat pickles, like I am right now (just plain spears), my face (usually just my cheeks) feels hot and flushed. Do you ever get that feeling?

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  • How do you change the tone of a paragraph?

    I'm doing my homework and I am so confused. We're doing tone and and we have to change the tone of a paragraph. The paragraph is:

    "The little boy, frowning sadly as he walked out of school, swung his backpack violently from side to side. He couldn't help but wonder why the teacher had picked on him so many times today. Was it because he looked different from the other kids? Was it because he didn't often smile? Was it because he didn't share his apple slices at snack time with the other kids? School stinks, he thought! He wished that it could be different, but how? Maybe tomorrow hew would try harder. But still, the little boy was unsure what he could do to make a change."

    I'm not asking for anyone to write it for me, I just want help. I changed the first sentence to "The little boy, smiling happily as he walked out of school, swung his backpack cheerfully from side to side." I think that's decent, but I don't know what to do for the rest!

    My main question is: am I supposed to change only certain words? Am I supposed to change what's going on in the paragraph? Can I change it to "He was happy the teacher hadn't picked on him too much today. It was probably because..." and so on? Or am I supposed to only be changing words? Please help, I'm so confused. And I have to read this to the class tomorrow, so I'm screwed if I do it completely wrong.

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  • What is it called when you believe something when you've been given false information?

    For example, in one of the Harry Potter books, Ron was trying out for the Quidditch team and was really nervous. Harry pretended to put liquid luck in his drink, so Ron felt as though he was lucky even though there wasn't any liquid luck in his drink at all, he just believed there was. Does this have a name? Thanks in advance. :)

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  • Keep getting "The application Spotlight has quit unexpectedly" message on Mac?

    I have an old Mac that I've been using while my newer one was getting the hard drive replaced. Anyway, I just turned it on in safe mode because it refused to turn on otherwise. When I turned it on, this message popped up: "The application Spotlight has quit unexpectedly." I've tried Report, Relaunch, and Ignore, but nothing happens. What do I do!? I really want to get into iPhoto and Safari.

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  • I can't open anything on my Mac?

    My laptop wouldn't turn when I tried, so I turned it on in safe mode. It was stalling and freezing a lot and when it turned on it said that the application spotlight had quit unexpectedly. I chose to relaunch it but nothing happened. The bar that's supposed to be on the top of the screen isn't there, there's nothing on my desktop, and I can't open anything from the dock. Please help?

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