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  • Good Afternoon DS: Returning a defective dog?

    am at a loss for words.

    My purebred Gerchowder seems to be lacking the ability to foretell or react in any way, shape or form to earthquakes.

    We were less than 100 miles from the epicenter of the East Coast quake a couple of days ago and apparently my Gerchowder slept right through it!!! There were plenty of other purebred dogs and mutts barking..and going off, before, during and after the quake...but not my prized puppy!!!!

    Do I have the right to return this dog? And should I be fully compensated for him?

    Unlegit: did you feel it?

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  • Good Afternoon DS: Breed specific question?

    My younger and apparently not intellectually gifted brother is getting a dog from a friend that's moving out of the country

    Its a Boerboel? did I spell that correctly?

    anyone have any experiences with them? tips?

    I am aware of the information online, but wanted to get some personal experiences...I dont think anyone here has one? Do they?

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  • Working Dogs part Deux?

    In following with Greek's earlier question and some of the answers, I wanted to get this clarified by someone who knows what they are talking about............. or just opinions....

    Yes, our county/city still uses mostly GSDs for their canine force. To say that the working dog is still in high demand because I see those dogs in police cars is a little too far of a stretch to me....

    I'm pretty sure that a person actually knowledgeable in what a working GSD should act and behave like would laugh at our local police "force" and say that we might as well use beagles to patrol our streets...

    Basically, how good are police dogs now-a-days? The ones used in the local PDs? Are they necessarily top notch dogs? Or just whatever was available and looked the type?

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  • Good Afternoon Dog Section: Doggie Conundrum?

    My little furry baby and myself are a bit on the outs now. I am remodeling the house and buying new bedroom furniture. My current bed sits pretty high off the floor and Baby Puppy pretty much set up house under my bed. The new bed is pretty much a box that sits on the floor and will leave my Precious without his much loved den. Is it cruel of me to buy such a bed?

    Will it hurt his feelings and will he ever forgive me?

    UNLEGIT: Why do people put human emotions like "love and sadness over the loss of a loved one

    on a dog? Is it that difficult to understand that raw meat eating animals, covered in fleas that walk on four feet ARE NOT HUMAN? and thus DO NOT HAVE THE MENTAL CAPABILITY OF HUMAN EMOTIONS???

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  • Good Afternoon DS: Weird dog behavior?

    My rescued adopted poor little rare Gerchowder does not like feet?

    Is it a breed trait?

    Is it possible that his previous owners steped on him and that's why he tries to attack any foot that is within an inch of his face? He only does it when sleeping though, do you think its because the previous owners abused him and woke him up for no reason?

    What should I do? Maybe I can put a treat in between my toes, that way I will make the foot look more appealing for him?

    Does anyone have a rare Brown Nose Gerchowder that does this???

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  • Good morning DS: All about bulldogs?!?

    I am looking for some information about bulldogs

    What are some things to look out for when looking for a QUALITY pup? What are some major hurdles in owning one, be it temperamental or health related?

    Trying to help someone get a quality puppy...and not a health mess from a back yard breeder ;)

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  • Mutts ...shelters....etc?

    Talking to a neighbor of mine who runs a small Boston Terrier rescue group in the area ... and we got to the subject of mutts and people thinking that mutts are somewhat more superior to purebred dogs...(well bred dogs...I'm not taking into consideration the so called "purebred" crap being pumped out daily by idiots)

    She brought up an interesting point....There is a almost a false representation of mutts...unintentionally by the shelters...

    follow along if you will

    Lets say 100 mutts are brought in one week. The shelters here do go through them and destroy the ones that are CLEARLY sick or have visible serious behavior issues. 5 of those mutts make it to the floor for "adoption"....Rest are euthanized.

    So when I get that one mutt that made it through a very simple elimination process...and he happens to be healthy and more or less stable...I start thinking that mutts are just wonderful and healthy and great....when in fact he is only ONE dog out of a hundred...and 95 were put down due to issues and health. The numbers dont look as good for mutts now...when you take into consideration all the ones that are destroyed. But of course, that side is not as visible and people tend to completely ignore it.

    do you agree?

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  • Real "Designer Dogs"....Just when you think you've seen it all!?

    I came across THIS:

    American Eagle Dog (American Eskimo / Beagle Hybrid).....a True "Designer" Hybrid

    Would this what Gucci would look like, if it were a dog?

    What about the WalMart Brand?

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  • I have a training question about my dog?

    Jeezez Freaking Christ...This is the 4th time I'm trying to post this question and its not going through.

    NO, I dont have a training question about my dog, but figured if I put that in the main question line it might go through.

    I am in the process of deciding whether or not to purchase a real rabbit coat. (Deciding because of money and the fact that I have 5-6 winter coats in my closet).

    People close to me have stated, "Why would you buy that, people are going to be looking at you and you might upset someone by wearing REAL Fur?" (hhmmm...Personally, could care less)

    Question: Do you have any issues about wearing real fur?

    Here are some controversial PETA ads....enjoy

    Other Funny Dog Pictures:

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  • Since we are all asking questions today ;) Spelling / Grammar Question....?

    Now...English is NOT my first language, so be kind...lmao

    I was under the impression that LABOR and FAVORITE are spelled like <-- this

    where the hell is Labour and Favourite coming from? Is it the same thing as German Sheppeards? Trying to make a word sound more important and fancy than it really is?

    Or is there a valid reason for spelling it this way?

    Legit: Name ONE biggest DS pet peeve of yours in 2010

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  • Symptoms of a blockage?

    I'm freaking out just a little here. Called the ER vet...they are not sure whether or not I should bring the dog in...of course I can always come in for a $120 fee.

    Murph's been gnawing at a beef knuckle bone all day.....I also added some canned lamb food to his night kibble (same brand...someone gave me a can of Wellness Lamb and I added 2-3 tbspns on top of his dry kibble). Never tried it its new to him

    Soooo...within the last 3-4 hours he's been acting absolutely ABNORMAL...Very tense, head down...laying down funny...gassy. No vomitting. And he just went outside to poop.....(which the vet said he would NOT do if he had a blockage)

    I'm guessing an upset stomach? Anyone dealt with similar symptoms...any words of advise? Should I be taking my lazy, ignorant ARRSE to the vet NOW? lol

    Anyone had any experience with this? I'll be watching him tonight and taking him in if necessary...

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  • Good Morning Dog Section!!!?

    Hope Rotten Rotts doesnt get pissed, I'm stealing her thunder here with these questions!!!

    Going on 3hrs of sleep, but working from home today...Wooooo Hooooooo


    How's everyone this monday morning? How many cups of coffee have you had, and how do you take yours? (me....lots of sugar substitute crap and any kind of creamer/milk).

    Legit: Is your dog a whiner or a barker? Mine is 95% whiner and 5% barker.

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  • Good 1am Dog Section?!?

    My dog has diarrhea today, what is wrong with him?

    I needed a break from working and wanted to see who all is here at this time ;))

    Legit: If your dog is bored...what behaviors does he/she exhibit? I think mine is a nail biter...

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  • DOG SECTION: Spelling lesson # 5676?

    Can we please learn to spell the different variations of DOMINANT! Anyone else notice this?

    Your dog might be dominANT

    You can try and show dominANCE

    You can try and domiNATE a dog

    geez...its been getting to me lately

    Unlegit: what's been plucking your nerves here on DS lately?

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  • Acquisition costs/expenses for an insurance company?

    Anyone have a link to a good document that would give a comprehensive definition and or a list of acquisition expenses for an insurance company?

    Specifically marketing expenses...are they included???

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  • Health related question!?

    There is plenty of moronic advice here on y/a with some potentially dangerous.

    In the last couple of minutes I've seen a dog being diagnosed with a collapsed uterus...and a GI bleed.

    How do you feel about handing out such "diagnosis" online w/o examining the dog (I'm not even going to discuss the fact that you need a degree to diagnose such illnesses).

    Have you seen any other dangerous or plain stupid advice?

    8 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • Is my dog protecting me? lol?

    In lew with the rest of the protection questions...I'll throw one in.

    Not really a question, more of a specific behavior and I'll ask for your opinion...thoughts.... ;)

    My precious angel's behavior inside a car:

    I drove to see a friend yesterday. When the friend was approaching my vehicle, Murphy was absolutely positively flipping out. Growling, barking, hackles up...the whole nine yards.

    I decided to do a little experiment. Got him out of the car and walked around to where my friend was standing. Murphy was completely fine. He wasn't overly friendly, but wasnt on guard either....didnt show ANY aggressive/protective characteristics...just a dog on a leash.

    We went back inside the car...and my friend approached the window and Murphy started going off again.

    This has something to do with a small confined area....correct? And the fact that someone DARES to approach it with him in it?

    Any other opinions?

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  • Choke Collar Question....?

    Ok here goes...

    Just FYI...I'm contacting Butch, our trainer, and discussing this issue with him in a week or so....but I wanted to hear your opinions/suggestions.

    Murphy is bugging the HELL out of me with pulling on walks. I used to walk him with a prong...which made it a whole lot easier. I started using a choke after the trainer recommended that. Here is the problem I'm having with the choke:

    Not sure how to explain it...but there is almost no release. When he's not pulling, the chain does NOT really "drop" or "release".

    When he starts pulling, I'll get some slack and correct him...but he seems ABSOLUTELY oblivious to the corrections...and they are not weak by any stretch of the imagination. I'm sure a grown man could correct I'm trying my best to be effective and he's really not getting the point.

    Also...on several occasions...if a deer runs by or another distraction...he will literally choke himself trying to pull....?

    Anyhow...any recommendations?

    PS...I'm not using halters, etc. So please dont recommend those. And the choke is positioned properly, btw.

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  • Mauling Question!?! wild animals vs. dogs?

    In the midst of discussing my Vegas trip at the office, the Siegfried and Roy show came up, shortly followed by tiger maulings, bear maulings, etc....

    The common opinion was that although its not the wild animal's fault for going after its trainer, the animal does need to be put down because once it engages in a mauling of a human.....the chances go up that it will do it again....Kind of like "it gets a taste for human blood"...

    Do you agree with that?

    Lets turn this scenario to dogs. Forget about humans for a second, I dont want to hear how a dog is dangerous or what breed it is...etc. If a dog is put in a situation where it goes after a human, sinks its teeth and rips / mauls....would it make that dog more likely to do it again, just based on the fact that it has done it in the past?

    What about dogs that are trained to go after humans....police, etc?

    What are your opinions on this?

    ;) Sorry, hope this makes sense!!!

    22 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Can Dog Section affect your blood pressure?

    Hello Dear Dog Section peoples ;)

    I've been away for a couple of days and just signed on this morning. Have I missed anything good? related. Went to store to get food. Science Diet 30lb bag --> $43.00. Wellness 30lb bag $50.00. REALLY? What gives?

    15 AnswersDogs1 decade ago