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  • can you be self defense ready if your only training in the martial arts gym once a week? details inside?

    i run throughout the week about 3 miles 3 times a week and on saterdays i train grappling day for krav maga... we do some pretty grueling stuff strength and conditioning drill rolling techniques ect... like i sayd i train throughout the week as well running bag drills situps pushups studying my art and what i learned on saterdays ect.. I'm in good shape.. could i be street ready ? or is that not enough? I'm in better shape then most ppl in our gym.. thanks

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  • is 185 5'8 a good weight if your athletic?

    I'm almost 5 ft 9 inches 185 pounds .... ive been running a good 3 miles 3 to 4 times a week and also doing heavy bag drills pushups and situps and eating lots of protein... I wanna weigh less but some people tell me I look build.. I have fat still I wanna go through but u can see muscle still. as my fitness level goes up ill add more things to it.. anyways am I still considered fat? according to the height weight ratio chart I should be like in the 150s?????? that seems awfully low...

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  • thoughts on silva vs bisping?

    another disappointing fight for silva.. im done watching him fight he doessent take this seriously anymore.... he gave round 1 away... lost round 2 because hes just closing around again.... lost round four due to inactivity.. won rd 3 at the end but just that last 5 seconds.. and rd 5 he won easily.. he could beet bisping easily but he gives rounds away... so ya get this idiot outta here **** silva how can u be a fan of this guy?

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  • boxers how would you "block" if it was bare knuckle boxing??

    one thing I see in boxing is you can cover up with them big old gloves. in bareknuckle that's probably not a good idea.. there issent them gloves to hind behind, punches can get through easier and a 16 oz glove vs a bare fist? trust me you don't wanna eat bareknuckle shots... also even if you use your hands to block a shot that could break your hand .. so how would you block In bareknuckle or even a street defense situation?

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  • what age is to old to be a gamer?

    im gonna be 27 soon and don't play as much I think im getting to old for games but whats your opinion?

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  • in your opinion who are the top 3 rappers of all time?

    heres mine

    1# Eminem... hands down the best without argument in my opinion.. look it up hes sold the most albums of any rapper bye a huge amount... but im not just baseing my opinion on albums sold but also influence, legacy, lyrics, freestyle ability, ect..

    #2 nas... has what many people concider the top rap album of all time.. but his lyrics are great one of the top lyricist of all time and been concistit with dropping hits since he burst on the scene..

    #3 jay z,

    honorable mention

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  • can someone tell me about thelema aleister crowleys religion??

    hi there... im only looking for answers from people who have actually taken the time to study the religion.... thanks

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  • other then the big bang theory what are theory's on how our universe was created?

    first and foremost I don't wanna hear any religious bs... purely scientific guesses... thanks

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  • is 26 too old for amateur mma?

    hello.. first and foremost I wanna say I DONOT think I can be like a ufc fighter lol as high as the level of fighters are 26 is way to late... but how about if I wanan do amateur and just as a hobbie to challenge myself ? I have taken a year of boxing training 2 years bjj and 2 years of krav maga.. I never stuck to it or anything because of my kids job ect, and I know that issent a very good resume but ive been working out hard again and getting back into boxing and bjj and in a year or so id like to get into mma.. just on the amateur level with people around my skill level... is this ok? thank you

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  • can you get anything besides stds from sexual intercourse?

    say someone has a disease other then stds... cancer, something wrong with there kidneys, anything... can you get anything from intercourse even under the rarest of circumstances? or is it just purely stds and hepatitis that you need to worry about?

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  • atheist only! what do you think the purpose of life is?

    personally I think there isn't one. other than a chance to become apart of human life evolution. we are always evolving through technology, cars, clothing even the way humans look.. . life has no meaning other than being apart of something called evolution. we as humans have emotions and feeling likes dislikes ect.. life is very can be very enjoyable for many people. if you ask people whether they wanna live or die most say live.. just enjoy your time and do what you wanna do with your life as long as it doesn't bother anyone or anything. that's it.. my opinion

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  • which martial arts do you think is best suited for street ? ( discussion )?

    ya know I believe there are systems that are more effective than others.. I know people will say its not the art its the practitioner.. I disagree entirely don't care what "martial artist" think. ive trained in various arts so I think I am entitled to my opinion. I as well as the famous bruce lee think a lotta martial arts moves are unrealistic and ineffective for the most part. I thank most are geared torwards the martial arts tournaments and sport aspect of "fighting" rather than what is more realistic and effective for survival. I thank alotta martial artist are nerds who brag about there moves and cool gis and coloured belts and trophies which in my opinion meens nothing.... belts in my opinion meen nothing, gis nothing, tourniments are unrealistic and techniques should be simple not flashy.. that is why I think krav maga is the best system for street survival. its not based on sport or mma, it doessent go by belts ( at least my dojo) we don't wear gis or worry about tournaments. its entirely street. we do our best to simulate real life situations with playing out scenarios ect. we train in striking ground and weapon disarming and using them as well... ect ect look it up yourself... your opinion

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  • how to overcome a food addiction ??????

    hi i am actually male using cousins profile.. i used to be in good shape i would run 5 miles 5 times a week and do boxing ect.. i am 5 ft 9 inches tall and was 168 pounds... not bad.. not im nearly 190... i let life get the best of me and stopped working out and just ate... now im working out again but whats killing me is my diet.. i picked up some nasty diet habits an need help on how to control urges and diet? any help would be very much appreciated

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  • what questions should I ask my chiropractor ? this is my first visit!?

    hello.. im going in to see a chiro just to see if treatment is indeed nessisary.. what questions should I ask him?? again I am new to this so any questions or concerns I should be aware of for a first time visit ? thank you

    2 AnswersAlternative Medicine6 years ago
  • why are so many girls drama queens?

    im actually a guy ( using friends profiles ) . and one thing ive noticed and I thank a lotta guys notice is that a lotta girls are drama queens.. im attractive athletic guy and I honestly cannot stand most women... its also like the "hotter" they are the more bitchier and stuck up they are... like because theyre attractrive that gives them the right to special treatment or something and sadly a lotta men give them it... my fiancée brings her friend over and shes cute and shes talking about how shes such a ***** ( then hairflips )... whats up with ladys nowadays foreals?? not all of u though...

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  • what does everyone think about this new wwf style of ufc we are seeing nowadays? MMA?

    ya know when I see fighters promoting fights like chael sonnen, when I see a champion acting like jon jones, when I see tuf and the way they act on there nowadays I think of one thing... a circus.. one thing I cant stand is when ignorant people say cage fighters are animals and its a human cock fight. I disagree. its a really good sport with respectable athletes and not just some bum brawl but a lotta technique and training is put into being a fighter... randy and liddell on TUF stressed the importance of reping this sport with honor and respect, they carried themselves with class... I just feel this new era of mma is destroying what randy and liddell established.. your thoughts?

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  • ufc mma why does Anderson only accept "super fights" with people so much smaller than himself??

    ya know I am not trying to bash silva. but come one anyone who thinks this is a fair fight is out there mind... diaz and silva is a huge mismatch.. silva can fight at 205 diaz is a 170 pounder. diaz comes straight forward Anderson is great at countering.. hes also taller and has a huge reach advantage.. I just donot see how this is fair bye any means... and when he was calling out the smaller gsp..smh... silva likes to mock his opponents as well a lot... sorry if people don't agree but cheal sonnen was right silvas a bully...

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  • what is your opinion on non traditional marrages such as the Russian order bride over the net?

    just wanna get peoples opinions on the subject.. I scene on tv a lotta American men are turning to ordering brides over the net from other countries... your thoughts? personally I don't see how u can be in love with someone whom u never met, and I would question the motives from the man and the women... it just doesn't seem like real love... I do however believe that u can order one and u guys could possibly fall in love after getting to know each other a bit first... I don't know what do u think?

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  • what is your biggest problems with martial arts?

    hi... I know im gonna get lots of flack for this but o well I am entitled to my own personal opinion as well are you are so if u don't agree sorry guys....

    1. belts colors.... seriously did u see all the "black" belts that got beaten up in the early ufc days by untrained street fighters?? there is too many definitions of what a black belt truly means. so many black belts never even fought in real life ( which I know u shouldn't do anyways)....

    2. martial arts tournaments... bruce lee didn't mess around with this crap either.. its unrealistic.. there are rules a structure around these tournaments which is not properly preparing people for a real street encounter... if anything I believe is UNprepairs u...

    3. there is a lack of played out situations... what I mean by this is when people are sparring they just practice there technique without actually preparing u for what could actually be happening in a real fight.. example, I used to take krav maga, and we actually wore masks and gave the other persona fake gun to simulate a situation where your getting robbed... we played out taking on multiple attackers not just one on one... ect...

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