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28 yr old stay at home mom of 4, happily married for 5 years. Living out in the country in Colorado (Nebraska native), and trying to stay sane. I love: Nebraska thunderstorms, and breezy Colorado nights, ben and jerry's ice cream, sewing, babywearing, riding motorcycles, my cowboy boots, beer, laughing, reading, drawing, a good two-stepping song, my friends (whom I miss like crazy), fluffy cloth diapers and snuggly baby wraps and learning all I can about interesting things and people. Cheers!

  • sewing: how should I alter this dress?

    I am trying to make the bodice on this dress smaller by 2 inches, It's posing a bit difficult because I usually alter at the side seams, however there is boning, and I am hesitant to move or cut into the tulle on the bodice sides. Plus once I take in the sides I'll have to adjust the full skirt and lace overlay, but there is an invisible zipper in the back and those are a pain to redo. any suggestions? I want it to be the least time consuming, as I am hoping to get it done tomorrow, but it has to look professional as it's for a client to wear to an award show. help?

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  • Anyone know what this message may mean in my F150?

    Driving home last night, approx 30 mph on a dirt road, my truck dinged at me, the OD went off, and a TRANS FAULT message appeared in my odometer. Hoping it's not needing a new transmission, but it is a 2005 F150 with about 115k miles on it. Anyone experience this?

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  • What do you say to a 9 year old girl?

    I live in a small community, and my kids are active in scouts, sports, etc. The husband and father of a family I know was killed tragically in a plane crash last week, with his wife and 4 kids there watching. They were taping, as it was one of the first flights with a new plane that had mechanical issues mid air. The family saw the plane go down, as well as 3 other girl scout families that were there after a scout ceremony. It was traumatic and devastating. I am hoping to go to the memorial, as not only is it a fellow scout family, but his youngest daughter has been in my son's class for years, and I have interacted with them all on a regular basis. His 2 5th graders are special needs, so I am not sure what they all comprehend. Mainly, what do you say to a 9 year old girl who saw her father die? I know "everything happens for a reason" is silly to me. I am heartbroken about this, thank you

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  • Has anyone let a monroe piercing close?

    I'm wanting to get one, I have never had any facial piercings, just ears, and body piercings. I am curious if anyone has let theirs heal closed, and how noticable the hole is. If I do get one it will be for my birthday on the 20th, so I kind of have to think it through and don't have too much more time.

    I don't need the "piercings are ugly, you'll regret it when your 80" blah blah, I'm just wanting people who have experience with facial piercings. Thanks in advance!

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  • Has anyone seen the new HBO series Tell me you Love me?

    Just watched it the other day and was quite surprised. Way more graphic nudity than even the soft porn on skin-emax! lol. Wondering what others thoughts are.

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  • I think he's Cheating, Should I say something or not?

    My husband and I are friends with a couple. We moved to another state, and I don't keep in touch with the wife much, and my husband only a little with her husband.

    My dilemna is that I think he is cheating on her. I don't think he's left her, but I was checking mySpace out, and saw some incriminating evidence that would point to him having someone else.

    My conscience is telling me to call her. He has cheated on her in the past, left her for months for another woman, all while she took care of their kid, and his from a previous relationship. He lies to her constantly, at least he has in the past, so if he is cheating, or wanted to leave, he would totally lie about it. Her and I have always had a common bond, because both our husbands would party too much together so we share similar gripes. The difference- my hubby is honest with me, and has never cheated on me, and her hubby has even asked ME to lie for him to her. What should I do? Tell her, or not?

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  • sigh, yet another "am I pregnant?" question?

    I realize this is a pregnancy board, but how many of those questions are neccessary? All you really need to do is read about 20 of the previous posts on whether or not they're pregnant to find all the info needed, because the symptoms are the same, the answers are the same, a home preg. test always works the same.

    I know people are concerned and worried, but I feel like just copying and pasting the same answer- here's the possible symptoms, take A Test! At least I'd get 2 points out of it. Sorry all you possibly expecting mamas, just venting. but seriously- enough is enough, go pee on the stick already!

    Oh and the- we used a condom, I'm on the pill, I've had my period twice, taken 6 ept's, and even my dr. says i'm not pregnant. Could I still be pregnant. (yeah, a little bit of an exaggeration, but some are almost like that). Again, just a little vent! I'm laughing as I write this, it's just a few minor annoyances of mine.

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  • My 5 yo old son fell and now his top front teeth are loose?

    They are his baby teeth, but I am not sure if it is too early for those teeth to come out. He has already lost his bottom front two, so I am not sure if it is neccessary to make a appt. for the dentist. Any input? thanks!

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