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    Please help me!!! My father who is a permanent US citizen and has been in the US for over 40 yrs had to book a flight to Guadalajara, Mexico this morning. His brother passed away suddenly and so he is on a flight right now. My concerns or question is he has a EXPIRED Mexican passport, his birth certificate, his permanent residency card, and other types Documentation. Will there be any problems with him coming back into the US? Will he have to renew his passport in Mexico or can he come back with the expired one? He has plenty of money and I know there will be some type of fees which is no problem. I just want him to have no problems coming back. Any info will be helpful.

    Thank you!

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  • whats on your menu for 4th of July celebration?

    I have a large close net family that get together every weekend (about 25 of us). Since we live in California the weather is always nice. So to make a long story short we've been bbq'ing since before mothers day and quite frankly im sick of bbq. I want to have something different on the 4th of July menu but Im lost don't know what. Im hoping you can share your ideas with me? THis is what I don't want to have.

    Hot dogs


    BBQ ribs

    chicken (Grilled or fried)

    submarine sandwich

    potato salad

    macaroni salad


    chili beans

    carne asada




    I know I know there is alot on the list but Im so burnt out on BBQ. Please help!

    Happy 4th of July!

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  • Husband watching porn is this ok?

    My husband and I have been married for 5 yrs and together we occasionally watch porn. Recently I've looked on my computers history and seen that he goes online to watch porn while I am at work. I didn't think it was that big of a deal because we watch together on occasion but I keep thinking about it and its kinda bugging me. Do you think I should confront him or am I making a big deal about nothing? Your input is appreciated.

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  • can she collect child support after 17 yrs?

    My hubby got into it with his EX in regards to his 17 yr old daughter. There has never been a child support order they have always settled things out of court. They have been separate for 15 yrs now. anyway the ex has a hair up her but because she is not working and can not afford to pay the daughters cell phone bill. My hubby refuses to pay her cell phone bill since its not a necessity and since were tight on money as well. My hubby has offered to take her shopping for things she needs like clothes and shoes food or school supplies but not pay her cell phone since she has not been a good girl and failing a class.. Now his EX was so upset talking crap to my husband and said she went to the court to put a child support order against him.

    My question is will he have to pay back all those years were there was no court order or will he just have to pay here on out? Also is child support cut off at the age of 18? She will be 18 in August? I don't have kids of my own so Im not familiar with these issues.

    Also what is your opinion on how the EX is handling the situation. Is my Hubby wrong for not paying the cell phone bill?

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  • need help with a party invitation?

    Ok so were having a party for my dads 60th birthday and we are using the fiesta theme... to save money we are also making our invitations. I got a really cute one but now i need help writing it out. I don't want anything plain like For: When: time: ect... I want something catchy this is what I came up with but im open to new suggestions please help me out..

    No time for a Siesta

    were having a Fiesta

    It's Ben's 60th Birthday

    Come salsa the night away!

    Saturday Nov 21, 2009

    Dinner: 5-7pm Dance 7-?


    The Fernandez Cantina

    XXXXX Waltham St.

    Los Angeles CA 90058

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  • how to make a good pesto?

    Anyone care to share there recipe for a good pesto ? Ive looked on and all recipes but im interested in yours. =)


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  • More to love question?

    who was kicked off this last past week?

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  • Bird Names..? need ideas please.?

    I just got two cocktails one boy and one girl but I cant think of names for them? would you please share your pets names with me so I can get some ideas?


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  • SYTYCD..... Mary Murphy?

    Ok so I like the performances on SYTYCD all the contestants are so talented and I would like to watch more of the show but I just can not stand Mary Murphy.. she is soooooooo annoying.. especially when she does her famous scream. So for that reason I stopped watching this show. Does anyone else have an opinion about her?

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  • The Next food network star... who won?

    So I missed the show and don't know who won?

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  • any tips on having a yard sale.?

    between my sister and I we have lots clutter that were trying to get rid off. Since were planning a hugh birthday surprise for my Dads 60th b-day I thought we could have a yard sale and what ever is left behind we can donate. Problem is we never had a yard sale before?

    Has anyone had a yard sale before? what tips can you give me?


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  • Brittanya for VH1 in trouble for what?

    Ok so on every show she mentions that she has legal issues.. does anyone know why she in trouble or what charges she has been charged with?

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  • Can you help me interpret my re occurring dream?

    I have been having this dream for some time know and I don't know what to think of it. it seems so real but so scary and its affecting my real life. I have this re occurring dream that plans are falling from the sky or hitting buildings kinda like 9/11. So in my real life when I hear a plane in the sky I get scared and start thinking its going to crash my mind just takes off from there and start thinking of all kinds of crazy things.. does this mean anything?

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  • THe Hangover worth seeing in the theater or waiting til its out on DVD?

    Ok so im not a big movie buff but I got some free tickets to the movies and was thinking of seeing the Hangover.. I know its been out a few weeks now so my question is.. is it worth going to theater to watch or should I just wait till it gets out on DVD if so what movie would you recommend for my boyfriend and I .. we prefer comedy or action

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  • did anyone watch the TO show on VH1?

    ok so my guy and I are big Dallas cowboy fans and were sad to see T.O leave because he is a great athlete but are happy he is gone cause he is cocky.. but anyway I loved his show.... it showed his personality and so far so good I will continue to watch.

    I would like to hear your thoughts if you watched the show last night.


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  • Im going to a DODGERS game on sunday I was given VIP tickets...?

    I usually get pavilion tickets but my company gave me VIP tickets ... my seats are 38BBL VIP? does anyone know if this includes the all you can eat buffet? I just want to take enough money.

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  • Egyptian food?? Need help?

    So tomorrow Im going out to eat with my co workers to celebrate my bosses birthday. They chose Egyptian since my boss is on his way to Egypt on a 2 week vacation.. Im mexican and never at Middle eastern food can you please recommend some dishes that I can order cause im clueless.. Im not too picky and im willing to try anything.

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  • I think I might have Endimitriosis...?

    I have very painful periods when I do have them but most of the time I have constant pelvic pain and discomfort, I have irregular period, and some days Im constipated and some days i have diarrhea. I have some pain during and after sex and major back pain. I finally got my medical benefits from my employer so with in the next week or so I will be going for a complete physical but want to know from woman who have or know of Endimitriosis if this sounds like I have this?...

    P.S. when I last had medical insurance DR confirmed I had many cyst on my ovaries im not sure if this has anything to do with it..

    P.S.S I have been sexually active for over 10 yrs.. Im 28 now but I have never been pregnant.

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  • is a pablano pepper and a pasilla pepper the same thing?

    Im wondering if these two peppers are two of the same? my gut is telling me there different but when I goggled it is said that a pasilla is also know as a pablano? so im confused

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