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  • How to make your eyes more blue?

    I have blue, grey eyes (NOT GREY EYES! THAT IS SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FYI!) and I hate it when people think my eyes are grey! If I wear grey or any winter colors for clothes then my eyes look more grey than blue, but if I wear more summery colors especially blue for clothes then my eyes look more blue. I'm tired of my eye color and I want to change my eye color to be more blue than grey permanently. I don't want to wear contacts to change my eye color or anything I just want to know if there are products or food I can eat to bring the nutrition back to my eyes so that they'll look bluer.

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  • How young can you be to publish your own book?

    I don't brag about my stories or really show them to other people because I don't want them to steal my ideas. I just want a professional to look at them So how old do you have to be to publish your own book? I'm 14 btw.

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  • How do you have a spiritual journey?

    I'm only 14 so I can't go any where or do things that cost a lot of money. I just really need some answers in my life and so I really need a spiritual journey. I need something I can do at my house when I'm alone. Thanks!

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  • Online Dating for Teenagers?

    I don't want a website where all you do is chat with people. If at all possible I would like it if there was a website where it also makes suggestions for you. It NEEDS to be free and for teenagers. It's just that I'm 14 and I don't like the guys where I live. I'm looking for someone to date because I'm getting a little lonely. ALSO I would LOVE it if the website was international!! Thanks!!

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  • What are some things do do with your friends?

    So me and my friends LOVE to hang out, but we do the same old things and I was wondering if somebody could name a lot of things to do. It's just that we want to try something different! :) Also it's January and I live in Minnesota so please don't say something like go to the beach or build a snowman because it would be more like a slushman and not a snowman. Thanks!

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  • What are some good books to read?

    I'm 14 and I'm a girl. I've read The Book Thief, 13 Reasons Why, The Hunger Games series, Night, Endless Night, and And Then There Were None. I'm currently reading the Twilight series and the Harry Potter series. It just that I'm almost done reading these series and I want to know what are some good book for me to read that I haven't read already?

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  • How does Shakespeare end most his scenes in the play?


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  • How many quatrains and couplets does a Shakespearean sonnet contain?


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