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  • Seniors in high school, what colleges are you applying to?

    I myself am a senior. I applied to Keuka College, Nazareth College, Sage College of Albany, and University of Scranton.

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  • What "American" things should I bring to France?

    I'm going to France in a few months because we're doing an exchange. The French students came over here in October and left four days ago, and we're going on March 26th. She brought over crepes, some caramel topping thing, and cake from Brittany (the region). What should I bring?

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  • Do you want me to make a Polyvore set for you?

    I'll make you one and then e-mail you the links. Just tell me your name and e-mail and I'll make it for you. Or if you have a Polyvore account I'll PM you with the link to the set.

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  • What do you want to do during and after college?

    I'm going to go to college and get a degree in business management. After college I'm going to open my own store (either department or clothing).

  • What should I do with someone like this?

    Ok, so me and my ex-best friend "Kelsey" are having a little e-mail argument. Here is basically how it's going: My ex-bff told me that her friend "Ashley" (who is also friends with my bff) said that I told my bff "Sarah" she wouldn't let me walk with her. And Kelsey also told me that Ashley said I told Sarah that Kelsey wouldn't let me walk with her. I denied this and Kelsey called me a liar. But I wasn't lying. I asked Sarah about this, and she claimed it's false. She hardly knows Kelsey and doesn't talk to her. And I know she's telling the truth because I introduced them to each other at midterm week.

    Sorry if this was a wall or something longer. Any suggestions?

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