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I am a animal lover,and I'll fight against abuse of any kind,animal or human. I have worked as a caregiver for 20yrs. currently at home taking care of my Husband, Big dog & 2 white cats. I also fight for veterans right for decent health care as my husband and Dad both were in combat and in need of medical care.

  • Am I required to give my brother half of my dads inheritance if my brother stole his half?

    Our father died 12/7/10. I had the authorization to withdraw all his money out of my dads account not my brother. While I was at the bank I discovered some one had been writing checks off my fathers account to the tune of $700.00 in the last 3 weeks of my fathers life, I turned it over to the police as most the checks were written at our local Walmart, not suspecting(only in the back of my mind) my brother at this point as the check sequence was off by 700. Then when I saw he paid his health insurance premium and Verizon bill too I knew it was my brother. He stole the checks from my dads room and forged what ever he could, he even admitted to me on the phone when I asked him that he did it, My dad was a WWII army Ranger, earned a bronze,silver star and a purple heart for his heroic actions in Europe and he would never condone even his own son stealing from him. He was worried about his bank account long before he died and mentioned it to me and the family who took care of him at the AFC home he lived at. He already had lectured my brother on several occasions for his money problems. Now my brother is worried about his share of any monery my dad had left over and thinks I should hand over his half even though the we still owe the funeral home $2,500.00. He has even retained an attorney, problem is if all insurance money comes through we only have $2,500.00 to split not a big fortune.

    He also used that they have fallen on hard times that is why he has been forging and stealing from my father. He knows very littlle of hard times as he has always had some one holding up his as+. My husband and myself were so poor we did not even have a phone and relied on our local food pantry every month and got heat assistance every winter to get by we never stole from anyone or forged a dam thing. The point is does he even have a right to half of anything as when it is all said and done he probably stole as much and then some while my dad was alive? My dad was too sick with colon cancer to even pull my brother up short. For years he has been very mean to my dad and treated him with no respect what so ever, My poor father had too big of a heart and was more broad minded then my worthless brother. My brother and I have had very strained relationship for years so their is no love loss on my part. Plus now it is out of my hands the police are in control of his fate not me. Please some one give me some serious and good advice on what I should do as I too am consulting an attorney next week, but it is hard to wait that long for advice?

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  • Guys! Would you charge your disabled sister contractor wages for fixing her toilet, furnace ect.?

    Let us say you are unemployed and you do occasional work for your sister and her invalid husband and she always pays you real well. Now you charge her $50.00 to put a new seal on their toilet, stating {see what a plumber would charge.) First off we only use my brother as a last resort as he does not like to help anyone and whines when he actually has to work. Also he borrowed money from me so he could make it to work for one day and now will not pay me back or offer to work it off. I know lessons learned years ago about him, he has become a sociapath and a control freak, besides being an alcohollic. I have been trying to keep the peace as our 89 year old father is dying of colon cancer and my brother only visits him 1 time every 2 weeks. That's another issue.

    Back to the question would you and what would you charge? I do not have allot of money either and I surely can not afford to pay him $50.00 every time he comes over and he knows that.

    Thanks for your help Yahoo team.

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  • inheritance due to eldest child from money lent to youngest child by parent?

    My father lent 80% of his money or 37,000.00 to my younger brother and his wife so they could buy a house. All of which was never written up as a contract nor was an attorney hired to see that it was all legal. My brother and his wife stated verbally that they wold pay me half what he lent them upon his death. Not only have they not made any attempt to pay my father back but now he is on hospice and I am low person on the totem pole.

    I advised my father against this and insisted he consult an attorney, but he was so smitten with my sister-in-law who connived this whole scheme after my father sold his small estate.

    My father listed me first on his will and I am his power of attorney when he passes.

    Do I have any chance of seeing any of this or because my father made such a big blunder I do not stand a chance of a snowball in hell?

    I know life is not fair but I seem to always get shafted by my is too bad we all can not get along. Thanks

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  • What helps best with heart burn?

    I do not get heart burn that often but when I do no Tums or Rolaids even touch it in fact they make it worse? Their has got to be something that will actually help? Help Please?

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  • What product illiminates pet urine from carpets, one that actually works?

    I have a heated carpet cleaner, have tried urine gone, used vinegar and ammonia along with countless over the counter products and still I smell my dogs urine? Please help as the Yahoo team always comes up with good answers, Thank you in advance.

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  • How to deal with a 27 year old who will not stop using drugs and lying about it?

    My best friends son is living with them,he has been in trouble with the law from drug use to breaking and entering along with DWIs'.He is driving his poor parents nutty,his dad has seriuos heart trouble and his mother goes thru terible depressions.He will not even try to get employment as he uses his criminal record as an excuse,he would rather get high with his friends then help his own parents.They are such nice people and I hate to see them treated like this.If he were mine tough love would be really mild to what I would do to him and his cronies.I need some ideas and help in getting thier life on track??? Thank you answers folowers and fans and greetings from the UP.

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  • Is my mail dog shooting blanks after castration/?

    I have a male and female Yorky-Opso doggies,he is fixed or so I thought,she is not.I aquired these little angels 1 month ago.She came into heat and they have been going at it like a couple of sex maniacs.Even were hung up in my car while I was shopping,how embarassing!I did not think a male dog could even have sex after castration?Is it possible he could get her pregnant as a result of a shody botched up castration? I was going to have her fixed but not if she is with pups.My former vet could not give me a clear cut answer on the sex part,just he could not get her pregnant,but bring her in for a exam to be sure? DAh, doesn't sound like they are cock sure. Personally I hope she has puppies as they would make the perfect lap dog,as both parents love to cuddle. Please help and thak you in advance for your input!

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  • Burning CDs' on windows vista premium?

    I thought that I was burning CDs from my library but when I went to play them on 2 of my CD players nothing happened although they will play on my computer. Is thier a way to make it public which I thought it was already set for that when I went into my properties? Please help as I need to return the CDs I borrowed to burn?Thank you in advance as you have helped me in the past!!

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  • Who feels like we are loosing our freedoms one by one?

    They say history repeats itself and I think whoever made that statement was right on.First gun control,next smoking now obese people,what next skinny peolpe,coffee drinkers,ect.Does anyone feel that their rights are being stripped,and all of America is sleeping?I don't own a gun and I quit smoking and now I am trying to loose the weight I gained from the later.Are we reliving the 50s' and McCarthyizm or the Salem witch hunts?We as Americans better wake up,we already have our youngest generation being killed in another unpopular war,aren' they fighting for our freedom?So why don't we feel free?Too many questions too short a lifetime!Help me conduct a survey on our freedoms and if their was protesting how many of you would march?I love the USA no better place,and we are still freer then any but for how long?Something to ponder my fellow Americans and I am just the average Jane cool citizen!

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  • Having trouble with my new deskjet printer with windows vista?

    First off when I conected my printer with my old moniter it was working great,now that I hooked up a new moniter I could not even use my mouse and had no way to type in my password/Now I called HP who sent me drivers to go into system recovery,and followed all the steps I was told to reinstall any extras.Now I can't print a copy from the tray.needless to say or print nothing,it sends it to the printer but no go,I checked and rechecked my usb cable and plugs and even had hp trouble shoot it which came back running Ha.I have also installed the most updated hardware on the web.I know I could call Hp but most of those guys are hard to understand so thats why I am picking the answers team to help me out as you have in the past and made a diference.Thank you so much!!!

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  • Natural herbs to help with urinary tract infection?

    I just started with a very uncomfortable UTI and aside from plenty of water,cranberry juice and antibiotics isn't their some kind of natural or a certain vitamin that helps with the symptoms? I am going to thr ER this morn to get this treated so before I go I thought I would ask all the Yahoo answers audience.Thank you.

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  • Menopause or Wellbutrin causing strong sexual urges!?

    I am 53 and have really never had any symtoms of menopause other then no more periods,and I have been on Wellbutrin since December.I am doing very well on the medication and do not want to change.I have had extreemly strong sexual urges but have no one to share them with so this is rather embarassing as I've had to purchase vibraters on line and use them 2-3 xs' a day.When I was young my urges weren't this strong,Could this be menopause or the medication, its' driving me nuts,please help?

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  • Deer and Rasberries,do they eat them?

    I just planted 5 nursery stock rasberry stems and I need to know if I should fence then in from the deer or will they eat the stems?What other good deer repellents are their?

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  • How come I am never the first one to answer on Yahoo Questions?

    I am not the fastest typest in the midwest,but every time I go to answer a question and there are 0 answers by the time I answer their are 6-10 ahead of me.How many quicksdraws are out there?Also if you can not come up with a good answer don't waste the space please? Although that is not the reason I can't answer first.

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  • Why am I contimplating cheating on my husband?

    My poor husband has been very sick and I even had to give up employment to take care of him.Naturally we are not having sex and I have urges that I satisfy with bob my dildo.Recently a so called freind of my husbands expressed interest and wants me to come to his house for a drink (yea right) My problem is I almost bit and actually caught myself driving his way.I guess I need a mans touch.I have always been highly sexed and I'm sure this man picked up on that,so now what do I do? is their any herbs or medication to quell my sex drive? I even considered putting bob in the freezer before use. Help please?

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  • Why can,t I display my picture or knick name on Yahoo answers?

    I have gone into my profile and there's no way to change it?

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  • What is the best way to give my cat cat-lax?

    I have a long hair Angora not only are fur balls a problem it's causing problems with her anus.She doesn't like the cat-lax,I've tried bacon grease and butter also.I have spread this on her paws so she'll lick it off,but she shakes the paw and it's on my walls,carpets & furniture.Is there a better way or a better product for finiki kitties?

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  • What made Iams pet food so good?

    I have never bought it for our pets as I believe they are all made the same,needless to say i'm glad I didn't.Our pets have all lived a long and healthy life without expensive food.I'm just curious why it's so darn special when that company does cruel experaments on animals.

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