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  • I need help!!!!?

    What do you think of this poem?:

    As the earth turns we spin through our lives

    we may not know it but slowly its happening

    While we enjoy our soup and fresh cut chives

    People all over the world are suffering

    Giving is caring and caring is giving

    so take a monent and think

    is their life even worth living

    So give some care for everyone to share

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  • Click me!!!?

    Standing on this earth with nothing

    Barren souls sweep the sand

    Searching for their lost hearts

    The grains flow through my hand

    We all are born

    We all light a fire of hope

    But it flickers and dies

    As we hang from the ropes

    I should live life with repect and poise

    Life is a wing until we have fallen.

    From my place I make my stand

    I take this sand of souls forgotten

    What do you think of my poem?


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  • Ballin'!!!!!!?

    Hey ballin' dude ask another question!!!

    Here's the real question how mank miley cyres/ hannah montana fans are there?

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  • Riddle!!!?

    We are little creatures;

    all of us have different features.

    One of us in glass is set;

    one of us you'll find in jet.

    Another you may see in tin,

    and the fourth is boxed within .

    If the fifth you should pursue,

    it can never fly from you.

    What are we?

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  • Punctuate this sentence...?

    That that is is that that is not is not is that it it is

    Hint: it may be more than 1 sentence

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  • What are the best places to shop for teens?

    I need to know the best stores!!!

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    Do u think cheerleading is a sport?

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  • Whats my favorite color?

    Can you guess my favorite color?

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  • Okay here's a tough one, I mean even i could not figure it out!?

    Theres a guy and a dog walking in the park when all of the sudden a huge boulder rolls across their path. They were both frightened but continued on walking. Then a strange man with a wood eye jumped from the bushes and exclaimed "ransom notes keep falling at your mouth!". Then they went back to their cottage by the sea.

    I hope you know the answer, cause I sure don't.

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