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  • Do you need your high school dipolma as proof?

    At my highschool, they don't give out high school diplomas at graduation but rather you have to go pick them up. I was lazy and just never got around to it, I'm heading to a UC in the fall and they have received my transcripts and everything is set, I DID graduate. But do I need my high school diploma later in life, like when applying for a job & they need proof?

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  • Business or Economics major?

    I'm going to UCR as a freshman in the fall & I was wondering if it's is a better school for economics or business?

    I want to work in PR/Marketing/Advertising when I'm older. I talked to some people, and one of them said it kind of depends on what school you go to. At some schools, business is more prestigious but at others schools, econ is? (If that's true.) So it is better to declare business my major or econ? Is it possible to double major in both?

    What are the advantages to being a business major as opposed to an econ major & vice versa? I'd really appreciate some help!

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  • Looking for a teen books series?

    I'm looking for a book in which a girl is forced to have sex with the father of the child she babysits. In the end, she ends up burning his house down and running away. I think the title has something to do with the number seven, because it's a series that focuses on seven teenagers? In the same book (the first one) one of the guys has a girlfriend but thinks he might be gay because he kisses another guy at a party.

    Please help!

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  • What are the requirements to become a US citizen?

    Okay, now I am a US citizen, but a lot of people I know at school and neighbors are not, and I was wondering what the requirements are. How many years do they have to live here and all that jazz, especially if they came here illegally? I know many of them want to be, but they don't know where to start.

    5 AnswersImmigration9 years ago
  • A book about flying pigs?

    When I was smaller, I read a book about a little pig who had gained wings when he helped a hog who was stuck and couldn't turn over. A woman found him and raised him. One day, he was flying in the fog and he got lost. He was found by a man who used him for entertainment. His owner found him and confronted the man and they fought for him in court. The judge let the pig choose who he wanted to live with. I've been searching for a long time but I just can't find the goddamn book! Help please. >.<'

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