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  • How do I tell him No without him freaking out on me?

    I have been having problems with my husband for almost a month now,and he leaves whenever we fight (usually between thurs-fri) and doesn't come home until Monday or Tuesday,and I am so tired of being his weekday motel. I have taken him back a couple of times giving him a chance to change but I am soo over his drama to keep putting up with this.I have no clue where he is during the days he is gone and i do not want him coming home to me and our kids when he is out and about doing who knows what...I tell him he is no longer welcome into my home and he thinks it's a joke. I am very set on this decision of keeping him out but how do I make him see that I am for reals? He gets really angry when I try to kick him out or break things off with him. His temper scares me so I just want to do this peacefully and not worry about him trying to come back!

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  • What should I buy tonight?

    I am going to an all girls naughty party that my friend is having tonight.This is the first naughty party I have ever been to and I am excited..I do not know what to expect but I am willing to try to see if there might be something good to take home that I can use with my husband...Any advise on what to but for first timers?

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  • How can I make my husband see that it's time to take care of his family not just himself?

    My husband is 25 and the older he gets the worst his priorities become...we have three kid's and I work part time in the morning, he doesn't work and I have no clue what he is doing all day until he picks me up from work.Then when I get home he rushes off to they gym and comes home until dinner is ready.I ask him, what do I have to do to make my kid's and myself more important to him? His answer is "LOL"...everything is funny to him...I try to give his space and not nag him but I am the only one who is hurting from this...this affects me allot and I want him to change without me forcing him to do.I want him to be a good father and a good husband but how can I make him want the same things too?

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