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  • how to make an ugly girl look ok?

    my name is kc and i have light brown hair, way to tan skin, and brown/black eyes. i am a little overweight but can kind of pull that off. my face is round and my eyes are close together what can i do?

    i want to impress this guy i like and have liked for a couple years but hes my best friend and i dont know what to do. help me please! heres a picture

    HELP PLEASE my hair curles at the end and is kind of puffy im thinking of getting a hair cut like this and dying my hair black. my friend has this wig and i tried it on and think i look ok but i dont know really . please reply soon my "friend" and i are hanging at the mall tomarrow :(

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  • how to get around 7 kids to busch gardens and back?

    on june 10th i am hosting a trip to busch gardens how to i get all my friends there? like one one person is driving and picking up and she can only hold 4 kids other then herself. what do i do? is there like a big car i can rent for cheap?

    1 AnswerOrlando9 years ago
  • good talent show songs to sing and play to?

    im going into a talent show in april and i wanted to know what are some songs i can sing to and play guitar. i know alot of chords but not cadd9 and hard stuff. i would like the song to be rather catchy and easy to play. (dont want to bore anyone or mess up) thankyou!!

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  • presents for a 13 year old girl?

    hi im turning thirteen in febuary and i would like to know of some good presants for christmas.

    things i like:

    some cool BIG books

    i like scooters, scateboards etc.

    i do NOT like sports

    i like electronic games

    i have a wii, dvd player so any good movies, or wii games

    i like electronic stuff iPod, MP3, CD player, etc.

    i own iPod shuffle (newest generation), iPod touch (3rd generation no camera) CD player,

    please tell me anything along those lines


    - Kaycee

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  • i want to run away any ideas?

    i want to run away to show my parents what its like to lose me. i want them to feel betrayed, sad, and horrifyed and panicy. i dont know where to go it'll be just for a while like mayby 5 days or so and not very far but any ideas? and i REALLY dont wanna hear crap about dont run away and **** like that ok?just tell me any ideas thanks

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  • i need a good song for two girls to sing and play on the guitar and is easy!!! plz help!!!!!?

    this Sunday we are singing a song and playing on the guitar please any ideas? except for change by Carrie Underwood! already tried xD please help!!!!!

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  • where can i get my ipod touch screen and back fixed and where can i sell it for a good deal?

    i have had my ipod touch for a while and i want to know where i can take it to get the screen and back fixed from scratches? i want to sell it so where can i sell it that would be my best bet?

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  • What can i do with my friends for summer before school starts?

    i want to do something big and fun for summer this year and i start school soon about 2 weeks. what can i do with my friends for fun as a blast before school starts? i have two friends i can do it with one lives in my neighborhood another about half a mile away and we can ride to each others house. what should i do? my family doesn't have money so i cant go on a trip or anything thats costs alot of money but what can we do to rock this summer?

    - Thanks

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  • what are the colors for the steak n shake cars?

    i want to know ALL of them i am starting a collection :]

    2 AnswersFast Food1 decade ago
  • my dog ate my eyeliner on thursday (3 days ago) questions and concerns?

    she ate the clay one it was about 3 1/2 full and she ate it ALL bottel and all (exept for cap) is she gonna be ok? will she die?!?!?!? im scared HELP!! no signs of anything different so... idk if its gonna be bad or not :\ help :'(

    3 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • ok listerine whitening quick dissolving strips?

    ok i have these and my sister is going to a dance but she has always had problems with her teeth so their yellow and her crush is gonna be there should she use these? i really dont want answers about how if she's 12 she doesnt need to be using these i know already just give me an answer about if it would be OK to use them. ThankYou

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  • Samsung Intensity Questions?

    i do not have verizon but also my family doesnt have a cell phone plan yet so we havnt had a plan with someone yet! how much would it cost for unlimited texting and calling (but mostly text) for me? and/or my family? we have bright house for homephone, internet, and tv but we dont have a plan for cell phone whats up?

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  • ok need a good song for a talent show?

    me and like 5 others are going to be in a talent show dancing and need a good song to dance too like preferablly r&b or pop TY!!

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  • HEYY talent show need HELP!!?

    ok me and a friend have 5 days to make and rehurse a talent for the schools talent show and have absolutly no idea what to do! help!! must be funny and plz dont say do a skit or mime say something to do!

    2 AnswersTheater & Acting1 decade ago
  • ok my sister is 12 and she needs boy help!!!?

    my sister is 12 and she has a boyfriend but she's scared he might break up with her. how can she impress him with little or no makeup? she already wears jeans cool shirts, eyeliner, eye shadow, and other stuff like mousse and hair spray. she wears mascara too so not that plz help!!

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  • i need to find a good video editor for windows vista?

    plz i need a good editor for windows vista plz tell me some

    4 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • ok i need help with imovie...?

    ok i really want imovie but i have windows vista and i need to know if someone has a way to download it on windows to use. (free if ok) if you cant find that can you please tell me a really good movie maker for not pro.s ok ty P.S dont say windows movie maker i hate it it does not work and its stupid.. >:( TY everyone

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  • i want to know what to do?

    ok i want to know how to get from st peters burg to orlando by walking or on bike?

    i just wanna know ok

    i am really curiose

    2 AnswersSafety1 decade ago
  • i want a digital camera but can't choose which one.?

    i need a digital camera that has flash options, a timer, can take videos, portable, small, and can hold many pictures, has batteries, has a color blue, and has a nice design, all of which can't be over "omygawd" expensive. thanks and reply before febuary eleventh so i can tell my parents. :)) :) ;p

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  • help! car ride to georgia! no cell phone! *gasp* choke cough!?

    im trapped in a car ride to georgia and have no cell phone. i mean i have one but its a tracfone and not free to text kay! cant read in the car will make me sick and car games are boring. im the type of girl who loves to listen to music but have no cds for my player and my dad hates all my stations. ps he listens to a christion soft music! ackkk! im gonna go crazy! i am like a girl who has a problem with sitting still for to long so nothing like a puzzle book or something. i really need help i leave on october 3rd or 4th. so help as fast as possible!

    thanks kittencooler101

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