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  • Can a manager tell an employee to get therapy ?

    Legally in the US can a manager tell an employee to get therapy. I had a manager lastnight scold me about how I "needed therapy" after I jokingly said "guess I'll die." after I had asked if pur GM wanted to see me after my shift. 

    She then stated that she had done therapy for 6 years and her daughter had done it for 2 years and are much better.

    I feel this is wrong and shouldn't be allowed in the work place. But I am having a hard time finding anything about it.

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  • Why do people care for politics  so much?

    I am neither a Democrat  nor a Republican , I just have never cared for politics? What is the deal with it and why is there so much bashing on the parties?

    I am not posting to "troll" I genuinely do not understand what is up.

    I get both parties have differences but I honestly never pay attention or care as long as things are getting done and done right.

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    Will my dog still love me when its time to say goodbye?

    I have to put my sweet friend of 15  years down today after she had a series of mini seizures and hyperventilating on top of her bad hips and falls. 

    Due to covid I don't know if I can be allowed in to the office with her when they do what they need to.

    I wasn't allowed in when my 2 year old pittie had her well check for safety reasons.But when I let my best friend go, will she still love me if I can't be there for her to hold her till she falls asleep..? I love her so much..

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  • Is it wrong to like someone who is trans as a questioning/non-binary person?

    Alright so.. Physically I am female, but I don't feel comfortable in my skin at all and it makes me so ill and sick just to feel myself, my skin, or see myself because all I feel and see are wrong answers.

    I went about 2-3 years as a transmale and I felt better me tally but was never allowed to physically change anything up with myself due to family, but I still had a pretty feminine side to me like stuffed animals, and amall things as that, even though I have never liked or felt okay as a female or addressed as one. So I thought maybe I was nonbinary(?).

    I find attraction in females and transmales but not cismales for the fact I am scared of men. I like transmales for the fact that they once started out like I did of course on a physical sense, and they understand the body and such as that. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing what I am up against if that even at all makes sense.

    But I feel bad for liking transmen but not actual cismen. I don't understand. Is that wrong? I just don't know who to ask and I am frankly afraid to ask friends of mine who are transmen without sounding as if I am making an attempt to hit on them which isn't what I am doing. They are too close of friends to be anything more than what I consider family.

    Can anyone help me..?

    Comments against LBGT+, or if you are a downright jerk will be reported 

  • Can I resell my car for more than I paid?

    I bought a 1996 Buick Park Avenue Ulta for $1050 back in February and she ran absolutely perfectly and everything worked l aside from the antenna motor, cassette player, and one small missing rim. 

    She was sold by a mechanic who fixed her up and was selling since she was his dad's car and needed the funeral expenses.However lately my car had just been shutting off as if the battery is dead. I just got a new battery that was replaced not quite a month and a half ago. I had to have my car jumped in Jerome to make it back home in one swing and later lost power at the gas station the same day. Not only with the car constantly dying, the driver side is kinda squealing now.

    I had checked the power on the battery and it is outputting healthy power, so I had insert a computer into the car and the car had just started shaking and flickering becoming unreadable to the computer..

    I'm taking my beloved car to the autoshop on Friday. But I can't afford a huge bill to have one car fixed. 

    So this leads to my question, would I be able to sell my car for more than I purchased when the car is in good condition

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  • Why do people answer questions here like this is Reddit?

    Like deadass I ask something and I get trolls and **** like this is reddit lol

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    Do bellies in pitbulls/dogs go away after her pregnancy?

    So I adopted a gorgeous pitbull from my shelter yesterday. She was transfered out of California to Arizona due to overcrowding. She is 2 years old, and I noticed she had been pregnant before  she had arrived at my shelter.

    I am unsure how long she has been fixed, but my assumption is maybe within the last 2 weeks since she was transferred from New Hope Animal Shelter. However she is still very saggy inwards toward her thighs and her nipples still are very puffy.I have never bred my dogs or anything and Google isn't giving me an answer 

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