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  • Mouse moves to top of screen on facebook?

    I have an HP laptop. It has Windows XP. I have a vision problem so have magnification program called WinZoom. On facebook, while I'm chatting with ppl and exit the conversation or click on another person my mouse moves toward the website address bar until about the fourth time of clicking on something. Could it be a problem with the computer or internet explorer? Any advice?

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  • How should I tape my fingers for football? I broke my finger month ago + buddy taping restricts catching?

    yea the question is pretty self explanatory. i am a tight end on our football team and didnt know if anyone had any idea for taping my right index finger for football or all my fingers to protect them. i also was wondering for basketball because that is how i broke it. i know my doctor and others say to use buddy taping but this affects my grip which in football also affects my catching ability. my finger is healing but i want to protect this finger so it doesnt happen again and i know it is easier to occur now that i just have scar tissue there instead of my normal tissue. thanx in advance for responding

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