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  • Pharmacy Math Help?

    The powder volume of a 5 gram vial of Penicillin is 3ml. The instructions on the vial tell to add 12ml of water for the injection to the vial.

    What is the total volume of penicillin solution when the vial if fully reconstituted?

    What is the final concentration of penicillin in this vial?

    You must make an IVPB containing 1gram of Penicillin. How many milliliters of penicillin do you need?

    2 AnswersMedicine5 years ago
  • Math problem in the pharmacy?

    The initial dose of aminophylline for a non-smoking adult is 0.5mg/kg/hr for 10hours. How many ml of I solution containing 400mg per 100ml would be required for a 150lb male over this 10 hour period?

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