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  • Shanghai Wedding Etiquette?

    I am visiting China for the first time to see my daughter who teaches English in Shanghai. She and her Chinese boyfriend said they are taking me to a wedding for a friend or relative of the boyfriend's mother during my visit. I am reluctant to attend because I do not know these people, I was not invited, I have no gifts to bring and I am bringing only very casual clothes in a carry-on bag. They say no worries since it is China and people do not follow the same rules of etiquette that may exist in the West. I am afraid my daughter will be offended if I decline her efforts to allow me to observe an authentic Chinese wedding. She seriously wants me to broaden my horizons. What should I do?

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  • IRS Section 131 adult foster care exemption?

    The Guardian of an 81 year old ward with dementia has "rented" the ward's home to her caretaker for a nominal amount and has arranged a placement by an agency for developmentally delayed adults of the 81 year old into the ward's own home which is now apparently the "home" of the caregiver so the caretaker can qualify for IRS Section 131 tax exemption. The Guardian asserts but has not provided documentation that the ward would be paying the same amount of money for care regardless of the existence of a Section 131 tax benefit to the caregiver.

    Does the Ward get any benefit from renting her home to the caregiver so the caregiver can get a tax deduction by claiming the caregiver has brought the Ward into the caregiver's home?

    Is this arrangement legal and proper under IRS rules where the caretaker rents the home from the Ward which home is actually owned by the elderly Ward?

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  • How much is my old stove worth?

    I've been using an old Magic Chef from the 1930s with eight burners, two ovens, one broiler and a warming oven for the past 30 years. Now the propane company comes in and says it's illegal. I have to light the oven with a match which does not bother me in the least. The propane man says that match-lit ovens are not legal. He says it must have some kind of electronic ignition or I need to junk it. If I sell it, how much can I get for it? Can I get enough to buy a regular up-to date kitchen stove? Or should I just keep it and tell the propane people to stay out of my house?

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  • Will Michelle Obama be the next US Senator from Illinois?

    Does anyone in Illinois have a sense who will be appointed to replace Barack Obama (if he is elected President) in the Senate? Since I am from New England I do not know who Governor Blagojevich would appoint. I've also heard that some in Illinois want to impeach him for some reason(s) so maybe he would not be the Governor. Could Michelle Obama be appointed to the US Senate? If so, would Hillary be jealous or upset? Could Michelle Obama then be considered as a future Presidential prospect?

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