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  • I'm writing a story and want some name ideas for other characters.?

    I'm working on a story called Junipher L.M Lockmix and Impossibles. She was always considered a sickly child but in reality she can feel everyones emotions to the point where she grows sick. I'm adding new characters and these are the abilities. I would like some creative names that aren't very common. If you have any better ability ideas that would be lovely for you to suggest some.

    (Boy): I don't wanna be cliche or anything but he reads minds.

    (Girl): Can touch something and tell who has been there and what they did while there.

    (Boy): Can turn invisible.

    (Girl): Walks through walls.

    (Girl): Help with this one? I'm at a loss.

    Anything you suggest will be greatly appreciate :)

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  • I just wanna know if Im the only one who loves the Maximum Ride series.?

    I LUV THESE BOOKS. They have inspired me to write and I love the books so much. If you have read then, please do give your opinion:)

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  • Do u think ppl will get the right impression of this?

    Well I'm writing this story and its about a teenager and shes kidnapped by a secret evil lab but she just fell in love b4 she was kidnapped. While shes in the secret lab she thinks about him and she remembers all the stuff he would do. I want to put he would whisper sweet nothings in her ear but I only mean things like I love you and your beautiful and stuff like that not anything inappropriate. Should I put it?

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  • What is a good series of books to read for teens?

    I dont have anything to read. At all. I'm looking for a new series to read and I'm feeling completely deprived. So please do put some suggestions below.

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  • Does this story idea sound stupid? Bc I need to do serious and I really like this idea like so muuuucccchhh.?

    Can you save me, Neighbor?

    Alex Winters had a happy life with loving parents. But Alex and her mother are in a horrible car accident. Alex lives while her mother on the other hand, does not. Her father drowns his sorrows by drinking. He starts to develop a temper and starts to slap Alex around. Then the slaps turn into beatings. Alex lives in constant fear of her father. She can't take any food, she has to clean, and she has to be completely quiet. If she doesn't, she knows the consequences. A new neighbor named Jace moves in next door to Alex and is automatically attracted to her and want to get as close to her as possible. Alex doesn't want to get close to anyone for the fear of what her father would do. But when Jace sees the bruises, can he save his new neighbor and the possible love of his life?

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  • Hello there Im back still 14 and still hav a dream! I think of it as a friend to the maximum ride series.?

    Shiloh is not your average girl. She lives with her adoptive mother that has a daughter. While she may love her "family" she keeps a huge secret. She has wings and finds herself reading the minds of all of those around her. But there's a problem. She has no memory of her life before she was adopted at age seven. Now ten years later, she's seventeen and is starting to see the things wrong with her past. When they move to a new town, secrets are revealed and those she thought she could trust turn out to be the one's she should've feared the most. And with waking nightmares that could be her only links to her past she struggles to find the truth before it's too late, because when her past comes back to haunt her she can only save herself. But when her past is dark what can Shiloh do? What's the bigger picture and what does it have to do with her?

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  • Tell me if this sounds like a good book because I'm fourteen and I have a dream!?

    Luna Evertime is just like you. Except she's dead. Brought back to life by an evil Shaman named Evander Harris, she spends three years trying to find him and settle the score. But when Evander makes his presence known by committing many nefarious acts, Luna hopes to find him. Someone has to stop him and she might be the only one who can. It's a dark world blind to human society and Luna has to be the one to save it, because if she can't save her world, who's going to save the human world?

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  • what are some good last names to go with Nicolette?

    I'm writing a story about a girl named Shiloh. She lives with her adoptive mother and her daughter. While she may love her "family" she keeps a big secret. She that has wings and can read minds. But the problem is that she has no recollection of how she got her wings. When they move to a new town, things change and secrets are revealed. Are there others like her there? Or is she more alone than ever?

    I've been working long and hard on it and there's a character that comes later. Her names Nicolette and I have no idea what her last name should be. Please help.

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