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I am a nursing student going for my LPN. I love to read the health questions and see how much I have advanced since starting school!

  • has anyone else had problems dropping calls on the Samsung captivate?

    I don't even have to move...I can be standing still with 3 or 4 bars and then the call is gone. And it happens frequently...was trying to order dinner and lost the call 3 times before I gave up. What I want to know it the phone in general and should I get a different brand phone or just get a different Samsung phone

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  • Can the Avon Madam Alexander Dolls fit into American Girl doll clothes?

    My daughter really wants an American girl doll but I just can't see spending all that money on a doll. I want to buy the avon doll that is very similar but the clothes in avon only go to size 7/8. I would like to know if I can buy the American girl doll clothes and put them on this doll.

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  • Can you put American Girl doll clothes on the Madam Alexander dolls from Avon?

    My daughter wants an American girl doll but the avon doll is half the price but the clothes only go to the size she is in if the american girl doll clothes fit these avon dolls I can buy the avon doll and get the bigger size clothes from the american girl dolls

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  • Explain some things about seizures, please?

    I am an LPN and a friend experienced a small seizure this evening. He was getting up to get a drink and felt dizzy and went to catch himself without any sucess and ended up on the floor. The witness to the "seizure" said his eyes where white and he had rythmic movement which was small not dramatic. Once shook he did come back to before 911 was called. He was disoriented when aroused but reooriented quickly. His blood pressure was 142/82 and blood sugar 180. He was vomiting after the event and dizzy with movement. After 20 minutes his blood pressure was 142/84 and blood glucose was 96. He vomited a second time. Still dizzy with standing up. He had a prior episode of syncope prior to this without the seizure like movement. What would cause the drop in blood sugar or do you have any idea if there is a diagnosis for this. Of course insurance is an issue. If an MRI would be necessary then so be it but if there is another know cause...or what would the treatment be for random unfrequent episodes. Just looking for any awnsers really.

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  • Best place to stay in Ocean City Maryland?

    Going with my mom and daughter, looking for affordable but nice place to stay! Some place kid friendly! If you have been there please help!

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  • Best place to stay in Ocean City Maryland?!?

    My mom and I are taking my 5 year old to the ocean this summer and there are so many choices in Ocean City I have no idea where to stay! So if anyone has taken the trip with a child in tow I would love some input to make this trip amazing! We want affordable but are more worried about FUN and a nice room to stay in! Any input is great! And how about amusement down there. The water parks? Amusement parks? THANKS

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  • anyone have some good nursing measures for a patient with multiple broken ribs on the left side?

    the patient is elderly but still gets around with a walker

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  • research for safe enviroments for the paralyzed?

    I have to do a presentation on safe enviroments for the paralyzed and don't know alot about the subject. So if any of you know the safety risks for a person living with paralysis and how to make the enviroment safe please let me know. I have google it, asked it and dogpiled it without much sucess any help will be appreciated!

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  • Medical abbrev's please help?

    If you know medical abbrev's i need to know what DAT, hold ac, pc, po and FF mean please help! I have a final tomorrow and have to get these done so I can study

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