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  • How scientifically can CO2 be separated from water vapor as the main cause of AGW?

    The US Department of Energy has released estimates that greenhouse gasses are about 95% water vapor. Greenhouse gasses which make up a little over 1 % of the total atmospheric gasses on average, have been blamed for an increase in the average temperatures world wide, with an emphasis on CO2, which is only about .04 % of the total. The idea that this increase in temperatures is related to CO2, a very small part of the total greenhouse gas effect appears counterintuitive. How can CO2 be separated from the water vapor as the main causative factor of AGW?

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  • EPA to loose ability to regulate CO2?

    Jay Rockefeller, ultra liberal senior US senator from West Virginia, is proposing a senate bill to remove or severely limit the ability of the EPA to regulate CO2. It appears he will have more than the 60 votes needed to advance the bill, is this the beginning of the end of the EPA's ability to enforce a "Cap and Trade" program upon the US without the consent of the Congress?

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  • If Fiornia defeats Boxer in California, will funding for "green energy" dry up in California?

    The Boxer/Fiornia senate race is regarded as a dead heat by most polls, if Fiorna defeats Boxer, which is a very real possibility, since the incumbent, Boxer, has not achieved 50 % by the 1st of September, in the polls, will the federal money many 'green energy' companies are depending on still be available, or will those funds be more difficult to obtain? The state of California requires that a certain percentage of electrical power be from non-carbon fuel sources, however the current technology for wind, solar, and other forms of "green energy production" are problematic, highly dependent upon federal grants, and is in need of further research and development to obtain better cost to yield economics. So if Fiornia defeats Boxer will this stop much of that research and development money?

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  • Is the BP oil leak abiotic oil or biologic oil?

    The oil well which is leaking in the gulf of Mexico which is currently threatening the gulf coast of the US, is very deep, over 23,000 feet deep, under the surface of the floor of the floor of the gulf, in the "Jack Field" which holds an estimated 15 to 30 billion barrels of oil reserve. The methane content is up to 100,000 thousand times that of oil recovered closer to the surface. Current geologic models suggest that there is no explanation for crude oil being deeper than 18,000 feet, so does the earth produce this petroleum product with high pressure/heat from naturally occurring methane and other products, or is our model of biologic oil incorrect?

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  • Is the term "Peer Reviewed" important and of any use when evaluating AGW literature?

    We know from the emails of Phil Jones, Michael Mann, and others at the IPCC that there were unscrupulous dealings between those writing the emails, and one of the most egregious was the use of their positions as editors of certain publications, their positions being granted because of their positions with the IPCC, to stop the publication of studies which would tend to undermine their stance on Anthropogenic Global Warming. Is it proper to deny publication simply because one disagrees with the position of the research report? Has this particular branch of science, become too highly politicized to be trusted?

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  • Will Barack Hussein Obama's candidacy be effected by the 'Bradly Effect"?

    Tom Bradly was the mayor of Los Angeles, Ca., was black, and was a very effective leader, he ran for governor of California in 1982, and while he led in every pole, he was defeated by George Duekmajian, by a small margin. It was surmised by the political pundits of that era, that the pollsters were incorrect in their methodology of collecting the preference data, that the question of voting for a black man for governor was asked person to person, and that many people did not like to admit that they would not vote for him because he was black. So the polls were skewed in favor of Bradly, because those being polled did not wish to appear racist. He lost in '82 and again in 86, he continued to serve with distinction as mayor of LA until 1993. If it is ok for black people to vote for BHC because he is black, is it ok for people of other races to not vote for him because he is black?

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  • Where do i find some good fried rice in Waikiki/Honolulu?

    Waikiki has experienced a lot of change and redevelopment, and some of the mom and pop restaurants I used to get good fried rice from are gone. You know, freshly made, not that crap they put in the buffet lines, you know,a little egg, a little veggies, maybe some chicken, or spam, soy sauce, salt and pepper, put it all in one dish, and cook it up nice and hot-just like mom used to make-eat it in a big bowl, give me a big spoon, yeah?-anybody know where on Oahu? I stay in Waikiki, but I will drive!

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  • Where is the best plate lunch restaurant in Honolulu?

    Over the last few years, a remodeling and redevelopment of the Waikiki area has done away with a few places I used to depend upon for my "plate lunch fix", you know, chicken or beef or pork, plus 2 scoops of white rice, plus mac salad(with best foods mayo thank you)-maybe a little kimchee, or cabbage salad, lots of food, cover everything with soy sauce-give me those chop sticks,mm, I'm getting hungry-where does a 'tourista' go for that?

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  • Is it racist to vote against Obama because he is black, but not racist to vote for him because he's black?

    Many have been referring to the whole race issue in this election as a defining time in the history of the American political system.... The Dems party is so certain they can defeat the Repubs that they chose a female, Billary, and a black, Obama. I think Obama was chosen to get the electorate used to having a black on the ticket. Billary was the "heir apparant" and was slated by the party regulars to be the big "first female president". It appears to me that there is a core of supporters for each one, and then there are the regular voters who may be voting for one candidate in order to defeat the other-silly isn't it, but the candidate that is eventually chosen may only be the one who has the least amount of people who find them distasteful as a potential president. Either way, the race issue has been broached, and it will continue as an "event" in american politics for a long time-I think it is great!

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  • If you don't like 'Osama bin lyin', how about "Balack Obama'?

    Lighten up liberal, greenie-weenie tree hugger animal loving, Obama-mama's, you all had better get used to negative allusion toward your chosen one's race and politics. Besides, its too much fun!

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