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Kelly Marvin

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I am a 24 year old college student. People say I have a mind of a 40 year old. I am an ambitious, strong, intelligent, sweet, talented & sophisticated young lady. I like to write songs, listen to music, sing & dance. My favorite singer is Prince. I also like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey & Sheena Easton. I love to dress in nice clothing, wearing flowers in my hair, & being feminine. I am going to pursue my goal in becoming a successful singer. The kind of music I'm going to do are Funk, Pop, Dance-Pop, Synth Pop, & Pop-Rock music. My goals in life are to get my Associate and Bachelor's degrees. Have a successful & famous singing career lasting at least 10 years. Becoming one of the most successful entertainers of all time in the Music Bus. & becoming a Millionaire resulting from my career. Maybe I will have my own business. Having a handsome & decent husband/children. Have my own house & hopefully travel to the Caribbean Islands, Italy, France, Spain, & Hawaii.