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My name is Janet and I am 34 years old.

  • Skyrim has desktop crashes, fixed by setting sound to something else but now it just freezes instead? help?

    I got Skyrim as an early birthday present but after a while it starts to crash to the desktop, no errors, just closes out completely. This happens more frequently over time. I was told it was probably because of 64bit windows and the games inability to use more than 2gb of ram. The other day they had a patch to fix that inability however it still closes on me. I found out a few fixes including setting sound to 41.1 or w/e so i did that and now it no longer closes out on me but instead freezes...This means that I am very close to finding out what my problem is...I think it may have something to do with my graphics plus sound because when i went to use my nvidia control panel right after a crash, it was crashed as well and I had to restart. my computer handles it pretty nicely, for being a piece of junk. But I don't think it is a hardware issue. I run windows 7 home premium 64bit on DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2000 MHz 3800+, mobo is Asus M2N4-SLI, 4gb ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 430, Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme sound, and someone suggested perhaps the controller may be responsible (Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver) but i don't see how. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I love this game but I hate having to reload it all the time after crashes/freezes. Also I know my system is crappy (esp mobo n cpu) but I am able to run the game perfectly fine on medium and high settings without lagging aside from the random freeze here and there when it crashes. If you need further info please let me know. Id consider re installing with 32bit but i hate to reinstall everything lol.

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  • Alongside P2P can you also access someones desktop/computer via client/server methods? I?

    I am having an argument with a "future" engineer from an engineering university who is claiming that the only way to access someones computer remotely over the web is peer 2 peer or by placing a virus on their computer(how are they getting the virus there, is my question)...

    My argument is that u can also use the client/server method. However i have not yet mentioned the client/server method because he has yet to mention it and im beginning to suspect he has no clue what it is...and hes calling me dumb and stupid and that i need to go back to school.

    i have no schooling experiance past highschool.

    i feel that u can learn more than u do in a school setting if u jump right in and gain hands on personal experiance.

    i am of course an amature, but i have read several concluding materials that have suggested that u can in fact connect to someones computer via client/server...

    this all started because in a game someone is hacking people through inviting them to chats which means they have to be getting access to the servers somehow. he is saying its absolutely impossible for them to hack someone through a server.

    i have evidence that proves otherwise i have presented to him however he refuses to listen.

    who is right?

    Is he right? can u rly not access someones computer over a server? or am i right?

    hes very snobby, even if im wrong he doesnt have to call me an idiot and tell me to go back to school because im a failure or w/e. im already aware of this LOL.

    he even corrected me when i said "remote desktop"

    hes like "u mean PC not Desktop" and im i mean desktop lol?

    hes also putting words in my mouth as if i said u can hack packets sent from the game(which i kno is almost impossible with the security it has)

    so whos right?

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  • Give me things to say that will disturb people!?

    I have my reasons.

    Give me things i can say that are sure to disturb people :) these can vary between questions i can ask that will scare em, to simple statements etc. Be creative. they will be highly appreciated. I will choose best answer for the one i find most awsome. the clock is ticking, nows your cue...D:

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  • My fiance and his annoying sexual habit?

    he always waits till im asleep and he sneaks off into the bathroom.

    It worries me because my lotion vanishes within only a couple of days even HUGE bottles. Hes even admitted to having used toothpaste before and shampoo once my lotion runs out.

    I caught him before and he was going at it he thought i was asleep i didnt think much of it ya kno but it did make me mad because im right there, am i not good enough?

    but recently i had the feeling to look behind a picture in the bathroom and i found the picture of a woman taped to it. (i replaced it with gay porn i found lol)

    This makes me even more nervous that he finds that im not good enough for him. I kno im not perfect and im in terrible health FAR from a model, but does he really need to go that far?

    im told im just being too insecure but wth? He once told me "if i ever sleep with another girl its because im a man and men cant resist their desires".

    so how am i SUPPOSED to be secure? i once found a search on his pc(i was opening his internet to use and it was the first thing that popped up) and found searches for herpes. i kno he isnt "cheating" but wth? i asked him and he said he had a scab down there. i asked him if it was then howed he get it? then hes like "it was just a thought" but then i saw it as him suggesting I gave him it?even tho he was my frist and only? turned out it wasnt anything just a scab from masterbating too much.

    I onced found a used condom in the bathroom, and when ia sked about it he said he was playing around.

    how am i supposed to not be suspicious of his activities?

    and hes really bad at hiding it 2.

    like, earlier today i was sleeping and i could tell the moment i woke up(he usually wakes me up when he gets up) and he wasnt in bed anymore that he was at it again. i came to the pc room and he was on the pc startled. i pretended to go to the bathroom and he paused his show he was watching, ran to the garbage and threw something away. now, normally he wont throw his garbage away volentarilly so i knew something was up, i came out and asked aboiut it. he said he was gonna get a drink so he might as well throw his stuff away first. I have no clue what he was gonna throw out cuz he pocketed it, but i kno he was hiding something cuz he never even got a drink lol.

    later i found that my other lotion was EMPTY and he had shoved it in the drawer when i wasnt looking.

    i personally think he has some sort of problem.

    its pissing me off, because he never comes to ME as if im not good enough for him. Im taking it as an insult and pple telling me i shouldnt be so insecure. but what am i to do when the guy masterbates 24 freakin 7? to teh point that he has scabs from doing it too much!

    that cant be healthy! theres a limit! i dont mind once n a while but when its causing INJURY and interfering with daily life...what is up?

    what should i do?

    ive brought it up to him before but he gets defensive and mad at me.

    I mean the other day i had something bad happen and i was crying and depressed. I had to use the bathroom, walked in on him masterbating! WHILE I WAS SITTING THERE DEPRESSED. i found that very ****** up. his fiance is laying crying to herself, needing support and there he his jacking off? to someone elses picture? come on!

    what should i do! its getting annoying.

    we been together since highschool, last month was our 4 year anniversary. and we were planning to get married near the end of summer...but at this rate im too annoyed with his daily habit.

    he works midnight to like 8am sleeps all day goes to work repeat.

    masterates in between.

    hes even told me that on occassion, he works in a bakery, hell lean against the bread machine because the "vibrations feel good".

    what on earth do i do?

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  • How do you interpret this poem?

    "simply, as to only feel rage within my pounding heart;

    A deep breath is inhaled yet suffication is all thats felt.

    Onward i roam, under the sky which holds no slumber;

    Tumbling over what is beheld by the vast earth i reside on.

    Forever more, im just a mountain upon a hilltop."

    How do u interpret this poem or better yet the last phrase "just a mountain upon a hilltop"?

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  • Who should i cosplay as?

    What cosplay should i try?

    I dont want to be one of the people who try to cosplay someone who looks totally different from i want to see if anyone could match my looks with a anime/manga chara's. It doesnt have to be perfect...but at least show similirities.. any anime/manga is fine as long as they dont have long hair(cuz my hair is medium) or as long as its not revealing :P no hentais pls.

    I dont mind crossdressing either, so a male character would be fine :P

    this is what i look like:

    All ideas will help! even if its a series i dont know.

    Please no overly common ideas like naruto, deathnote, or final fantasy lol...bleach is fine tho...i like bleach :B


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  • What cosplay should i try?

    I dont want to be one of the people who try to cosplay someone who looks totally different from i want to see if anyone could match my looks with a anime/manga chara's. It doesnt have to be perfect...but at least show similirities.. any anime/manga is fine as long as they dont have long hair(cuz my hair is medium) or as long as its not revealing :P no hentais pls.

    I dont mind crossdressing either, so a male character would be fine :P

    this is what i look like:

    All ideas will help! even if its a series i dont know.

    Please no overly common ideas like naruto, deathnote, or final fantasy lol...bleach is fine tho...i like bleach :B

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  • Yakisoba or the likes :P?

    Ive been looking for a simple Yakisoba recipe but the ones i find are confusing to me. I really love Yakisoba but i havent been able to find any decent recipes that are easy to follow or fit my tastes or budget. my main problem is a sauce. anyone kno any personal recipe they use thats easy and cheap to make?

    also does anyone kno a recipe that can imitate the sauce used in KAME brand hokkien noodles honey soy ginger? i love the sauce i want to try it on other foods.

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  • Searching for family; anyone with ancesry membership? very important! Willard S Wilson?

    Hello, I am searching for any information pertaining my father and his family and so far its been very tough especially since ssi and the likes have denied me info about them.

    My fathers name is Willard Stanley Wilson. He was born Nov.1 1964 and died somewhere around Dec15-21st 1994. I never met him nor my family. He was african american and was born in District of Columbia.

    Im not sure when he married my mom, but it was while he was stationed somewhere in Texas. I think it was Fort Hood. My moms name is nancy e beach born nov 27 1965. He served one 6 yr term from year 82-88. He was discharged on honorable conditions. he was rank e-3 but my mom claims he was e-4 when she left him(not sure when that was). He moved up to Fort Lewis WA where i was born(but never got to meet him) he then from what i heard was stationed somewhere in CA where he died in san diego. As for him, that is all i really know.


    His father was Willard S Wilson SR making him JR. cannot find any free records about him since idk anything else besides his nickname was Puncho.

    Im told his mothers name was Edna Theresa Smith. Maiden name Briscoe, but married to a Jorden Smith. My mom said they lived in maryland possibly rockville or something im unsure.

    My mom told me i had a uncle or someone named malvin/Calvin.(cant remember) Tho im not positive again, my sources are limitted.

    Im hoping someone with an account in the geneology websites could help me out, i have been looking since i was 16. i am currently 21 with only these leads to go by.

    My mom is white heritage(not sure completely because she is adopted so it is assumed she is caucasian) and my oldersister born when they lived in texas is his other daughter Tanya whome the family met i heard when she was a baby. we both wish to kno how heritage and who we are.

    some links i found that i cannot access:

    aargh, cant find anything else too tired :{

    please anyone, any leads is helpful even if its only one piece of information!

    if u find any please either post here or email to


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  • Thermastat on same wall as furnace making thermastat not register properly?

    Our thermastat is on the opposite side of the wall with the furnace and it is always registering as being around 80 degrees f even if it is freezing. In order to get some sort of heat, we have to turn it up above 80 degrees which in turn uses up more gas than is necessary. and even when it reaches teh temp we set it to, it doesnt shut off even if we turn it down for at least an hour longer. Our landlord is complaining about how much gas we are using and that by tomarrow we either have to start paying utilities(we cant afford it) or we have to move. We cannot afford gas and electric, especially since NYSEG is so expensive now...and we dont feel it is fair. Any person with any sort common sense would realize the problem is the thermastat being on the same wall of the furnace. but he cant see it. he claims he lived in this apartment as shouldnt he have noticed it himself? the heat is being concentrated into the wall which is giving teh thermastat wrong temperatures making the heat never turn on. when we need heat, we have no choice but to turn it up or else we will freeze...but its made the gas price so hectic and now we will be getting evicted. we have to make a choice between eviction or paying our own utlities which we cannot afford BY tomarrow. What should we do to get the landlord to understand? I do not think its fair. he claims that we use way more gas than any of the other apartments. But they have newer furnaces and even tho there digital thermastats are against the wall oposite theres, there furnaces arent against the wall so the heat isnt being concentrated in that one spot like ours is...not to mention our furnace is really old in the first place and for some reason the heat doesnt move through the vent system properly because the heat doesnt reach the rooms not connected to the bathroom where the furnace is located. we cannot afford to move...what should we do?

    here is a pic of how it is setup.

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  • My cat has a sore behind his ear, and tomarrow he is being neutered should i be worried?

    vets told me to put neosporin on it to see if it clears up. i think its from dry skin and him scratchin it too much. I cant tell if he has an infection, but im worried about it. tomarrow he is being neutered by spca. Will the sore affect the outcome of his recovery? like if there happens to be an infection? I want to make sure he is going to be ok. He is on a list so it will be difficult to postpone for another day =x

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  • Applying for a Full Name Change In NewYork?

    I have been planning to get my full name legally changed do to personal reasons and i would like to kno where i would go to do the application and turn it in. And possibly the cost NY charges. I am aware of the steps involved, but i cant find anyone who knows the cost and location. I had guessed it is located in the local court building where similar applications are located, however i want to be positive before i go and ask. Also is anyone familiar with the legal proceedings involved and can give me some tips? I heard its a relatively simple process. But im quite nervous lol.

    Also Im a born Us Citizen, age 20.

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  • How to bake stuffed tilapia fish fillets?

    I bought tilapia stuffed with imp stuffing but i cant figure out if i cook it stuffing up or stuffing down. I looked online and it said to bake it seam down, is that the stuffing side? Its probably such a stupid question, but im horrible at cooking and very concience about how to do things. when i cook, even followin recipes 100%, i still manage to ruin it yea XD sorry for wasting your time and im lookin forward to hearing the answer so i can do it right :) thankyou~

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  • Can you Visit the ER for Oral Cancer Concerns?

    I am concerned about several issues i have that match up with oral cancer symptoms. Around 7 years ago i had a swollen throat with bumps making it hard to speak and swallow and also i have and still have large to small white bumps in the back of my throat. I was misdiagnosed with strep and giving amoxicillin which in the end i turned out to be allergic to...(resulting in almost sufficating and now i have bumps on my stomach and scaring resulting from the hives) and even with the other medications to relieve it, the problem kept reoccuring every other week or so. After the misdiagnosis, they re-diagnosed me with having mono. However, mono is similar to chicken pox and it is supposedly rare for an individual who already showed the illness to get sick from it again due to the gain of immunity...and yet even today i get the throat illness, like the other day. It sometimes lasts a week to 2 weeks. 3 years after first symptoms, i began to notice loosening of my teeth and because of fear of my teeth fallin out ive suffered from plenty of nightmares lol. I went to a dentist to see what was wrong, and they claimed my teeth were in perfect condition(which they arnt lol)

    Now a year ago, i noticed a patch on the left side of my tongue where the taste buds were like gone...and it felt numb. Soon a white patch appeared on the area, and its been there since. there are swallon taste buds around it. i was told it could possibly just be thrush, but it didnt match with pictures relating to thrush in my own opinion. So i have ignored it since, but recently, they have been sore and a circular spot has appeared on the right side now and there was a small cut or somethin across the white patch that hurt alot. I dont smoke nor do i drink, but i grew up around 2nd hand smoking. I also had a condition when i was little and until recently where i would chew at the inside of my cheeks unconciously when i felt nervous, stressful, and when i was feeling anxiety. I read on many sites and in a few medical books that changes(sores, cuts, etc) or irritation can also lead to the development of oral cancer however it is more rare under those circumstances...But ive been doing it since i was a toddler and i am now 20 years old so that doesnt really look good. My cheeks are covered in white scarring and bumps. When i feel around with my tongue in my mouth, the saliva glads have a coppery sensation on my tongue. When i eat certain foods, especially breads, my mouth gets bumps and feels extremely sore. My gums are also white in alot of places and i have bad teeth in the first place beause i lacked insurance for a while, and couldnt afford a doctor or dentist(no dentists in town accept pple without insurance and only one accepts medicaid so its hard to get in anyways) under my tongue, where the gland or duct or w/e is, there is a lump on the right side bottom of my mouth. Also, 3 years ago, i also had an accident where i got hit with a golf ball on my upper lip and it split open. its healed, but scared badly and when i get dry lips, the wound reopens, even tho its been so long. its resulted in a bad scar. And i heard when i was in hs, a wound that does not heal is not a good one, as it often is a symptom of cancer.

    Also, recently ive had back neck problems as if someone was dragging a razor across the back of my neck. I was prescribed muscle relaxers and pain relievers, neither of which even have any effect on me. i also suffer really bad headaches from unknown store bought medicines have helped releave the pain not even naproxen. i had a ct scan done on my neck and head and they said it was perfectly fine. In the past, when i first had the throat problems, i had a ct scan and they also said i was fine. they also couldnt figure out the cause of my high heartrate that rapidly rises when i move leading to blackouts. that issue was olong ago forgotten when i lost insurance. (i have medicaid now)

    Ah sorry for talkin so much...

    basically, can i visit the ER to get my tongue n such looked out. a visit to the dentist will take a month to 3 just to get an appointmet.(my mom had to wait 4 months even tho she had a bad tooth infection that made her sick)

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  • Severe Neck pain but doctors cant find anything?

    For like 5 months now ive been having severe lower back pain where bruises even started to appear in the spots with the most pain. A few weeks ago ive developed really painful neck pains that feel like someones literally dragging a razor across the back of my neck. ive thought many times perhaps i had a cut somehow but theres nothing there. I also have been suffering from severe headaches that can last weeks. its usually on the left side of my head, which just so happens to be the same side where i have the most pain in my neck and lower back. i went tothe hospital and they did a ct scan and said they found nothing at all. they said they arnt sure what could be wrong. i went a week ago...they gave me Soma and Naproxin for the pain and hopes that the soma will sooth the pain. So liek, ive already tried all kinds of painrelievers and stuf ffor the headaches and neckpain and they would work for a few times then stop working and id have to switch brands. ive run out of brands to try that arnt literally like 10 dollars for a few pills. The soma only makes me slightly dizzy and sometimes it doesnt even do a thing. the naproxen also doesnt do a thing for it except make me feel really sick even when i eat a big meal. the pain still goes on even when "drugged up". i dont have a real doctor, i have medicaid and they keep moving me around. i dont even have a worker right now because she got switched out.

    They said come back in 3 days if nothing helps but i have no transportation and i cant easily efford a cab back and forth.

    what could the cause of this pain me? right now it feels like someones stabbed an electrc prob into my brain =( man it hurts so much. this headache started yesterday and will prolly last at least 7 days. my last headache was a record breaker at 16 days.

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