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  • Unmountable_Boot_Volume?

    "A Problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


    Technical information:

    *** STOP: 0x000000ED (0x81B80A68, 0xC0000054, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"

    My computer runs on Windows XP.. I think it had a virus in it previously (despite my running two anti-viruses).. this is all it says every time I try to turn it on.. I've already got a new laptop, I just want to get my data (a 12+ GB music collection and my college app essays from last year, as well as pictures and miscellaneous stuff) from it.. any suggestions?

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  • Need to find a music video?

    hey, I need to find the official music video of "Diya Jalta Raha" by Awaz (released sometime around '93)..

    My mom was in it and I wanted to show it to my extended family.. Please help if you can...

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  • How to use my batter to it's max. potential?

    k, I've got a Toshiba PA3107U-1BRS battery for my laptop, just arrived, old one got messed (basically a hand-me-down laptop so no idea how).. I just wanna know if there's anything I can do to maximize the battery, as in, utilize the least number of cycles. I'm used to setting it to "recharge when level reaches 25%", but that doesn't seem to be an option with this pc (toshiba satellite, pentium 4).

    any idea?

    ps: dunno if i've given it away yet, but I'm not exactly tech savvy, so please be patient when explaining.

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  • Can I take all science SAT subject tests?

    I registered for chem bio n phy on the same date... nobody seemed to have a problem with it...but some other guy on yahooanswers said you cant do that.. so just confirming?

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  • HEEEELP to improve SAT II's?

    i know i know.... not all colleges ask for em.. but I wanna give them and do wel too.. good enough for places like MIT .. (call me a dream-chaser, but that's the way i am)

    ok... the test's on december 6th.. about a week and a half is all i have

    chem physics bio

    i haven't done ap, though i've done advanced subsidiary (alevels year 1).. i was supposed to do year two this year, but lots of things (valid excuses,trust me) got in the way,.. i only got down to studying right about now...

    i got 700 on the diagnostic bio test i did.. and just now a 740 on the phsyics one.. chemistry i dont have the heart to do =/

    so please, anyone, give me tips on how to study and improve my score... should i just pull all-nighters with the books?.. or should i do more practice tests?..

    any and all help greatly appreciated.. this isn't just about points.. it's about my future

    *wooooo... emoootionallll* *makes weird spider-like motions with his fingers*

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  • constants to remember for SAT chemistry?

    are there any particular constants that i should memorize for the SAT chemistry subject test?

    i mean other than the Avogadro constant

    because i just came across a test question asking the Kw of water.. no additional info given...

    please reply.. best answer gets 10 pts

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  • question from test (i think the book answered it wrong)?

    8. Which dialysis bag experiences the largest percent change in mass?

    (A) 0.2 M sucrose

    (B) 0.4 M sucrose

    (C) 0.6 M sucrose

    (D) 0.8 M sucrose

    (E) 1.0 M sucrose

    so as not to cloud anyone's judgement.. i wont tell you what i answered. nor will i tell you teh book's answer..

    yet =/

    this's from teh SAT II subject tests btw..but anyone who thinks they know the answer please do

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  • BIOLOGY E OR M?.....?


    first of all, when do you get to decide whether you're taking biology E or M? (because i wasn't asked when registering)

    secondly, which would you suggest I answer?

    and if i'm doing one of the two, are there certain topics i dont have to study? (I have the barron's SAT II book for biology, 12th edition)

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  • i know you're sick of answering..but...?

    just another one of millions looking for colleges to apply to

    i just can't seem to finalize a list


    ok.. i got 2310 in SAT (800 maths 730 verbal)

    i have a 4.0 gpa

    i play the guitar and the keyboard (though i can't read music properly since i never took formal classes)

    i've worked on earthquake relief (though only for about a month or two)

    i've worked 2 summers and a winter in a hospital (the first and third time cleaning bedpans,transporting patients from rooms to wards etc and once in a while dressing a wound, and the second time i worked at the computer transferring hospital records from registers to databases)

    my school doesn't have rankings.. but i've got the best grades in all subjects in my class,so i guess that SHOULD make me the valedictorian

    i have also JUST received an SSN (in the process of receiving a Green Card) and am a Pakistani student (just to clarify my residential status)

    what colleges can i apply to with a chance of getting in?

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  • Do i need to give TOEFL?

    I am a Pakistani student, applying to USA colleges at an undergrad level; i've studied english as a second language and received an A in my O-levels. I plan to give SAT this October

    so, do I need to give TOEFL? and if so, when would you suggest i sit for the exam?

    (i am also currently in the process of receiving a "green card", I have been called to the USA and expect to receive it by November/December.)

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