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  • What do you believe love is?

    I understand people will have some very different opinions on this and I'd like to see a variety of races, faiths and ideas represented.

    What do you believe love is?

    My opinion is; Love is not a feeling. Love is not intentions and desires. Love is a verb, a doing word. Love is acts and deeds.

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  • How to deal with an abusive handicapped adult?

    In one of my work places, we have a daily visit from a man who I believe to have mild cerebral palsy. He fixates on certain staff members, complaining about them to other staff for perceived slights. (eg, asking me to report them to the manager for being "rude and abusive" to him when they advise him they can't tell him where other staff members are because it breaches their privacy), following them home, yelling abuse at them, even throwing garbage on their lawns.

    His daily visits are only to purchase a few small items and repeat the same intrusive questions about other staff members, make threats and complaints. I believe he is mentally handicapped to a degree because of his behaviour and also some physical traits.

    How would you handle this behaviour? Would banning him from the premises for his behaviour be discriminatory because of his condition?

    5 AnswersPeople with Disabilities8 years ago
  • Is this relationship salvageable?

    My partner and I have been together for 10 months, living together for 7. There's been a lot of changes this year, he left one job and returned to another and is soon to be interviewed to join the army, I'm working two jobs and trying to improve my health and fitness.

    He helps with the washing and housework which I really appreciate and tell him so daily. He's not one for great acts of love or even little things like texts during the day. We haven't been on a date night or similar in about 5 months.

    Our relationship has never been highly sexual but it's really dropped off recently, once in 3 or 4 weeks and I initiated that time. All of my other attempts are blown off or ignored. I've spoken to him about this and other little gestures of affection that would be important to me (eg, holding my hand in public, putting his arm around me on the couch) and he says he "doesn't want to make other people around us uncomfortable".

    I tell him what's important to me and why and ask him if there's anything I could improve on. He either doesn't respond or or says he'll get back to me and never does. Communication is very onesided.

    Last week I was on a high because he was hinting at proposing sometime soon but there's been an emotional 180 on my part because he just won't engage with me. When it got down to brass tacks last night he said that I was "trying too hard and coming off as desperate". I understand to a degree but when I haven't tried and left him room and, as he puts it "relaxed", nothing happens. He doesn't initiate or try at all. Trying or not trying, I get nothing.

    He says I should "relax" and "give it time" but I'm given month after month with no change or improvement.

    Is it time to give up because I don't feel he's invested in this, just coasting along because it's familiar.

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  • Unnecessary wedding expenses and wedding essentials?

    Kind of following on from my last question about wedding programs, we know that the wedding industry is huge. As soon as the W word is dropped there's mark ups, expectations and stress added. Of course you can pop down the courthouse and get your piece of paper or you can go gypsy-light-up-wedding-dress crazy with the pumpkin carriage to match.

    What weddings expenses/elements do you think are totally unnecessary?

    What do you think is absolutely essential for a wedding(apart from the couple and the celebrant)?

    10 AnswersWeddings8 years ago
  • Wedding programs, yay or nay?

    What do you think of wedding programs?

    What details do you think should be included?

    Are they a useful element for a wedding or just another expense?

    I'm divided on the subject because I think when they list the music used and all of the bridal party and their relationships with the couple it ends up looking more like a playbill or a list of credits.

    What are your thoughts?

    20 AnswersEngagements & Weddings8 years ago