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  • Old sci fi movie, village in a forest attacked by wild boars, What was the name of it?

    When I was younger I used to watch this movie all the time on the sci fi channel, I cant remember much about it but it was a village in a forest, and in a part of the movie a bunch of wild boars came and attacked the village..Its been driving me crazy because I wanna watch it again but I have no idea how to find it. Any ideas?

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  • Can you fly to US-Turkey with a one way ticket?

    Can a US citizen fly to Turkey with a one way ticket without any problems? I plan to buy my visa at the port of entry, and get my return ticket while I am in Turkey. Will I be allowed in the country

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  • I booked with, Should I be worried? What are your expieriences?

    This is my first time ever flying. I'm traveling from NY-Istanbul.

    I looked up a lot of prices on a lot of different websites, and had the best price, and actually had a flight that none of the other travel agency websites even had listed. The price was only 500$...the same flight and ticket was 2500$ on the actual airline website!!! Its a one way flight from NY-Istanbul, connecting in Munich, Lufthansa airlines.

    After I booked with cheapoair, I got a booking confirmation, but no ticket number yet. A couple days later I got the ticket number and airline confirmation.

    I called Lufthansa and they confirmed my booking, and I also looked at my booking summary on the Lufthansa website.

    After already booking with Cheapoair I read so many horrible reviews. So far, everything seems to be fine, but I am so worried after reading some stories. I've read that cheapoair would cancel tickets suddenly.. I booked a little over a week ago, and my flight is scheduled 2 weeks from now.

    I have the airline confirmation, and a ticket number, and I've spoken with Lufthansa. Does this mean I am in the clear?

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