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  • Questions about Air Force ROTC?

    I am currently a freshman in a university in the Philippines.

    However, I am planning on transferring to a university on the United States.

    My original plan was to finish a 4 year course here then join the US Air Force.

    Now I seem to be toying with the idea of just going to a state university in the States under ROTC scholarship.

    I am a US citizen and will be turning 17 in 2 months.

    My parents are paying for my education here right now.

    Now if I go to the US, I'll have to do it on my own expense. Of course, they'll still help. But mainly this will all be on me.

    Would be possible for me to transfer there and get the scholarship too?

    I already know the requirements and I can meet them if I don't already. I just don't know their policy for college transferees from foreign countries.

    Help please?

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  • Ateneo de Manila or De la Salle University?

    I got accepted to both these schools. (probably because I only applied for them)

    See, DLSU was my very first choice. Totally a green archers girl ever since I decided to go back home for college. I only applied for Ateneo because everyone else was applying for it too.

    I wasn't able to apply for UP because I got home late from the States and the application was already closed. And I applied for UST, but on my test date, I was out of country.

    ANYWAYS, back to the topic.

    So my parents won't let me go to DLSU because they really like Ateneo for some goddamned reason.

    Anybody tell me which really is the better school?

    Who has a better reputation?

    Safety matters?

    What type of students they produce?

    Uhm, condo-type dorms?

    thanks. I'm absolutely confused here. :(

    13 AnswersPhilippines1 decade ago
  • Is 1530 a good SAT score?

    I got 590 for critical reading.

    460 for math.

    and 480 for writing.

    is that good enough?

    3 AnswersStandards & Testing1 decade ago
  • How to care for rebonded hair?

    I just got my hair rebonded yesterday for the very first time.

    How can I prolong the effects of this rebond while still making my hair healthy and beautiful even after the chemical solution of the process wears out?

    How long does it usually last?

    What am I NOT supposed to do?

    What are the best products for me to use?

    *I had a naturally wavy hair

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  • If you had the oppurtunity to attend an Ivy League university of your choice with a full scholarship...?

    which university would it be and what course are you going to take?

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  • How to disappoint your parents?

    No, I'm not confused.

    I really want to know how do YOU disappoint your parents.


    Share your disappointing tactics to the class, please.


    4 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest pain?

    I've been experiencing random coughs and wheezing lately. Probably like once in about 2-3 days. I've also been having shortness of breath and chest pain. The chest pain usually hurts in the middle, the left side of my chest, and sometimes it's even up to the hollow of my throat. Sometimes the pain is too much up to the point where it's too much to bear, but sometimes it's just mild.

    we have a cat at home but we've always had cats and dogs ever since i was young. and i've also experienced these stuff lately from the past few months.

    Could it be asthma? Acute Bronchitis?

    sometimes they would go away for about a week or two, and then come back again.

    what do you think is it?

    3 AnswersRespiratory Diseases1 decade ago
  • top 20 Most famous people in world history?

    Ok, so I was just curious who are actually the most famous people in world history.

    I have a list but they are not exactly in any specific order.

    These are just the people that I thought that should be on my list.

    So check mine out and show me yours. :]


    Jesus Christ

    William Shakespeare

    Julius Caesar

    Caesar Augustus




    Albert Einstein

    Isaac Newton

    Adolf Hitler

    Christopher Columbus

    St. Paul



    Louis Pasteur


    Alexander the Great

    Constantine I


    Martin Luther

    Alexander Grahambell


    Wright Brothers

    King Phillip II

    King Henry VIII

    Cyrus the Great (II)

    Vladimir Lenin

    Adam Smith

    Karl Marx

    Leonardo DaVinci

    Rene Descartes



    Michael Faraday

    Charles Darwin


    Queen Elizabeth I

    Anne Boleyn

    Queen Catherine

    5 AnswersHistory1 decade ago
  • School Uniforms for a small private school?

    I go to a very small private school, where the regular number of people in one class in usually less than 10, and if there's more students than that, it's only less than 15.

    it ranges from kindergarten to high school.

    Lately, they've been planning for new school uniforms that should be worn next year.

    I'm not completely against this idea since I've been wearing uniforms ever since I was in kindergarten before I moved here last year.

    Now, my argument is, why should they make school uniforms in such a small school (with not that much prestige) and I have been asking my teachers what the administration said about this decision.

    they said that because it was a good idea and i asked for their reason and they said 'i don't know'.

    Uniforms would've been cute if only they weren't in school colors, which is orange and lime green.

    And I'm quite worried about the style too.

    And the thing is, they've already talked and voted about it at the previous PTA meeting and they will make the final decision on the next meeting.

    Well, I'm going to attend the next one on behalf of the student council and I need pretty good opinions about this matter.

    I want to see different ideas from parents about what they think about it, and try to finally decide before it's too late and we'd all be wearing lime green and orange pleated skirts.

    please help?

    4 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education1 decade ago
  • what are the pro's and con's of limewire pro?

    because I got limewire pro from my friend and it's ready to get installed. I just don't know the dangers it might bring to my computer. I mean like... how much chances do I have that I'll get viruses rather than the basic limewire?

    4 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • is it safe to let a dog eat cat food?

    just out of pure curiousity.

    10 AnswersOther - Pets1 decade ago
  • I need help for graduation for a speech as the student council president?

    i am the student council president so i need to make a speech on our graduation. But i don't have any idea how to do a speech since i've never done this before! does anybody know?

    2 AnswersOther - Education1 decade ago
  • Songs for Graduation day?

    i haven't decided which graduation song to use yet. but here are the songs on top of our list:

    friends forever by vitamin C

    good riddance by greenday

    unwritten by natasha bedingfeild

    i hope you dance by ..???..

    colors of the wind by ..???..

    true colors by ..???..

    do i make you proud? by ..???..


    if you have any suggestions please do tell.


    9 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • What are some enjoyable activities for the whole school this easter?

    Well, I am the new president of our student council, and i would like to have an activity for everyone this easter. I would like to see some people's ideas and like morph them all together for an awesome activity for everyone. We are planning to start the activity after-lunch which is like after 12 and it will end sometime in 3 pm.

    The participants will be students from kindergarten up to 10th graders, and if ever you guys have any idea, i would like to have an activity for teachers too cuz i think it would be fun to see teachers doing some childish games and like just being one of the kids for a few moments,

    i would like to read your opinions and suggestions cuz it would really help me, and if you have any idea for additional programs and activities for the rest of the year or sometime during May.. i would really be thankful!

    2 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education1 decade ago