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  • obd 2 codes without a scan tool?

    i have a 2001 vw passat 1.8t and im getting the check engine emission workshop light that comes on once in awhile.i tried hooking the car to several different snap on scan tools using the keys it asked for and everything but they just cant communicate with it so my next option is take it to dealer.

    the other option i heard which id like to try is what brings me to my question,is there a way to get the code through the radio or some other onboard way of doing it? i heard there is a way and i know that alot of cars especially obd1 cars there was a way to by switching the key on and off so many can i get the code like that?

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • how do i find out how many of my car are still around?

    i have a 1956 buick century riviera 4 dr hard top and was curious how to find out how many are still around.i do know how many were made and where,but how many survived?

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  • didnt pass smog...high hc's?

    the car is a '94 acura integra gsr and my hc,s were at 638 at idle,199 at 2500 rpms and my co's are at .84 at idle and 1.03 at 2500 rpm. i just tuned it up and put what plugs it called for in and ive just replaced the cat and o2 sensor.the ecm i had in it was a performance one but i bought a new stock one for it. all this i did b4 smog.also worth mentioning is my gas milage is horrible.

    what am i missing?what do i need to do?the car doesnt seem to drive bad at all in fact it seems to have alot of power and no hesitation or anything.

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  • bios detects storage sata hard drive but device manager doesnt?

    ive looked up dozens of forums and everyone says its there but it isn't so remember that in ur answer please.

    so the problem is that 1 of the 2 identical 400 gb hard drives i was using already as storage(not new ones) will not read anywhere on computer except in bios.the problem started when i bout another drive to add to my primary drive and make a raid out of the 2.the raid works fine and ive reloaded my windows seven,but now only 1 of the 2 storage drives shows up and un fortunately the one that doesn't show up has all of my stuff on it.

    i tried switching the sata cables on the 2 storage drives but its still the same drive that does not read so its not the cables.the drive that doesn't read does spin though,i could feel and hear it.

    when looking in device manager like i said,only the one storage drive shows up as well as the raided ones but not the second storage drive.

    is my drive bad?is there anything i can do?its already formatted like i said and i changed nothing on the 2 storage drives.

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  • why does my carburetor keep flooding my motor?

    i have a 56 buick and my motor keeps flooding .the floats havebeen triple checked on measurement and are fine.the jets are the proper size.the fuel pressure is right at 4 pounds when running which is normal.the carb has been completely rebuilt and new everything.b4 it floods the plugs,it starts right up and will run until the engine barely starts to warm up and it will stall.then of course i cant start it due to wet plugs.ive tried leaning it out when it is runnning but it makes no difference.i cant time it without it being warmed up either but it is within range since i static timed it.what gives?

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  • if i have my exhaust cut down and drop off under the front seat area under the car,?

    will i be at risk for exhaust fumes coming inside the car?ill be using a down turn right after the cherry bombs.its a bigger 4 door car so itll drop off right towards the middle like i said.

    3 AnswersSafety10 years ago
  • why is myati 7550 hd graffix card getting so hot lately?

    whether or not i overclaock it or leave it on default it sails right on up in temp while playing a game and i notice it because the game starts getting robotic.i havent done anything to it and its only a year i need to update drivers?is it going bad?

    1 AnswerAdd-ons10 years ago
  • why is it that the internet is so liberal biased when the majority arent liberal?

    and why ist it they cant teach religion in schools but they can indoctrinate with leftist unproven garbage like humans causing global warming or climate change or whatever they'll name it next?i used to believe in that garbage til i grew up and grew a brain and decided to challenge alot of it.i cant believe the stuff i's a thought,why doesn't the school teach both sides of an argument and let you decide...i mean if you don't do that,you are indoctrinating and it seems that has become the american way.

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  • power brakes on a 1956 buick century?

    does anyone know if they are power brakes or not on this car?

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  • how can i find out how many miles my classic car has and all registered owners b4 me?

    i want to know the mileage because it only has the 5 digit counter and would like to know all owners b4 me.department of motor vehicles only goes back about 10 years and the car wasn't even registered b4 now for 30 years.what can i do?

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  • the $50 paint job using rustoleum...?

    ive heard pros and cons of the rustoleum but want a cheaper paint to use myself.i called a paint shop and he recommended a dupont industrial paint for 129 a gallon...anyone know what paint he is talking about and where i could get it cheaper?he said it was 3 times cheaper than the automotive paint but for the satin(not shiny)black im using on my car,he says it works well and doesn't chalk up like doing it in primers

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  • can i use industrial paint to paint a car?

    im going for a flat satin black look so the shine isn't an issue and ive heard that its a cheaper alternative to auto paint.i do want an even clean look but my car is is going to be more of a rat rod when im done.ive heard about thew dupont stuff but aside from an expensive auto paint store,id like to know where to find it cheaper if i should even use it.any suggestions on whether to use it and where to find it?

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  • interior for a 1956 buick century?

    i just bought this car and of course things are difficult to find but ive been finding most ok,however,i cant find anything on where to get original seat covers, door panels or carpet kits for it ,please help with places to call

    1 AnswerOther - Cars & Transportation10 years ago
  • would you prefer a solid state drive or the standard hard drive?

    im really trying to figure for myself and i know that the solid state is faster but im kinda worried about the slower writing times and the deterioration do to writing a bunch of times.i have a home built pc,and im looking for the over all here. i know the space on them isn't much but im using a standard hard drive for the second drive,i just want to know whats best for the boot drive and if the solid drives are reliable and fast enough and if its better even with the negatives.

    1 AnswerOther - Hardware10 years ago
  • solid state hard drives, even though the write time is slower?

    than the read time, isn't it still faster than a standard hard drive?even when it degrades from over writing it so often,does it last longer still? and when the performance is slowing down in it,is it still faster?

    im sorry that this is all random questioning but im trying to weigh if it is the right hard drive for me or not and if not,should i wait for the technology on them to improve it will.i am aware of the price of them and if it is better all around(aside from storage capacity which i have a second drive for)for me,i would get it.

    3 AnswersOther - Hardware10 years ago
  • what exactly does read/writing mean on a computer?

    i was thinking of getting a 128g solid state drive for my pc but ive read in reviews that they have a really slow writing will this affect me?

    4 AnswersDesktops10 years ago
  • solid state drive,any reason why i shouldnt?

    buy one for my pc?i do alot of downloading of media files and i was thinking maybe of using a second drive(a standard hard drive)as the storage and a 128g and a solid state as the main drive since i heard they were much faster.should i or should i wait for any kind of issues to be worked out?

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  • what song has too short and dmx in it?

    the one i know of was a too short song ft dmx but i cant remember it

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  • is rack and pinion bad?

    i hear clunking when i go over bumps.when i turn the steering wheel side to side rapidly the inner tie rod bushing and control arms seem to be loose and where the sound is coming not sure if its an inner tie rod or maybe the bushing kit or if its the rack.i know when i look up the inner tie rod to find the part to buy,it doesnt seem to exist,all i see are the bushing kits.what do you think it is?by the way,it is a 94 chrysler lhs

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago