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Cena 4 Life

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My name's Tamar. I'm a sixteen year old girl who's a huge wrestling fan and a member of CGF. Even though I've only been watching it for a little bit I know more than my brother who's been watching it for years.I respect all wrestlers but I really don't like some of them. They're only doing their job. I don't really have many hobbies I'm to preoccupied with school. The only onea I have is reading, chillin' with my friends, and listening to my iPod. My fave wrestlers are (in no particular order): John Cena Jeff Hardy Undertaker Kane CM Punk Kofi Kingston Y2J HBK HHH CM Punk Rey Mysterio Cody Rhodes Bryan Kendrick Paul London My fave bands are ( in no particular order): Linkin Park Papa Roach Trapt Greenday Good Charlotte Fall Out Boy Paramore Simple Plan Breaking Benjamin Avenge Sevenfold Panic! At the Disco Creed Lit 3 Doors Down Three Days Grace Switchfoot If you have any questions or anything feel free to e-mail me.