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I am a born-again, Bible-believing, church-going, God-worshipping CHRISTIAN and there's nothing you or anybody else can do to change that! I am sweet sixteen and yes, I have never been kissed (and proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!) I like a variety of bands... Fireflight, Skillet, Superchick, BarlowGirl, Hawk Nelson, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato are my favorites...

  • Why is my car occasionally making a growly noise when I brake?

    About 3 months ago I got all 4 brake pads replaced in my car. About two weeks and 1000 miles later, my car started making a growly/grinding noise when I brake. The next week, I got new tires and a front-end alignment and the brake pads looked at. They said my brake pads were fine and sometimes new ones make that noise for a while. I've driven about 2500 miles total since replacing my brakes and it is still making a noise when I brake. Is it still just having new brake pads, or potentially something else? My car is a 2012 model so it's still pretty new.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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  • I am writing a story, need names for a couple (no suggestions, just names off list plz)?

    I am writing a story and I need names for a young couple. I know you probably think matching names are tacky, but this is one of the requirements. Here is a list of the names I have been looking at:

    Gwyndolen and Gavin

    Arabelle and Alexander

    Abigail and Alexander

    Callan and Christian

    Clara and Christian

    Gabriele and Gregor

    Galiana and Gregor

    Gabriele and Gunther

    Galiana and Gunther

    Marah and Matthias

    Torrin (or Torryn) and Thomas

    Jannica and Joran

    Abrielle and Alexandre

    Adelyn and Alexandre

    Abrielle and Adrien

    Aurielia and Adrien

    Callandra and Corin

    Dawnyella and Daniel

    Dawnyella and Delaney

    Lisele and Lucas

    Liliane and Lucas

    Noelle and Nicholas

    Natalie and Nicholas

    Zoe and Zacharie

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  • Is he too young for me? I would really like 11-14 yr old guys to answer this too, but this is open to anyone..

    with an opinion. ok. so im 15 1/2. i like this guy who is gonna be 13 in a few months. I don't feel like "dating" now, in fact, his family is into courtship as an alternative to dating, and im ok with that. but i feel really wierd for liking someone nearly 3 years younger than me. i think he likes me too cause he teases me sometimes (not mean teasing). But im not sure and i wont make the first move cuz i believe that's they guys job. what do you say????? too young for me, even in a few years? does he like me? and can a guy whose family is into the courtship stuff court a girl whose family isn't and in fact there isn't really a dad to ask (though my grandpa might work)? I know i am too young in some people's eyes to date, and i agree. so i'm asking for a few years down the road. Guys(especially 11-14), if a girl 3yrs older than you (not that pretty, but nice and who shares your beliefs) said they liked you, what would you do? no rude answers, please!

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