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  • Why a Dyson Sphere?

    My question is basically, why have a Dyson Sphere around the Sun and generate power through those means when you could just launch a bunch of magnetic satallites into a big Magnetite Sphere and use Earth s gravity as one big generator wheel?

    It d use a lot less resources, there s more than just Earth in the Solar System (so more than one generator), and it wouldn t block the sun so why is a Dyson Sphere always proposed to be the next step in our evolution of exploration when this said method is far more affective? (in theory :p)

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  • A Good MMO with a Single Open World Single Server design?

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good MMO game that has only one world that is massive, like a simulation of real life.

    I don't care about grinding, just want to see how far I will go in this virtual world.

  • Anyone know a good article on FreeBSD?

    I need an article for my Operating Systems course so that I can discourse about it, but I can t find any articles that meet the requirements my professor put before me. She said it has to be a recent article, written in the past 6 months, and be at least 500 words long.

    I m trying to find an article that would be easy to write about, so something like an argumentative article, but it s just hard finding one, if you guys could help that d be amazing.

  • Confused About this Weird Math Phenomenon?

    I am very confused, basically in math today we learned about Tangent ratios and measuring using Radians and how Tan(PI/2) =/= 1 (Domain Error) due to it being an asymptote. However some ratios do work, so far what I have found to work are Tan(8192PI/16284), Tan(4096PI/8192), and Tan(32PI/64) and they all give the answer 1*10^12. All other ratios (of PI/2) have domain errors though. Can someone explain whats going on? My guess it that it's just a buffer overflow but it wouldn't make much sense if it were...

    I'm using a TI-82 calculator

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