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  • The Yahoo Answers format has changed!?

    I have not been on the site in quite a while, and now that I attempt to answer a few questions, I cannot find the submit button. All right, you can stop laughing now, I'm the first to admit that I am technically challenged, but I have over 60 years of life experience to share with you youngins, so help an old geezer out.

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  • Where are all the Seattle Seahawks fans? For crying out loud, people, make yourself known!!?

    Speaking as a Seahawks fan since 1977, this is our best shot at a title in the history of the club. They finally got rid of Hasslebeck and put a great team together. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!

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  • Can anyone give an honest, objective review of green coffee bean extract?

    I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last July, and have been taking insulin injections twice daily since then. I am 60 and have arthritis in my hips, so I live a fairly sedentary lifestyle.

    As a result, I have put on some weight, which is never a good thing. These claims that this stuff will take off the pounds without exercise seem pie in the sky, but when it hurts just to get up from your chair, you begin to wonder if it really works.

    Every website I have looked at is trying to sell this product, so they are not objective in their claims. Wikipedia does not have any information on the subject. Can anyone provide some insight?

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  • What's the deal with the Jets and Tebow?

    When they release him, will another NFL team pick him up or will he have to go play in Canada? Am I just not as knowledgeable about the NFL as I used to be? I thought he was a pretty fair first year quarterback when he was let go by the Broncos to make room for Manning, but the Jets seem to think he's not worth a hoot. What have I missed? And yes, I know about the claim of him not wanting to play the wildcat. Just don't believe it.

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  • What mental giant signed Kanye West to perform on the 121212 Concert?

    This has been a classic rock concert, other than Alicia Keys, and she still sang music. It wasn't this rap crap. Even if I were a fan of Hip Hop, I would not listen to an idiot that beats women. Am I just old fashioned? Am I alone, thinking like this? I wish he would just get out of Paul McCartney's way.

    And did anyone else think the Rolling Stones were somewhat rude in the way they left the stage?

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  • What's that new patch?

    Maybe I've just missed it until today, but what is that new patch on all of the NFL uniforms?

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  • Is CO2 exposure a risk in the oil field industry?

    My son works in Tioga, ND, and hauls crude oil to Dickenson. He was loading his trailer when the tank went empty, and he said he heard the sound of gas under pressure escaping. Rather than evacuate the area, which is what all the training tells you to do because of the risk of H2S, he said he just hurried and finished. He became lightheaded and had tunnel vision, but still had enough of his wits to clear the area before he was overcome.

    Several days later, he told me it was CO2, not H2S. I worked the oilfields for a couple of years, and I remember a lot of talk about H2S, but nothing about CO2. Was he just trying to make Dad feel better by saying it was CO2?

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  • Are there any Seahawks fans out there?

    Don't you get tired of our team being snubbed? How many times do you see one of those commercials on TV touting NFL merchandise, only to find out they don't carry the item for Seattle? How often are there one of the shots of numerous teams making a play? The Cowboys, followed by the Packers, followed by the Steelers, and on and on. Rarely do you see the Seahawks, unless it's another team making the play on them. Is it just the crime of liking a team in a small market? I would think Buffalo Bills fans can relate to this. Well, take THAT, Cowboys fans!

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