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  • Would a (middle/highschool) teacher mind answering a few interview Qs?

    I'm supposed to conduct an interview, asking "developmentally relevant" questions about an age group of my choice of someone who works with that age group, the issue is, I simply have no way to do this. (And the assignment is super vague, which doesn't help). I was thinking of asking a teacher, as my age group is adolescents- just a brief response for each would be super helpful, thanks.

    1) What are some typical behavior patterns you’ve observed?

    2) What types of social groups do the students form?

    3) Has misconduct or discipline ever been an issue?

    4) Have you had an experience of boosting a student’s self-esteem? (How?)

    5) What major problems have you encountered if any?

    6) Do students act much differently in class compared to outside?

    7) How much development do you usually witness during the course of a year?

    8) Do you ever catch students acting as if they are being watched by an imaginary audience?

    9) How strongly are students motivated by different things?

    10) What types of attitudes towards success are most common?

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  • Are there any plants that can increase soil ph?

    I know the common 'cures' for acidic soil; wood ash, lime, etc. But I am curious if there is anything I can plant that can do this slowly over time, or after being tilled back in. Thanks

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  • What is the song in the intro of this video?

    Youtube thumbnail


    plays for about 15 seconds

    thats it thanks-

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  • I'm hallucinating myself in odd ways?

    almost as if in a dream, but while totally awake, or while walking through town- I am regularly seeing myself, as if... sorry this is difficult to explain- i see myself walking parallel to the direction im walking out of the corner of my eye, blinking, turning to check and then i'm gone... and on occasion i'll see myself far off in the distance directly in front of me, staring at me with an odd-sad expression- i'll not think anything of it at first- not make the connection that this "person" is like an exact copy of me, then quickly look again to find the image gone? im really dazzled and confused >.<

    can anyone help? :\

    a little extra info.. i'm 17, female, and have just started noticing this in this past week or two-

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  • what are the lyrics to Huma "Paper Boat"?

    i can't find them anywhere! and in some parts its a little bit hard to hear exactly what is being sung :\

    band name: Huma

    title: Paper Boat

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