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  • Asexual vs Demisexual: similarities and differences?

    Define each. Then, is demisexuality a subset of asexuality, or are they discreet? If demi- is a subset, why is it given its own term?

  • What's a good book on pre-Islamic Persia?

    I'm looking for a book for personal reading that makes for a good survey of the history of Persia before the Arab conquest, specifically from the Achaemenids through the Sasanians (or Sassanians, or Sassanids, or Sasanids, whatever your preferred spelling is). Ideally 300-600 pages in length and tries to veer from or counteract the bias in Greek sources.

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  • Ideas for what to do with a bunch of Magic: the Gathering packs?

    I have almost 90 unopened packs of mtg cards. I wanted to do kitchen-table limited games with them, but most of my friends don't play mtg and I didn't persuade those that do. I can't think of what else to do with them other than crack them open and make standard decks (they're all recent sets), but I was wondering if anyone else had ideas for what to do with them.

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  • Advice on finding a real estate attorney for out-of-state?

    I'm interested in buying a piece of vacant land in a southern state (I live up north) and starting up from scratch. I'd like to hire an attorney to help me research my candidate properties, but they're across multiple states, as I'm not set on any one state.

    Will an attorney from one state be effective in researching properties from another state? Will I need to hire one for each state that has a property I'm interested in? Are there interstate agencies that can help? Are there any firms you'd recommend? Any help is appreciated.

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  • Driver's door on car won't open -- lock is jammed. Ideas on how open it?

    I can still get in through the passenger side, but this isn't sustainable. I've been told to take the door panel off, but I'm not sure how while the door is still shut.

    Lock uses one of those push-down pins. You can pull the pin up with a good deal of effort, but that won't do anything for the lock, and using the key on the outside is no better.

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  • Ideas about car engine trouble?

    Gonna take my car to the shop, but I'd like a better idea of what the problem might be before I do so. It's a 2003 Kia Rio if that's relevant -- just a small 4-door.

    Problem is, after not being used for a couple days or so, my car engine will shake a lot and struggle to accelerate, unable to go over ~2k rpm. However, if the car has been running recently, this problem will not occur. And even when it does, it can usually be subverted by letting the car run idle for 10 minutes or so before attempting to drive. This problem began in January (winters are rough here), and it seems to happen more frequently when my tank is low on gas.

    I've heard all sorts of possibilities, but I was wondering if anyone with a bit more know-how might have a better idea of what the issue could be.

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  • If electric utility at the road is not used on a property, will there still be a utility bill to pay?

    I'm interested in buying a piece of land where I can live without electricity. I've found some properties I'm interested in, but some of them say "electricity available at the road". The road in these cases is described as a private road, so if I purchase one of these properties and don't use the utility available, will I still be billed for it just because it's available? I've had no luck trying to search the answer; just possible consequences for not paying the bill. The state of interest is Tennessee if that's relevant.

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  • Where can I learn programming?

    I'm interested in learning programming -- partly to see if I'd enjoy a career in computer science and partly because I think it's a useful skill at this day in age. Unfortunately, my (small) college currently has all it's intro to programming classes waitlisted, and I don't feel like waiting for the fall anyways, so I was wondering how I might learn on my own time, outside of school. I'd like to learn C++, just because of how commonplace it seems to be (correct me if I'm wrong on that), but I'm not sure whether or not I should start somewhere else. If you have any specific websites/books/resources you'd recommend that'd also be helpful.

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  • Question about the Federal Pell Grant?

    Hello y!a community. I've recently started college as a freshman just this month. Thus far, I greatly enjoy college, but I'm considering withdrawing from my classes and dropping out. The reason is simply that circumstances have presented themselves where it might prove favorable for me to attend college in another state.

    If I were to take this option, I obviously couldn't remain at the college I'm at. However, tuition and books were all paid for by the Federal Pell Grant. So my question is this: If I were to withdraw from my classes and drop out of my current college, would I be required to pay back the money put towards my education by the grant? I've been doing some research and contacted the financial aid office for my college. The college has yet to respond, and haven't found anything that says I do, but likewise nothing expressly says I don't either, so I was hoping someone here might be able to provide some clarity.

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  • Do I count as a veteran?

    So here's my conundrum: I enlisted for active duty in the U.S. Navy, and I was sent to rtc earlier this year. However, shortly after my arrival to rtc it was decided I would be separated, and I returned home just a few weeks after I got there. However, they put you through a lot of instruction and the like during the separations process, during which I received mixed signals on my veteran status. Some said I wasn't a veteran because I never passed basic training, while some said I was because I technically served active duty. I have forms detailing my service in active duty (limited though they may be), but sources say I need the form SF-180 to be a veteran, and none of the forms I was given seem to bear that title. So I'm a bit perplexed by all this. Do I count as a veteran? And if so, how do I know?

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  • In the U.S. Navy, what is the difference between the PRT and the PFT.?

    I'm a future sailor in the U.S. Navy, and I've been instructed by my recruitment officer to compile a report on the physical requirements for graduating from basic training to share with our group of recruits. I've already found much useful information, but I keep seeing these acronyms. However, I do not know what they mean, or what they're used for, and my attempts to answer this question through search engines isn't working well. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • What do these Navy abbreviations mean?

    I've enlisted to join the Navy, and I'm scheduled to go to basic training in March. Until then, I have to memorize certain information, including the rtc chain of command. I've been given a list detailing the chain of command and who occupies what titles, including their names and ranks, but many of the ranks are abbreviated and there are some I'm having trouble figuring out.





    From what I can gather, the first two mean "Command Master Chief" and "Force Master Chief" respectively, but that confuses me seeing as the "C" comes before the "M" in both abbreviations. As such, I would like help in making sure I am correct in those abbreviations, as well as help in figuring out the other two abbreviations, which I have no guess as to what they mean. Any help will be appreciated.

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  • What can I do with some old devices I have lying around?

    I currently have a few old pieces of tech in my house that I am most likely never going to use again. It's nothing much, just a couple digital cameras and a VCR (if you remember what that is). Is there any way I can put these things to good use?

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  • For the gay and bi guys: shaven or unshaven?

    Ya, I know. This question has probably been asked half a million times. And yes, it obviously varies from person to person. Still, I want a general idea, so I'm now asking the masses.

    Do you prefer a man to have his bush shaven off, trimmed, or fully grown?

    Also, to make things a bit more awkward, should the hair around the buttox be shaven? I REALLY feel like it should be, but just to make sure. :p

  • What part of the brain is associated with memory?

    I was wondering where memories are stored in the brain and how exactly the brain can keep them there.

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  • At what age should a child move out of the house?

    Just in terms of social expectations or status quo.

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  • At what age should a child move out of the house?

    Just in terms of social expectations or status quo.

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  • Would it be a good idea to join the military?

    Yes, yes, I know that the y!a community isn't the best place to get this kind of advice since you people don't know me on a personal level; I have friends for that. Still, asking anonymous people might give me some more objective insight. I've been considering it for a while now, and I'm a senior in high school now, so it's time for me to decide. As mentioned, I'm not expecting a very personalized response, but just a pros and cons and your general idea on it.

    Also, there's going to be an representative from the Army at our school tomorrow, which is the branch I'm most interested in. So if you have any ideas of questions I should ask, please give them.

    I'm all for the military, but there are three main concerns I have with it.

    1. I'm worried my cat may die when I'm off somewhere else. He's 11 right now, will be 12 in August, and he's been a good friend and family member over the years. I'd hate to not be there for him.

    2. While I think I can be the military type, it's in a rather unique way. I don't really carry the air of a soldier, if you will. As such, I don't think I'd get along well with my fellow cadets.

    3. It doesn't take a genius (not that I'm not one) to know that those who join the military leave changed, and I don't know if that change would be for better or for worse.

    Lastly, in case it may help, I'll give a few comments I made to a friend of mine when I was discussing the topic with them. That may help you get a better understanding of my situation.

    "I hadn't considered [what I would specialize in]. I figured my superiors would place me where they deemed fit. I suppose I'm more suited for a more passive line of work, but I do think battlefield experience would be important. Perhaps a medic or something of the sort would serve as a nice balance.

    "Well, I do not doubt my potential to preform well in a more aggressive line of work, but from the stand-point of my personality, I simply tend to behave in a way less suited for aggressive encounters. And let's be honest, I wouldn't exactly fit in with most of the soldier-minded."

    "My contemplation of joining the military is based on a desire to be hardened and tempered. It would be an experience for self-improvement, and one which I feel could play a valuable role in my life."

    "Throughout my history to date, I've often been a weak individual. Physically and mentally, although the reasons why I've been mentally weak have changed over the years. I don't like that. I hate it, in fact. I don't want to be weak. As such, I seek an opportunity to prove the strength I have and forge the strength I do not, and I think the military can offer such an opportunity."

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