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  • Roommate leaves space heater on...?

    Sorry this is so long, but I feel that you need all the details!

    My best friend broke up with her boyfriend who she lived with and needed a place to stay. My husband and I agreed to let her move-in with us with one days notice in our tiny guest bedroom with a private bathroom. It's on the other side of our house, which gives us all more privacy. She moved 5 days ago and will be paying us $300 a month for rent, cable/internet, utilities, and food (a typical 1 bedroom apartment in our area is $350-400 plus utilities). She had previously lived with us this past summer when she was between boyfriends but moved out after 2.5 weeks to live with her boyfriend of 6 days. Before she moved in this time, I warned her that the room is not well heated or insulated and can get very cold in the winter, but there is an electric blanket that she is welcome to use. She told me she had a space heater, so she would be okay.

    Well, she came out on day 2 and told me that since her space heater takes a long time to heat up she's just going to leave it on all the time. My husband and I instantly told her that was NOT okay, as they are a fire hazard and would take a lot of electricity. We asked her to not have the heater on if she wasn't in the room and she reluctantly agreed.

    Two days later I walked by and saw that it was on while she was out and unplugged it. She apologized and said she forgot about. No biggie, mistakes happen I told her, just please be more careful about it.

    Last night my husband had to run an errand and the garage door wouldn't work. She was sitting in the TV room with us, but had TWO space heaters on- one in her room and one in her bathroom. They drew so much energy that we couldn't use our garage door. We told her she could only use one heater at a time. I could tell she was a little upset because I knew that she had just bought the second space heater, and she didn't really agree to not having both on at the same time. She is the type of person to think that people are just being jerks or mean when they ask her to do something she doesn't like. I am sure that she has already complained to our mutual friends how we won't let her heat her room.

    Bottom line- my husband and I do not want her to have a space heater on if she's not in the room or if she's sleeping, however I would be okay if she turned it on 20-30 min before planning on being in her room. We are worried about the fire hazard and the electric bill. If the electric bill goes up too much my husband wants to ask for more rent. She's not very good with money and has only lived on her own for a few months several years ago (she's 28), she's always lived with her boyfriend at the time. I really do think she thinks we are just being mean jerks and doesn't understand what it's like to have to pay all the bills and think about electricity usage. I don't want to lose her friendship, she's a great friend, just being hard-headed about the whole heater thing. Any suggestions?

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  • Spilled water on my laptop- now touch pad won't work and neither will a USB mouse!?

    I spilled a little water on my laptop. I immediately turned it over and shook lightly to try to get the water out. I let it sit upside-down for about an hour. When I turned it on, it went to the screen where I enter my password, but the touch pad wouldn't work. I turned it of and let it sit upside-down overnight. This morning, the touch pad still wasn't working. I had an old wired USB mouse that I dug out, but that won't work either. Is there anything I can do to save my computer?

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  • Can my employer pay on top of what I get for short-term disability?

    Last week I had an emergency appendectomy and missed 4 days of work. I am covered by short-term disability, but do not want to take a pay cut. The short-term disability would pay 60% of my pay, but is capped at an amount below 50% of my weekly pay.

    My goal is to not take a pay cut, and the one sure way of doing this is to use 4 of my vacation days (I only get 10) for the missed days. However, if I file for short-term disability, can my company make up the difference in pay by using 1-2 of my vacation days? The HR manager is waiting a call back from our insurance agent regarding this, but I thought I might get a quicker answer here.

    The surgeon wrote me an excuse note through Wednesday, but said I could return earlier. I am currently back at work, I am not feeling so hot, but don't want to go home if it means using a partial vacation day. There's a way to claim the short-term disability if I come back part time, which I was planning on doing, but I want to make sure that me working a full day today won't jeopordize me from claiming short-term disability for Tues-Fri of last week.

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  • What's your favorite cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory?

    I've only had the Cheesecake Factory a handful of times because there isn't one near me. I'm going to be traveling and plan on picking up a cheesecake on the way. Which cheesecake do you recommend? Also, my husband is not a big chocolate eater- the cheesecake doesn't have to be chocolate free, but he wouldn't enjoy a completely chocolate cheesecake.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Is it normal for a therapist to require you to pay for special evaluations and tests?

    I went to a therapist for the first time in my life earlier this week. I felt very comfortable with her, and think that she could really help me. However, she will not schedule me for regular weekly visits until I take some evaluations and tests administered by her assistant. The cost is $350, and is not covered by insurance. Is this normal? She seems nice, but it seemed odd to me. I told her that I was wanted to wait until the new year, because my insurance is changing and I will have a health savings account and can use tax free money to pay for them. But I am having doubts on whether these are necessary, and if I should go to another therapist instead. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm pretty new to this kind of thing.

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  • My body is not absorbing water?

    I have been drinking 3-4 gallons of water a day for the past 8 years or so. It started when I was very active and athletic and continued. I recently had a body composition test, and learned that my water level was at 48%, which means I'm severely dehydrated (65% is good). I told the doctor who performed the test that I had two gallons of water that day, and I have no idea how I could be dehydrated. He told me that it appeared that my cells were fine, but the problem was in my gut. He recommended scheduling an appointment with my regular doctor ASAP, and I am seeing her tomorrow afternoon.

    I'm trying to do my due diligence and research potential causes and cures, and am not coming up with much. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. Any ideas?

    About me- I'm female, almost 26, and have a BMI of 29.5. A year ago at this time my BMI was over 40, but I have always consumed a lot of water, I'm always thirsty. I have been tested for diabetes in the past. I'm not taking any diuretics, and I only consume 2-3 servings of caffeine a day.

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  • How do you support a friend going through an unwanted pregnancy?

    My friend has recently found out that she is almost 4 weeks pregnant (doctor confirmed). This was completely unexpected and unwanted at this stage of her life. She's going through all her options right now, keep the baby, adoption, and abortion. It's not my place to judge or to push my beliefs on her, I just want to support her through this and whatever decision she makes. Despite being in my mid-twenties (so is she), I am completely new to this and have no idea what to say or do to help her. We live 9 hours away and I have no vacation days left, so I can't just go and spend time with her, as much as I wish I could.

    So for those who have been through this themselves or who have helped others through it, what works? What helped? I realize that there are no magic words in this situation, I just want her to know that I am there for her and whatever she chooses.

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  • Camping in or around SE Ohio/Pittsburgh/West Virgina?

    Myself and 3 other adults are looking for a place where we can go camping somewhere in the SE Ohio/Pittsburgh/West Virgina area for Labor Day weekend. We would like to rent a basic cabin (one room would be fine), just so we have a place to sleep. It doesn't even need to have running water/electricity. We'd like to go somewhere that's fairly private, has a campfire site, and has a lake or pond nearby so we can go swimming. We are looking to spend as little money as possible! Any suggestions?

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  • What do you think of a goalie with pink equipment?

    So I have just started playing roller hockey, in the goalie position. I am currently using borrowed equipment, but will gradually get new equipment as my skills progress. I want to join a summer league, and am practicing my skills with my husband right now (he's played for years). The league is co-ed, but only 2% of the players are female. I don't want players to take it easy on me just because I'm a girl, I want to be treated like any other goalie.

    With all of my gear on, it's tough to tell I'm a girl. I don't know if I want to broadcast my femininity with pink equipment (it's my favorite color). Which would be better, knowing I'm a girl because of my pink equipment or knowing it when I take my helmet off after the game?

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  • Can drinking too much water damage my kidneys?

    I drink about a gallon of water a day, and have done so for 7-10 years. I know that water is good for you, but someone mentioned to me that it could be bad for my kidneys. If I don't drink water, I feel thirsty. I don't drink a lot of other fluids, maybe a couple cups of coffee a couple times a week, and an occasional diet soda. I have heard of water intoxication, but that doesn't really apply to me because I go to the bathroom all the time.

    I started drinking the quantity of water I do when I was playing high school sports and was very active. As I got older and less active, it's like my brain never realized I don't need all of this water. I know that excessive water consumption can be a symptom of diabetes, but I go to the doctor for my yearly check-ups and have no other symptoms.

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  • Please help- tattoo ideas needed!?

    I have wanted a tattoo for over six years. I have never been able to decide what I wanted to get, which is why I still don't have one. My first (and probably only) tattoo has to mean something. I am currently in the process of losing a lot of excess weight to get healthy. I have already lost almost 40 pounds, but still have a ways to go. When I hit my goal weight, I'd like to finally get a tattoo, to remind myself of the weight I have lost also as an incentive to not gain it back. I still have a good several months before I hit goal, so this will not be a rush decision. The location of the tattoo will be near my left hipbone, and it should probably be no larger than the diameter of a soda can. I need suggestions of something that would help commemorate a large weight loss (over 100 pounds). Help!

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  • How would a pit bull affect my home-owner's insurance?

    I live in Toledo, OH. My husband and I had thought about renting out a room in our house (it has a private bathroom and entrance) to a good friend of ours. However, she recently acquired a pit bull (it was her and her ex-boyfriend's, if she didn't take him, he was going to the Humane Society). Now, I know that there are many problems insuring pit bulls. We already have a German Shepherd/American Eskimo mix, and the dogs get along very well. The pit bull is a very sweet dog, but the breed has such a bad reputation.

    If we took in her and her dog as renters, would the pit bull need to be added to our home-owner's insurance? Or could she take out renter's insurance and get him covered? What is the additional cost of insuring a pit bull?

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  • Mice problem- would a cat help?

    I bought my house foreclosed back in May. Now that it is getting colder, we have discovered that there is a mice problem. We have set traps and such, but I am wondering if a cat would help. We already have a dog, but he hasn't done anything to help our mice problem (although he does sleep in his cage when we aren't home and at night).

    Do cats actually help catch mice in a residential area? Also, if I adopted a declawed cat from the Humane Society, would it still be able to catch mice?

    I'd really rather just scare the mice away, as I don't want to have to go around picking up dead mice.

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  • Math Question! If a customer has average sales of $100,000 a year and pays on average 30 days over terms...?

    What is that costing me if my interest rate is 5%? And what is the equation to calculate?

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  • Rock Band for Xbox 360 Questions?

    I love this game. Had a question though- when I sing on the microphone on Xbox live, can other players hear my real voice? I've tried to figure this out myself by playing guitar and going on xbox live, but I can never find any singers. Have you guys found that there is a shortage of singers on xbox live?

    Also, has anyone tried to sing and play guitar at the same time? I have, I play on easy for both and I usually get 83-87% of the notes right. I get screwed when there is a tambourine/cowbell, though. I need a mic stand do to better, as I have to hold the mic with my neck. Just curious if anyone else has tried this.

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