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  • Is it appropriate?

    I'm asking this for my fiance since she doesn't have a Yahoo account. We are getting married this Summer and she and her maid of honor and bridesmaids have been talking and can't figure something out. They are, every one of them without exception, tenderhearted, emotional, and cry at everything. The bridesmaids all said they most likely will not make through the wedding without crying. My fiance is wondering if it is appropriate for the bride to cry at her own wedding. I told her, "It's your wedding, if you want to cry, cry." Of course I'm talking happy tears here, not tears of regret or remorse. Anyway, I told her I would ask this group and get some opinions. Honestly, I'm not even sure I can get through the wedding without crying so I guess I should also ask is it appropriate for the groom to cry as well?

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  • have you ever cried while....?

    My gf, my sister, a couple of friends, and I came up with this list

    Have you ever cried while....

    Eating a meal? Either at home or in a restaurant?

    Driving or riding in a car?

    Texting or talking on the phone?


    In church/youth group?

    Studying/doing homework?

    In class?

    Lying in bed?

    Lying on the floor?

    On a date?

    At work?

    Watching a movie or TV show? Either alone or with someone(s)?

    In a public place?

    While being held by a friend or family member?

    Arguing with someone?

    Talking to a friend or family member?

    On social media?

    Listening to or playing music/singing?

    At a wedding?

    At a funeral?

    In a job interview?

    Reading a book/Bible?


    Giving a presentation in class?

    Visiting a friend? Or being visited by a friend?

    Staying in a hotel/motel for business or vacation?

    Visiting someone in a hospital?

    Proposing or being proposed to?

    Breaking up with someone or being broken up with?

    Playing a game, sport, or participating in a hobby?

    Taking a picture or having your picture taken? Including selfies?

    At a doctor’s appointement?

    Doing chores/housework?



    Pumping gas?


    Opening Christmas presents?

    Under the mistletoe?

    In an airport?

    Flying on a plane?

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  • Tears on Father's Day?

    I'm crying. I'm holding nothing back and letting it all out. I'm 20 and my dad died when I was 9. My grandpa stepped up to be a substitute dad as best as he could from a distance up until he passed away 2 years ago. I love them and miss them both so very incredibly much. I wish they were here so I could wish them "Happy Father's Day." I wish I could hear them say, "I love you and I'm proud of you" one more time.

    If you're missing a dad or grandpa and crying this Father's day, you're not alone. I'm crying with and for you. Hang in there. It's okay to cry, to miss them. To want them back. I want mine back every day. I know it can't happen, but it doesn't stop me from wanting it. My crying today wasn't unexpected. I knew it was going to happen, and I wanted it to.

    So I guess this really isn't a question as much as it is a statement, letting those you who are grieving the loss of a dad or grandpa that I am feeling it with you. So to follow the rule and ask a question, is anyone else crying over a deceased dad or grandpa today? If so, please tell me about them. Let's celebrate their lives an mourn their loss together. Let's cry together, grieve, mourn, then go on with our lives like they would want us to. Deal?

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  • have you ever?

    Have you ever been crying in a dream, then wake up from the dream and be crying for real? What did/do you do when this happens? What causes it?

    Just happened to me last night/this morning. I was dreaming and crying in the dream and woke up and was crying for real. I just laid there and cried myself back to sleep. Didn't really know what else to do. Any thoughts?

    3 AnswersDream Interpretation4 years ago
  • Why do you cry?

    What makes you cry when you cry? Do you cry easily? Do you cry a lot? When was the last time you cried, and why? Are you crying now, and if so why?

    To answer my own questions, lots of things make me cry. College stress, missing my family back home (I'm home for Summer now so these are non-issues at the moment), missing loved ones who have died, certain movies and songs make me cry. I would say I cry easily and fairly often. Last times I cried were yesterday morning when I was thinking about my dad and grandpa both of whom have passed away, and then again last night watching a movie with my gf. We were both crying hard. I'm not crying right now, but it certainly is not out of the realm of possibility.

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  • grave of the fireflies? have you seen it?

    My gf and I are not really into Japanese anime type movies. However, someone we know suggested we watch Grave of the Fireflies, so last night we did. We have NEVER cried so much at a movie. Very sad, touching, and just sparks all kinds of emotions. We both said it was the best movie we never want to see again. I mean it was so sad, we started crying this morning just talking about it. So if you're in the mood for that kind of movie, it's a good one. Just make sure you either watch it alone or with someone you're okay crying in front of.

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  • If crying was declared a sport?

    How would you rank? With all of my experience and practice, I think I would be a multiple time world champion, a multiple time Olympic gold medalist in the sport. Regarded as the go-to expert on the sport of crying. Make and sell videos on how to excel at the sport. Yeah, I'm just that good. What about you?

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  • where is the most awkward or inappropriate place that you have started crying?

    for me, I would say 2 places, in class and in the middle of Walmart.

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  • what do think about this?

    my girlfriend just told me this, and I think it is awesome. She was typing a message to a friend and in it she said, "We do not cry easily and often because we are weak. We are strong because we cry easily and often." I agree completely. What do you think? Agree or disagree?

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  • what time are you crying tonight?

    That's not really the question I'm asking. Here's the story, I was reading a post on here where someone was talking about how they were crying. With that on my mind and while trying to come up with a response, I was on the phone calling a place intending to ask them "what time are you closing tonight?" Instead, I accidentally asked "what time are you crying tonight?" Lol! I don't know what I would have done if she had said "Probably around 10:30. What about you?" Lol! I am laughing so hard at myself that I am crying!! Has anyone else ever done something like this? Mean to say one thing but say something else because it's on your mind??

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  • did anyone else cry?

    Did anyone else cry when they hard the news that the real-life Dalton Prager (The Fault In Our Stars) died? He died Saturday and it was on the news yesterday. My girlfriend and I watched the movie again on Saturday, not knowing of course that he had died. We always cry when watching that movie, now we will have even more of a reason to.

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  • So, why are you crying tonight? What has the tears flowing?

    For me, it's missing my grandpa who died in the Spring. I'm 19 and my dad died when I was 9. My grandpa stepped up and stepped in to fill the role of dad to me as best as he could. We got super close and I miss him so very much.

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  • Why are you crying right now?

    You're sitting there or laying there crying your eyes out right now. Why? What's wrong? How long have you been crying? How long do you plan to cry?

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  • What's you favorite place to hide?

    A friend of mine was asking me where are good places to hide while crying so no one knows. The only things I could come up with were in the shower (you're wet anyway so tears blend in), the pool (for the same reason), and while walking in the rain (again for the same reason). Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions I can pass along?

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  • crying on YouTube...?

    So, there are all these people out there who post videos of themselves crying on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. There is even a Tumblr site called webcamtears, dedicated to just that.

    My question is, have you ever recorded yourself crying and posted it online? Would you ever do that? Do you ever watch the videos of this type?

    My answers to my own questions are, no, no, and not on purpose.

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