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  • I can't tell if I like this guy, any advice?

    I've been talking to this guy from school for about a month and he's super genuine, nice, and funny. He's been flirting a bit by calling me cute, telling me I have pretty eyes, and that I'm a cool person. We went to the football game in a big group of friends yesterday and I had a really great time talking to him.

    I think I may possibly like him because I enjoy talking to him a lot and he's the kind of guy I would want to date in the future, but I just don't know if I like him. I don't get the butterflies or feel super giddy when I talk to him, but at the same time I don't like the thought of him talking (romantically) to another girl.

    Any advice for how to figure out if I like him or not?

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  • I can t tell if I like this guy or not, any advice?

    I ve been talking to (snapchatting) a guy from school for about a month & he is genuinely one of the nicest and funniest people I have ever met. I really like talking to him and he has said a couple flirty things like calling me cute and cool (as in a cool person, not popular), and telling me I have pretty eyes. I wasn t feeling the butterflies when talking to him, but I figured it was because we hadn t hung out in person yet.

    Yesterday we both went in a big group of friends to a football game and we stood next to eachother & talked for most of the evening. Again, I had a great time. It was a little awkward at first but after half an hour or so I felt totally at ease. The problem is, I still don t feel butterflies when I m around him. He is definitely the type of guy I would like but since I m not getting the butterflies I just don t know. Should I give it more time so I can figure it out? Or does it seem like I just don t like him? My friends keep asking if I do & when I say "I m not sure" they keep asking why not and I don t know what to tell them.

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  • If he says your name a lot when talking to you, what does that mean?

    I ve been snap chatting a guy from my school for a little bit now and over the past few days he s been saying my name more often (ex. "How was your day, ____" or "I gotta go, talk to you later, ____"). He wasn t doing it right when we first started snap chatting about 2 weeks ago, but now it s happening more often. So I m just wondering if he s just being nice/that s just how he talks, or if it s a little bit of flirting?

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  • What did this kiss mean?

    Saturday was prom night and I went with a guy who I've hung out with a few times prior. We are both a little quiet around people we don't know super well so there were a couple of awkward moments, but overall I had a great time. He dropped me off at my house and when I was about to get out of his car he said "wait, (my name)". I turned around and he leaned in to kiss me. It was relatively short. Not just a peck, but no tongue or anything like that. He texted me the next day and said he had a great time at prom. We have a mutual friend who helped plan him asking me to prom. When she asked him at school the next day how prom went, she says that he blushed a little and said it was really good.

    Do you think he just kissed me because he felt obligated too (since its prom)? Or do you think it's because he likes me?

    PS: we are hanging out later this week, so should I expect another kiss?

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  • What does this kiss mean?

    I m a junior in high school and he is a senior. We ve gone to the same school for many years and we officially met at camp a few months ago. At camp we hung out in a group of other people from our school and we sort of became friends (zero flirting) and snap chatted once in a while. One day he asked me to go on a cool bike ride to a lookout and since then we have hung out 4 times. He asked me to prom and seemed super excited. We are both a little quiet around people we don t know super well so there were a couple of awkward moments at prom (like a little bit when we slow danced). We made eye contact a couple times during that but we both looked away. On the car ride home he said how much fun he had, then when I was about to get out of the car he said "wait, (my name)". I turned around and looked at him and he leaned in and kissed me. It was relatively short. Not just a peck, but there wasn t tongue or anything. He walked me to the door and hugged me goodnight. Then he texted me the next day and again said that he had a really great time.

    I still can t tell if I like him as more than a friend, but I think I might if I got to know him better. Did he just feel obligated to kiss me because it was prom or did he actually want to because he likes me?

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  • Extreme ankle pain but no swelling or discoloration?

    I didn't do anything that could have even possible hurt my ankle, but when I stood up and tried to walk a few hours ago I collapsed to the ground because my ankle hurt so bad. It is on the inside of my ankle and it does not get better with rest, elevation, ice, heat, etc.

    It is a very sharp pain.

    There is no pain when I press on my ankle or move it side to side. It only hurts when I dorsiflex (opposite of pointing toes) or walk.

    Any idea what this could be?

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  • Girl dog name ideas?

    I'm getting a new puppy this week (we are waiting for her to reach 8 weeks) and my family and I can't seem to agree on a name. She is a girl and is 1/4 black lab and 3/4 golden retriever, so she essentially looks like a golden retriever with black and slightly shorter fur.

    We don't want total pet names like "princess" or "cupcake", but not total human names either, like "Sophie" or "Amanda".

    Any suggestions along the lines of "Sadie", "Aspen", or "Lucy"?

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  • I m losing my interest in volleyball?

    I m a 16 year old girl and I ve been playing volleyball since I was 11. I used to absolutely LOVE it and over the past two years I ve been losing interest. Since 7th grade I ve played school and club. I find my self dreading every practice and game and instead of feeling proud of myself when I do well I just feel glad that I didn t screw it up. I ve decided that I m not gonna go out for club this year and it s a huge relief, but at the same time it makes me really sad. I ll miss everything g about it besides the actual playing part (teammates, bonding, etc). My dad said he loves watching me play and he d love it if I did but that it s completely up to me because he won t force me into it if I don t want to. How can I feel better about volleyball and my decision not to play this club season?

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  • Why do people think it's hard to get good grades?

    I'm going to be a junior in high school and I've maintained a 4.0 gpa for the past 4 years with ease. Everyone complains about not getting good grades. I don't think it's hard at all. Why do other people?

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  • Crying for stresss relief?

    When I'm super stressed I usually end up crying and I always feel so much better afterwards. Is this "healthy"?

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  • Migraine help...!?

    I'm 16 and I have always gotten headaches since I was in elementary school. Today I had my first ever migraine and I was bawling and felt like I had to throw up. I ended up having to have my doctor come into the office early so I could get a pain medicine injection. (This was on top of prescription imitrex and excedrin).

    Are there any home remedies for migraines/headaches that I could use in the future if medicine doesn't do the trick?

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  • I feel bad about ditching my friend and don't know what to do?

    I'm supposed to go on an overnight competition for a club at my schooling 2 days and the plan was for me and my friend to go together. But, today I got a horrible migraine and had to go to the hospital for it to get pain medicine injected into me. The doctor doesn't want me to do anything this weekend and to relax so my parents won't let me go.

    How should I tell my friend without making her upset that I'm basically ditching her?

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  • Why are liberals so whiney and annoying?

    They always complain but never do anything to fix the problem at hand. They label you as a racist if you say "black" or "white". If you are religious or disagree with gay marriage then you are a heartless, soul sucking, devil.

    Why are liberals so goddamn stupid?

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  • Pros and cons of liberals and conservatives?

    Just wondering what everyone thought the good and the bad beliefs of republicans and democrats were

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  • Can't tell if he likes me or not?

    A guy at my school may or may not like me. He always jokingly talks about how we are going to get married someday and that I'm the girl of his dreams. I can't tell if it has some sincerity behind it or if he's totally kidding.

    He posted me as his woman crush Wednesday on Instagram of an edit made by a mutual friend (really old pictures of each of us from middle school inside of a heart).

    Talks to the mutual friend about how I should ask him to tolo and we should date (right next to me in class)

    Made me a valentine and gave me a pen with a flower on top (made in another class he has)

    I'm completely oblivious to whether or not someone is flirting or just kidding around.

    What do you think?

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  • What part of a female's physical appearance is most important to you?

    Face, butt, breasts, legs, arms, etc?

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