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  • Is she a real friend????

    so i've known her for like 8 years out of my 11 year old life

    yea and i see her a lot cause our parents are like best friends.

    But everytime i see her she is just always just soooooo bitchy and then all nice to her other friend which is my friend too. some of the things that she does is......

    -make fun of me and how " ugly " i am

    -always asumes that i am trying to be like my other friend

    so basicly like i am too dependent

    i don't know if she is a real friend cause i have known her for soooo long but some of my other friends that i have known for just a little while are being better friends that she is......

    and the weird part is she is only bitchy when we are with other people but when we are alone she is HELLLLLLLA awesome

    i don't know what she a real friend or not?????????

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  • do i??????

    ok so like this guy alot but when i am around this other guy named mateo i have the same feeling as my crush

    do i like him??????????

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  • boy help.....?

    ok so my best friends's sister really looks up to me and wanted me to ask a question for her. so she is in fifth grade and she is head over heels about this guy and she wants to tell him. what should she do?

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  • what is the best way to tell ur crush u like him?

    i like this guy in my class and both me and my friends think i should tell him. When and how is the best time?

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  • If you crack you knuckles a lot is it true that your knuckle get really big?

    I crack my knuckles alot so i was just wondering.

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  • how do you tell your crush you like him?

    I like someone in my class and i want to tell him. how should i do this?

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