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  • Is my coworker interested or being friendly?

    So I have a coworker who has a 2nd job as a bartender. I'm genuinely attracted to him, and am all about this guy. I'm playing it safe though, because in the end we are still coworkers after all. I do get the feeling that he may like me as well, but I'm not entirely sure. I know he's single. I catch him looking in my direction all the time and as soon as I turn his way he turns his head the other way. When we talk, he looks at me in that way that we all know makes us feel a certain way, flirty eyes. He teases me all the time and I sass him and make him laugh--he gives me nicknames. So the other day, I asked him what drink he would recommend for my 21st birthday coming up, since he is also a bartender. He thought about it for a second, and said, for you, i would recommend this drink, and went on to describe how it was made. I asked if I was able to have this drink made anywhere. He looked down, his voice got kind of low and quiet, and said, no, only I know how to make it, so you would have to come to my bar, I'd make it for you. I told him how it's the sweet drinks that get you pretty good, and he simply smiled and said, I know. So, long story short, could this mean anything? He could've recommended something common, but instead went out of his way to recommend something only he knows so that I'd go to his bar. Maybe he wants to see me hammered, maybe he wants business, I don't want to jump to conclusions haha. Thanks for reading.

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  • How to fill out UC Application Parent Information?

    I'm filling out my UC Application but I'm stuck at the part where I have to fill out information on my parents. They have different job categories and I don't know which one they fall under. My father is a truck driver who delivers various aerospace parts to companies. My mother is a chef. They also want to know what their previous jobs were, but my dad has always been a truck driver but my mom was previously a housecleaner/nanny. These are the different categories:



    Farmer, Farm Manager


    Laborer Farm Worker, Construction






    Protective Service

    Advertising, Insurance Agent, Real Estate Broker




    So what would truck driver, housecleaner/nanny, and chef fall under? Thank you.

  • Dark black/green discharge from pregnant dog in labor please answer ASAP?

    If you're going to call me a BYB please save your time for something much more useful. My dog is a mini doberman pinscher, about 5 or 6 years old and around 4:30 am this morning she was panting and scratching at my door. I got up and put her in her whelping box and lay on the couch next to her. She was digging and panting for a long time. Around 5 this afternoon, she began secreting a dark black(like ink from a printer)/green discharge from her genitalia. It was a lot. She is panting I'm really worried and I want to take her to the vet, but my mom is at work and my dad won't take her because of how expensive it is. I'm 16 years old so I can't do much but I'm so worried. It's also not my fault that she is not spayed, because my parents wouldn't take her, again, for money issues. It is also not my fault she got pregnant, my dumb dad brought home a male chihuahua that couldn't hold back. I'm simply a 16 year old girl worrying for her dog because no one else cares. Helpful answers appreciated, thank you.

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  • Sudden Weakness and Shakiness?

    So I'm not really sure what's wrong with me and I'm worried... I was sitting at my computer when suddenly I was overcome by a rush of weakness. I felt shakey and my body feels hot, especially at my feet. I feel kind of dizzy. I don't know if it's just because im tired or I'm sick or something? Help! Thanks!

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  • Letter Didn't Arrive?

    Okay so, my friend mailed a letter to me on Tuesday, but the post office was closed and done for the day, so obviously the letter was picked up on Wednesday. I've read that a letter usually takes 2-3 business days or so to arrive. I checked the mailbox today, Saturday, and it's not here... any chance as to why it isn't? Does it need an extra day or something? Or maybe she didn't send it? Does the mailman pass twice? Also, I live in California and she lives in Minnesota. All answers appreciated.

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  • Brown long sleeve, what color eyeshadow?

    I have a brown long sleeve that is really flowy, kind of like a dress. (It's not a dress though.) I'm going to wear it with jeans or black tights. I'm not sure. But I'm wondering what color eyeshadow I should wear? And if you can, how do you know what color eyeshadow to wear with any type of shirt color?

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  • Weird bump behind ear and head hurts?

    I have like this small little bump behind my left ear. It hurts when I press on it. The area above my left ear also hurts as well, as if I've bumped my head or something. But I know I haven't bumped or injured my head anywhere lately. Help? I'm getting a bit worried. My entire head kind of hurts now too and I feel kind of light headed-ish.

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  • I called a guy "dear", is that bad?

    I'm a girl (if you can't tell) and I used the term 'dear' as I wrote goodbye to a guy I like (I think he likes me as well.) I wrote, "Night [insert name here] dear." Then after I wrote it I wondered about it. So I began Googling and apparently mostly guys use 'dear' as a term of endearment. Now I feel absurd and awkward. Help? Thanks!

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  • What is the name of this book?

    I can't remember the name of this book,

    but I can remember that it was about a girl and she had a black cat (Kind of like Coraline) and one day she is exploring the forest and comes upon a lake. She falls (or is pulled by some mysterious thing) in the lake and is then taken to some kind of underworld, where only ghosts exist. She does not know how to get back home. And thus her adventure begins. Meanwhile, her mother, is worried sick because she hasn't come home. If you need more details, I will give you more, of what I can remember. Thanks!

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  • Does Adam Young from Owl City have Aspergers?

    Just wondering if it's a rumor or if it's true.. thanks!

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  • Should have marijuana been legalized in CA?

    Thoughts? I'd love to read your guy's opinions. :)

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  • Grr... blushing problem?

    I seem to have a problem.. During my math class, whenever my math teacher comes near me or tries to help me... I can't help but blush... my ears and my face get really hot.. I hate it, I feel embarrassed because I feel as if he and everyone around me can notice it. Any way to stop it? Thanks!

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  • What is the name of this song?

    So I was watching a channel that's in Spanish and this commercial came on, I think it's for a phone.. but the song that plays sounds really awesome..

    some of the lyrics are "Salvame que pienso en ti" or "Saname que pienso en ti" and it's a girl singing.. I'm not sure what the first word is..

    Anybody know what it's called? Please help and thanks! :)

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  • Is Julian Smith from married?

    Yeah,, juliansmith87 (youtube), that guy.

    Is he married?

    I'm just not sure because he has a ring on his, well, ring finger. And so far, no one has really confirmed whether it's true or not.

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  • What are they trying to say?

    I'm listening to a song and I'm reading the comments and they're saying the song isn't 'clean', but that's it's dirty... but not as in the lyrics are dirty, they mean something else, but I don't know what... help? Again, not as in the lyrics or anything are "dirty" or wrong...

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  • Surviving School Without Friends?

    I'm going to start High School, but at a School where NONE of my friends go.

    What do I do? I really don't want to be a loner. ]: Like at Lunch, where do I sit, or during break, or in the morning while waiting for the bell to ring? Help!

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  • Yahoo mail isn't working?

    Is it just me or is it not working?

    I get an error message.

    LaunchFFC-1 is the message I get. :/

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  • What does this stand for?

    Okay, this might be a weird question... but what does "<$" mean? I've seen many people (more specifically teens) using it instead of a regular "<3"? It's weird.. O_o;

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  • Can this dream mean anything?

    Okay, so I had a bizzare dream the other night. This is what I recall: (Uh, I'll use fake names just to be safe.)

    ~Dream Land~

    Scene: History Class.

    Sally(me) faces Bob: Bob, do you have a pencil I could borrow?

    Bob(guy I like..?) He turns and faces me: Sure. -hands pencil, I take the pencil, but don't let go of his hand.-

    Sally: Bob, I like you.

    Bob: -stares- Sally, I like you too, and I don't really like Sarah,(girl he's currently going out with), and honestly I'd rather be with you.

    Sally: -smiles and blushes, still holding hand- I've always liked you Bob. -returns pencil, still smiling and looking down-

    ~ Dream ends. :( ~

    So forum, could this dream mean anything? Or is it just my conscience feeling sad because I can't have the freakin guy. T_T; Lol.It feels like he likes me, he sends me so many signals, but he's going out with my friend, so I'm not sure. I feel utterly hopeless. I try to get over him, yet I can't. Ahhh I don't know what to do! Helppp. n_n;

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  • Is MapleStory a fun game?

    I've thought about playing MapleStory, but I'm not sure...

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