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  • *NARUTO SPOILER ALERT* Do you think Kakashi was forced to kill Rin?

    I think he did. Simply because in the beginning of the Original Naruto he made connections to his days in Team MInato that have only been uncovered recently. When he mentioned that sometimes you'll be forced into a situation where you have to kill --- or --- dies, he was speaking from personal experience (Killing Rin). Agree, Disagree, any other reasons you can think of can be answers.

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  • What game should I play out of these?

    Earthbound, Final Fantasy III, Pokemon FireRed (Playing again), or Kingdom Hearts (1+2).

    Vote for your favorite or just rank which ones I should do (First to last) The list I agree with most gets best answer.

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  • How to speed up a Six Samurai Deck?

    I've been dueling networking my Samurai Deck and I've gotten the comment that my deck was slow. I just want some combos and cards that could make me faster. I run a pretty close to standard Samurai deck if your wondering.

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  • Backspace Keyboard issues?

    Currently, the Numbers above my keyboard dont work, sorry for all the mispellings ahead of time because i cant use punctuation right now. My backspace key now creates a bracket and shift doesnt do anything to anything but letter keys. the bracket is this one [ .One again, Sorry for misspellings because the keyboard is just being terrible right now. thanks.

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  • Fun ways to play Pokemon Red?

    I recently played through Pokemon Red and I want to play again. I'm not necessarily looking for a challenge, I just want a way to make the game feel more classic and have a new experience. I fight every trainer, and pick up all items usually.

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  • What's the best Inzektor decklist?

    Post-GAOV. Don't factor money into the decklist because it's not an issue. I just need something to build off of.

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  • Rate My Six Samurai Deck?

    Six Samurai Build (March 2012)


    Grandmaster of the Six Samurai x2

    Great Shogun Shien x2

    Elder of the Six Samurai x1

    The Six Samurai- Yariza x1

    The Six Samurai- Irou x2

    The Six Samurai- Kamon x1

    Kagemusha of the Six Samurai x3

    The Six Samurai – Zanji x2

    Chamberlain of the Six Samurai x1

    The Six Samurai- Nisashi x1

    Shien’s Squire x1

    The Six Samurai - Yariza x1

    Spells- 11

    Reasoning x1

    MST x1

    Heavy Storm x1

    Gateway of the Six x1

    Shien’s Dojo x1

    United We Stand x1

    Book of Moon x1

    Six Strike x1

    Solidarity x1

    Reinforcement of the Army x1

    Monster Reborn x1

    Traps- 11

    Solemn Judgement x1

    Solemn Warning x1

    Reckless Greed x1

    Robbin Goblin x1

    Six Style Dual Wield x1

    Threatening Roar- x1

    Mirror Force x1

    Swiftstrike Armor x1

    Bottomless Trap Hole x1

    Seven Tools Of The Bandit x1

    Extra Deck- 10 INCOMPLETE (I NEED HELP)

    Legendary Six Samurai- Shi En x1

    Number 17: Leviathan Dragon x1

    Stardust Dragon x1

    Colossal Fighter x1

    Number 10: Illuminight x1

    Wind Up Zenmaister x1

    Ally of Justice Catastor x1

    Gaia Knight, The Force of Earth x1

    Ally of Justice Decisive Armor x1

    Utopia x1

    Side Deck (I NEED HELP)

    Swift Samurai Storm x1

    Swords of Revealing Light x1

    Double Edged Sword Technique x1 (contemplating putting it in my main deck)

    The Warrior returning alive x1

    Spirit of the Six Samurai x1 (Might put in my main deck)

    Trap Stun x1

    Cunning of the Six Samurai x1

    Lightning Vortex x1

    Backs to the Wall x1

    The Calculator x1 (Used to be in Main Deck and it was great but it interfered with Solidarity)

    Royal Decree x1

    Gravity Bind x1

    Enishi, Shien’s Chancellor x1 (I never had enough Six Samurais to summon it and It would be a dead draw)

    The Six Samurai – Irou x1

    Okay, That's my list. I'm a little new to Six Sams, I used to use Blackwings but I got recommended to use these and I had a lot of them lying around so I made one. Feel free to make comments, Changes (i need them), and A rating... P.S. They're 5-1 at my locals

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  • When I use a song as an alarm why does it sound different?

    I use an alarm app on my phone to wake me up each day and I use a song from my phone. When I use the song the first couple of times it sounds normal, like I first heard it. But, as the days go by the sound seems to be slower and I can hear everything much clearer, making the song sound worse to me. I tested it by listening it on my phone and listening to it on youtube and I could hear no difference in the recording. And I asked my friend and he said that it didn't sound slow to him. Why is this, because I don't like how the songs sound anymore because they seem too slow.

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  • What it called when you look at something but pretend your trying to look at something else?

    Okay, I do this. For example, if your looking at a someone you had a crush on in a classroom at school and don't want them or anyone else that you were looking at them, you look at them for a split second then maybe you wave at a friend who sits almost directly by them or behind them. Or if you looked at someone or something for a second, then look in the other direction like your looking for something, when you only did it to look the person or thing.

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  • Yugioh Question: Help with Synchro Summoning?

    Okay,This Question has probably been asked a ton. But all of the answers I find are unclear. When summoning a Synchro Monster, Do the levels of the Tuner and Non Tuners have to be completely Equal to the Level of the Synchro? For Example: When summoning a stardust dragon, if you used A level 4 tuner, and a level 5 non tuner monster, could you summon Stardust Dragon? Or would it have to be exactly Eight Stars?

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  • Is Jimmy Mcmillan just a Democrat running for President as a Republican?

    Or, has he completely changed his outlook and now is Conservative?

    3 AnswersElections9 years ago
  • Why does Pocky "May Contain Nuts"?

    As an asian person with Allergies, I eat pocky because it's a chocolate snack that (used to) is peanut free. I came to my local asian store to buy stuff and grabbed some pocky and noticed the change in packaging (instead of a tab that you rip, there is now a flap you lift up) and checked out the ingredients and it now has a "May Contain Nuts" included. Did Glico get new management? Why is this?

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  • What is your opinion on nail polish?

    I am a dude, and I HATE NAIL POLISH. It's ugly and makes you look terrible. I wish women would realize that Nail polish does not make guys like you, it's attitude that counts. All shades of nail polish are disgusting, and I wish nobody wore nail polish. I was hanging out with some of my friends and we all agreed that we hated nail polish because it's ugly! The only nail polish that I don't mind is black because it looks cute on certain girls. (I'm not goth or emo, I LOVE LIFE) Girls and guys alike, What do you think about nail polish? And what nail polish do you think is the best looking?

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  • What does this fortune cookie even mean?

    A fortune cookie I just opened said, And I quote "Someone will visit you soon." and it seems odd. What does this mean?

    2 AnswersMythology & Folklore10 years ago
  • Is Taker vs. Barrett confirmed (Spoiler Alert)?



    In the recent SD tapings, Wade Barrett was moved to Smackdown. There's been a lot of Talk about this match and some people are calling it "Confirmed by WWE Management". Is this true?

    11 AnswersWrestling10 years ago
  • How to survive in Tokyo for 3-7 days?

    My Aunt (who is a flight attendant) is going to take me to Tokyo, Japan. I'm super excited but i'm not sure if i can manage without a little guidance from you guys. I'm a really big fan of manga and anime (An otaku).

    We are staying in a hotel and it will be pretty fancy. I'm allergic to peanuts, nuts, and peanut oil. (Almonds too) I can't speak Japanese fluently but i can speak a few common words and greetings. I can't read Japanese obviously. What should i do or learn?

    BQ: What to bring

    BBQ: What is okay to eat?

    4 AnswersJapan10 years ago
  • What happens if a football team runs out of QBs?

    If all of the Quarterbacks get injured or ejected, do they put players from other positions to play QB? NFL Rules please.

    14 AnswersFootball (American)10 years ago
  • How to recover a lost download?

    I bought Halo Reach in legendary and got the extra downloads (Recon Helmet, Flaming Helmet, ETC) and put in the code. I had another download going so i stopped it and tried to put on the reach download first and i pressed stop the download by accident, so it disappeared from the active download screen and i don't know how to recover the download, How do i do so? (This is on Xbox 360)

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games10 years ago
  • Should a new Pokemon Program be made for the US and Europe?

    I think that a show simillar to "Pokemon Sunday" in Japan, should be created for us American fans. Do you guys agree. I really like Pokemon Sunday and i think that the US deserves something like that too.

    3 AnswersOther - Games & Recreation10 years ago
  • Should Pokemon "Change Channels"?

    (For Pokemon fans only)

    Pokemon started out on the 4kids (Now Toonzai) Saturday morning cartoon block, with lots of success. In 2006/07 Pokemon "Changed Channels" and now shows on Saturday mornings and weekday mornings. In the beginning, Pokemon had a decent air time, and I was fine with it. In 2009, they moved to 6 A.M. (Central time) and it has been a pain in the butt to ever wake up that early. I think that Pokemon should find a new network to broadcast Pokemon (Preferably Toonzai). When Pokemon releases it's new series "Pokemon: Best Wishes". Do you guys agree that Pokemon should change channels, or do you think they should stay on Cartoon network?

    BQ: If yes, then which Channel or "Saturday morning cartoon block"?

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