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  • Dive Tender Hazing - New to Commercial Diving?

    I'm a prospective commercial diving student, and unlike many I know I've actually done my homework on the matter. I'm currently going to welding school (surface) and getting in proper shape for the dive school, as well as doing many other things to prepare in advance. I also understand that schooling is only the first part of it, and being a dive tender makes up the early part of my career if I make it (which I will, sure as hell).

    There's one thing I'm curious about though. Do the divers and experienced crew haze tenders? I'm ex-military (Army) so it's not something I'm not ready for (at least I think so) but what form does it take? Do they berate you, get you drunk and throw you in a water-filled bathtub and tell you to swim, or is it mostly verbal banter and job-related criticism? If so, how brutal? I'm trying for a career as a saturation diver (long-run of course), any advice for the road there?

    I appreciate the responses, anything helps and other advice is more than welcome.

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