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  • What kind of COLOR hand bags do u girls crave?

    Do u ladies or some men really have a specific color hand bag that your so obsessed with or keep buying that same color. For me its beige, cream, tan, skin color bags OMFG I love love them can't stop. Everytime its time to purchase a new hand bag I get the nude color especially when there is gold trim or designs around them I go nuts Lol. Tell me yours. Do u just like all color hand bags. Thanks for everyone. Even u straight guys u can tell me what color u like your gf to have if it even matters. Kisses!!!

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  • Why did god make fruits and vegetables?

    Such a beautiful thing to know and to taste that something we eat grows from a tree or the ground. Especially fruits I absolutely love them! Peaches, nectars, strawberries, blueberries, and cherries are one of my favorites! Why did god make fruits and veggies? Speaking of fruits I'm about to blender up some greek yogurt with my fruits. Anyone want some smoothie?

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  • How come mostly mexican type guys like me?

    I always see mexican guys try to talk to me and look at me constantly I'm honestly so tired of it. I find them unattractive, I prefer white men. Even when they are with their gf or wives they keep glancing and smiling behind her back. Its very disrespectful and disgusting. I mean all guys of different races look at me cause I'm a attractive girl but still slow down. I think its because mexican guys are usually tricks and wants to get in any attractive girl's pants. Maybe they think I look mexican or something? I do look between spanish and ukranian. I don't know do u cute girls have the same problem. I like white guys the best especially ones with tattoos and kind of gangsta looking.

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  • Does guys with a lot of tattoos like girls without them?

    I really like guys with tattoos like biker gangstaish type white guys, I find them highly attractive and love their tattoos. I'm not a goody shoe girl but I'm not a bad girl either. I look like Kim K but a little younger, I'm fit with long dark hair and hazel eyes. I'm japanese/white but resemble a latina or ukranian. I'm smart, and work in pharmacy. I'm 24 years old. Do u guys think a biker tattoo covered white guy will like me? I see those kind of men with biker type chicks sometimes and they are very hard and talk like a sailor unattractive and so not womanly. I'm thinking to myself these sexy guys can do better, they need a girl like Megan Fox or something more feminine and soft. Tattoos on guys is a major turn on especially during the boom boom I'm like damn!

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    Does it matter what time u take biotin? Thanks.

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    In the movie Mother may i sleep with danger what is the name of the song that was playing in the beginning? Thanks!

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  • What is your favorite ice cream from Baskin Robbins?

    Mine is pistachio almond flavor omg i could gobble that up all day err day haha! Tell me yours?

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  • Anyone else a fan of Sons of Anarchy?

    Omg I'm a big fan of the tv series on FX called Sons of Anarchy. It excites me to see all the drama happening and watching Jax Teller's beautiful body and face! I also love Tara (no homo) cause she is in the medical field like me she's a doctor and I'm in pharmacy! I recently bought the t-shirt with that reaper sign on it and also I got the tongue ring! I hope to be getting the blanket for christmas. Anyways just want to hear some of your opinions. Someone told me its a male show but omg I love it! I also like Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Shield all that kind of stuff. Thank u and Merry Christmas to all!

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  • Is it normal to get aroused by "rape" type sex?

    I read somewhere the most common thing a female is turned on by is forced role play sex and lesbian sex. (hell no to lesbian things no offence to them). I feel weird for getting aroused by rape type sex am i normal what do u guys think? I love gangster type men with tattoos everywhere on their bodies and they love guns and stuff. I dream of one of those skinhead looking guys to rape me at gun point. I also fantasize about Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy to rape me. I saw that one scene where he calls this pornstar a whore and spit in her face i got turned on. I love how hes all hard and stuff, not to mention a perfect body. Anyways its not reality but i look up skinhead prison guys on the internet and fantasize. Why do i think about that? i have never been raped before or anyway in that matter in case your wondering. Please dont make fun of me or be mean. I want to know is this normal? Do u females feel anything similar to me? Do u males know any females like this? Clean cut goody boys do NOT turn me on or any interest to me in any way. I love guys with an edge. Thank you people im a very nice person you will be surprised but i have this thing i hold in and want to express it out here on y/a.

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  • What color eyeshadow will go best for a long sleeve polka dotted blouse?

    The color of the blouse is off white with black dots. It kinda has lace is the middle of the shirt and long stringy laces that come down

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    Hey my birthday is coming up on the 26th and i would like some great gift card suggestions? I like Forever 21 and Macys of course but Macys is to expensive. Do u guys know of any affordable clothing/shoe store kinda like Forever 21 but dont have to much crop tops and stuff? (i cant stand crop tops) I like cardigans or coats with fur (fake fur) and kinda vintage stuff I dont know if i make any sense or not. I like mature womanly stuff not kiddish teenage stuff like bright neon shirts with letterings or people faces yuck. Any suggestions. I asked my bf to get me the VS Bombshell perfume, a diamond studded earrings from Target very cute ones! a facial, Cadillac Bag even a knock off is fine with me as long as it says Cadillac! i love Cadillac bags they are so cute and stylish.I put Toyota Prius or Toyota Camry on the list but that was kind of a joke lol i think those two cars are one of the best cars out there. I rode in someones camry before in geez its so sleek inside especially driving at night its so quiet and professional. Ok enough of my babbling just wanted to share my thoughts. Again any suggestions for a good affordable clothing/shoes stores let me know! Thanks and have a wonderful day! Im turning 24 by the way! I feel so like a woman just wish i could stay around this age forever!

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    I was subscribed to someone on youtube and i didnt like some believe she had so i unsubbed. I was just wondering does it notify the person i unsubbed from?? Please answer if you of course know the answer not some maybe im not sure stuff lol Thank You.

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  • Anyone know how do Alison Argent's hair on the recent episode of Teen Wolf?

    Remember her hairstyle when she was wearing that dress and gray stockings, she had her hair up kinda sideways its was so cute and look sort of messy but fun. Please tell me step by step how to do it or posts some links to some websites or anything u can think of! even a video of yourself doing a tutorial actually that be amazing! Thank You! im a big fan of Teen Wolf and i love Alison Argent she is so intelligent, strong person! and beautiful!

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  • Does this sound rude or funny?

    Ok im subscribed to someone on youtube her username is Bambiieyez, she is a beauty guru. Well i made a comment on one of her videos heres how i exactly said it. "LOL your nose is long and pointy" Does that sound rude?? if yes why? how? i just said long and pointy i didnt say big, i didnt say ugly. Apparently she got pissed and left some comments about my nose and totally blocked me!! wtf blocked me? i never got blocked on youtube before! i try to reply back to her but i could not. She is a very beautiful russian woman, nice legs and body, gorgeous thick locks of hair and awesome videos i do her micordermabrasion and the hair bun wavy tutorial a LOT so why would i say something rude about her?? I was so hurt that she blocked me that what got to me she blocked me! like what i didnt do anything i feel. I really want her to know that i didnt mean it that way. I remember i say a girl that worked as a bartender and she had a pointy nose i said to my friend while laughing she has pointy nose and he said well thats the point! lol it was just funny not mean! omg thats why i like men more than SOME females cause they more cool about some things except for being to sexual thats just boring and usually disgusting. Thanks guys for listening to my crazy story but i just feel guilty i guess. Oh the only thing i didnt like about that woman is her lips its to thin but i dont be telling that directly to her. What should i do guys? just let it go? and let her block me while she posts awesome beauty videos?? u know why everybody on this earth is born? cause its to help and support one another thats why we have Y/A cause its support and info. We all have different fields of jobs cause we are helping this world move, Life is like a huge puzzle with people doing their things to fit everything together if that makes any sense. Ok enough of my rambling. Take Care!

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  • Question about Amc's Breaking Bad?

    I have a simple question for u guys it is dumb but its a question and cause im like totally obsessed with Breaking Bad and Walter White's bad *** attitude. Ok here goes What size T-shirt does Walter White wear?? give me an answer and explain why. Thank You!

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  • Guys and Girls! What is your favorite dirty magazine?

    It can be nude or non-nude. I personally like Black Men, King, Smooth stuff like that cause they have the hottest women i want to look like! Big rack and butt and small waist is so beautiful to me. Anyways just curious, u can give me details why u like that particular magazine!

    I am NOT GAY!!

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  • What kind of tablet do i have? round shape and yellowish color?

    I cant look this up on pill identifier cause there isnt a number or letters on it just a moose or some kind of animal like that logo on it. I found this tablet on the floor and i thought it was MDMA or something lol but im probably wrong. Can anyone tell me how to look up tablets with picture logos on them? what website? Please be straight up with the answer dont lecture me about dont pick up pills or something thats not to the point of my question. If u know a website or know for sure what the pills are answer my question if u dont please dont waste your time. Thank U

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  • Why are white people addicted to painkillers the most?

    White men especially they always addicted to them, I rarely see other races. Anybody else notice that? How come its like that?

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    Hi everyone i have a addiction to Vicdoin and i want to see the doctor so he can give me something to calm down the withdrawals cause i seriously hate it it makes me think of popping Norco more and i am so afraid of losing it. My question is will seeing the doctor and them knowing my addiction problem be on my record? Im a pharmacy technician so that will be terrible on my record lol I am cutting down my dose hella now, i used to take like 7 to 10 a day now i cut it to like 3 or 5 a day but i still experience withdrawals. My dealer cant bring in the supply for some reason so soon i will be without them pills. What can i do mainly for the withdrawals? what will the doc give me? methadone? suboxone? this morning was horrible i woke up feeling like i cant sit still and keep feeling irritated and kind of hot. Your free to tell me your personal experiences. Thank You

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