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  • Who is the father of Yitzhak Shlomo HaLevi who was born in 1005 in Spain?

    I read his ancestors left Israel a short time before the Roman conquest of Jerusalem. I dont know if it is true. Is there anything written about it? I was wondering why they left just a short time before the conquest. It seems they knew what would happen somehow, they were Nazarenes or they were traders. 

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  • Is The Rabbi Abraham Benveniste of Soria a descendant of Zerachiah ha-Levi of Girona? ?

    I read the Benveniste family is descendant of King David. So can Abraham Benveniste as Rabbi be descendant of King David if he was a Rabbi in Spain and descendant of Zerachiah Halevi of Girona who was a Levite descendant of Prophet Samuel? Where can I have true information about Sephardic genealogy online? 

    Are the Benveniste Levites or descendants of King David? I am confused. 

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