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  • Age Restrictions Travelling to Cyprus?

    Hi, I’m 17 and I am planning to go on holiday with my friend who is also 17 to cyprus this year. We want to go with jet2 and I know the age to travel alone in the UK is 16. However jet2 says that you have to check that the destination you are going to allows under 18s to travel there unaccompanied by an adult. I have no idea where to find out this information and I’ve searched online everywhere!! If someone has been to Cyprus under 18 alone or has any knowledge about this please let me know.


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  • Can you have two separate routers/networks in one house?

    Hi, i’m not very good with things like this so i’m unsure how to word the question. What I mean is could I have two routers for example two sky routers or just one sky and one virgin media router in one house without them interfering with each other? It’s because my brother blocks us all off the wifi and now we barely ever get connected - my data is always low and my family had enough of it. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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  • having two sky routers?

    hi i don’t know anything about routers so please bare with me. Is it possible to have two seperate sky routers in one house that don’t interfere with eachother. So if i use one of them and someone else uses the other it won’t slow them down. i hope you understand what i’m asking haha, thanks x

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  • Just Dance 2015 World Dance Floor Not Working.?

    I want to get on the world dance floor however it gives a connection error saying ‘The ubisoft server is unavailable at this time. Please try again later.’ I play on the Wii (not Wii U) but i haven’t used it in ages and just bought this game. Have the servers for this Wii model just been closed down? How can I get online if not? And i am connected to the internet via wifi. Thanks!

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  • How to clean new piercing?

    I recently had my cartilage pierced and I’ve been trying to find some information on how to clean it so that an infection doesn’t happen. Apparently you shouldn’t use rubbing alcohol but saline solution or soap and water. What do you guys think the best way of cleaning a piercing is? Do you take the piercing out and clean your ear or do you keep it in?

    Also, I heard that you can turn the piercing but only when it’s you literally just twist it?


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  • Can't get the new snapchat update?

    I have an iphone7 and i have obviously heard all the rage about the new snapchat update and how bad it is. However, that doesn't stop me from wanting to update it. I went on to the appstore as I have automatic updates off and updated snapchat. I believe it's version 10.25 however literally nothing is different. How do i get this new layout? And does anyone else have this?

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  • Is Fluoride good or bad for your teeth?

    So I know that in larger doses, fluoride can be deadly to us. However it is used in toothpastes because it helps prevent cavities. Recently, I've been searching ways to cure cavities with home remedies and a lot of videos mentioned to always use fluoride toothpaste. I was quite surprised that there was a huge backlash at that tip as people said it doesn't help with cavities and just makes it worse so now I'm confused.

    Is fluoride good or bad for your teeth?

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  • How to get my hair back to one even colour?

    Before I explain what I mean let me just say I am by no means a professional hair stylist (clearly), I am merely a 15 year old girl who has made bad hair decisions in the past lmao.

    So I am naturally a medium to dark blonde however around 3 years ago I dyed my hair to brown and it went sorta gingery after a while which I didn't mind. The hair dye was semi permanent however it never properly came out so I kept re-dying my hair brown because my roots would show and it would look odd. From then on I just accepted the fact that although I used semi permanent hair dye I will never go back to natural blonde without having to bleach (which I don't want to necessarily do because it damages your hair). Also, hair salons are expensive so I wouldn't want to opt for that route either. As of now, my hair is a mess smh XD. My roots are coming back (blonde) then it goes to a light brown and then dark brown in the middle of my hair and then finally back to a light brown at the ends. Anyone know a good way to fix this? Also sorry for the long description, I wanted you guys to know how I got myself in this mess XD.


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    I bought this laptop 2 days ago and everything was fine. I went into task manager and ended file explorer app and then screen went black. I tried to restart the laptop but it's stuck on the loading screen and when I tried to fix it it gets stuck on preparing to fix. And same happens when I try to hold down alt and f10, it gets stuck on please wait.

    Help please.

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  • Shoujo romance anime recommendations?

    This may be a toughie for people because I'm extra fussy with romance animes buuuuuuuuuut this is my last hope because I just can't find anything :p.

    I'd like the anime to be a stereotypical shoujo. So the two love interests aren't too fond of each other at the start. The boy would be teasing and pervy or even rude etc. Also...I hate old anime art style :p so if that could be avoided I'd be delighted xD (sorry I'm really picky).

    Examples would be Usui from Maid Sama or Hak from Yona of the Dawn.

    Also if possible....AT LEAST ONE KISS. I'm sure I'm not the only one who HATES when nothing ends up happening between the two MCs.

    Hak and Yona are an example. I got so mad because HE KISSED HER ON THE FOREHEAD LIKE WHAT.


    Here are shoujos that I have watched:

    Kaichou wa Maid Sama (loved)

    Special A (so adorable)

    Yona of the Dawn (loved)

    Toradora (didn't think I'd like it at first, ended up loving it too xD)

    Ao Haru Ride (likeddd)

    Brother's Conflict (i'm unsure about whether I liked this one lmao)

    Diabolik Lovers (....I do not speak of this one lmfaooo)

    Ouran High School Host Club (that hug at the end killed me wtf)

    Kamisama Hajimemashita (all time favourite)

    Wolf Girl and Black Prince (liked, Kyoya was a little too mean for my liking)

    Sukitte Ii Ya No (wasn't much in it, not the worst but eh)

    My Little Monster (loved, first anime I ever watched)

    Once again apologies for my pickiness heh.

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  • Laptop keys SOMETIMES don't work?

    So this only happens to the 5 and 6 keys. They're working at the moment but if I go a while without using them and then quickly test them out to double check they're still functioning they don't. In order to make them work again I press all the keys on the

    keyboard simultaneously (how could I, I know) but it's really frustrating to get them to work in that way.

    Is this an issue with settings or is my laptop just faulty?

    Thanks in advance :D

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  • Attachment image

    Strawberry legs?

    I've included a picture of what the dots on my legs look like (the picture isn't mine). I've researched this and heard that it's called ingrown hairs aka strawberry legs and to get rid of it you have to exfoliate.

    I've tried exfoliating as much as i could and there is no difference whatsoever. Please note that I'm only a teen so laser hair removal isn't an option..I'm still in school.

    Any tips on how to get rid of this would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Should cryogenic body freezing be allowed?

    I need this for my debate..Both good and bad points I literally can't find anything online.

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  • A lot of stress?

    I was wondering if everyone feels scared about things they shouldn't even think twice about. For example being at school and getting picked to answer a question, I feel nauseous especially when I dont know the answer because i dont want to embarass myself. I start feeling very hot when i get nauseous and thats not the only senario this happens in, theres a lot others.

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